Toyota to Expand Tacoma Production in Mexico

Tacoma plant

According to an Automotive News report (subscription required), Toyota will invest $150 million in its plant in Tijuana, Mexico, to expand production of the Tacoma midsize pickup truck.

This investment will add around 400 jobs at the plant and bump up its capacity to 160,000 units per year in late 2017 or early 2018 when the expansion is completed. In 2015, the plant produced 82,000 Tacoma units, so this investment will nearly double that figure.

Production from the Tijuana plant will be added to the output from Toyota's San Antonio plant, which builds Tundras and Tacomas. In 2015, approximately 111,000 Tacomas were built there and the Texas plant added a Saturday shift earlier this year to build even more.

The midsize segment has seen a resurgence of late, growing 21 percent year to date. There is also plenty of new metal to challenge the Tacoma, with GM's Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon selling well and the Honda Ridgeline making a return in 2016. Automotive News reports that even the long-in-the-tooth Frontier is up 45 percent in sales this year. The Tacoma is up in sales so far in 2016, but down from 51 to 43 percent market share.

Toyota said that sales of the Tacoma and Tundra are limited by production capacity, so investments like these are necessary to keep both trucks competitive. Automotive News reported that David Crouch, vice president of administration and production control at the San Antonio plant, said that dealers often lack inventory on the lot to effectively sell to shoppers. photo by Angela Conners


Meh... Ford shifting all cars plants to Mexico too. Nothing interesting.

Meh... Ford shifting all cars plants to Mexico too. Nothing interesting.

Meh... Ford shifting all cars plants to Mexico too. Nothing interesting.

Still better than the GM twins, mexican made or not.

@ uh huh Meh... Ford shifting all cars plants to Mexico too. Nothing interesting.

Only small cars

Still like to see what the Taco TRD Pro is for. as the TRD is for rock crawling is the Pro for high speed dune running?
Posted by: Dave | Sep 15, 2016 1:09:24 PM

They market it as a "rock crawler", but it would get torn to shreds on a real trail. Toyota designed the parts to be a little "lighter". Bigger tires are hard enough on everything. One good hop and it'd be getting dragged out a recovery team.

It's too bad because the chassis has a ton of flex (flimsy frame), which can be helpful offroad.

Production of the Ford Focus and C-Max, the only small cars Ford still assembles in the United States, will be moved to Mexico, according to a Ford spokeswoman. Ford has previously said it was opening a new plant in Mexico that would employ 2,800 workers there.

The Ford Fiesta subcompact is already being assembled in Mexico. The high-performance Ford Focus RS is made in Germany.

Great to see a Mexican company like Ford doing so well. Here are the Ford executives explaining the move.

Unrelated to topic,2017 Raptor power numbers leaked.HP 450 Torque 510...

I'll take moving the Fiesta/Focus to Mexico since Ford is bringing back the Ranger and Bronco.

Which is the only pickup truck maker its 3 truck lines in the US?

Ford: F-150/Super Duty, F-650/F-750, and the 2019 Ranger. All Made in the USA. Good job, Ford!

I agree with oxi!

Quality at Toyota's Mexican facotories is higher than in the US!

That's why Toyota is building more in Mexico! That's also why Toyotas have the best resale in the business!

Good job Toyota, keep up the good work!

My 2010 Tacoma was built in California with UAW labor and has been by far the most reliable pickup I have ever owned!

No issues and still running strong!

My new 2016 Tacoma was built in Texas and so far after 13,000 miles has been reliable just like my 2010!

Keep up the good work Toyota, your pickups are reliable and run problem free!
Posted by: oxi | Sep 15, 2016 9:12:10 AM

Good job Toyota! Toyota trucks are MADE IN THE USA! That's why Toyota resale value is the best in the business!

Which is the only pickup truck maker its 3 truck lines in the US?

Ford: F-150/Super Duty, F-650/F-750, and the 2019 Ranger. All Made in the USA. Good job, Ford!
Posted by: Dave Z. | Sep 15, 2016 8:02:39 PM

When it comes to sale number stories it is Ford has only one line. When it comes to Ford making pretty much all their stuff outside of the US is becomes 3 lines? When will the dancing stop? LOL

@ Dave Z,

I find it odd that people now praise Mexico for its Toyota/Ford vehicle production,and bash Dodge RAM trucks for the 2500 and 3500 models that are made in Mexico..Just odd.

Posted by: Gary | Sep 15, 2016 10:37:57 PM

Who gives two cents. It's my money thank you very much.




The longest lasting trucks in America.

Want to know why they're expanding in Mexico? They are producing vehicles there with less automation (capital investment). Toyota plans production to keep manufacturing efficiencies maximized. If the market tanks again, they can quietly lay off those 400 Mexican workers and keep their expensive US plants humming at capacity. $150mil to ship an extra 80k trucks is CHEAP investment. They'll make that back on the added margin in 6-9 months.


Posted by: HEMI V8 | Sep 16, 2016 6:04:50 PM

The 2018 Ram Trailcat edition will be my next truck.

Quality of Mexican produced autos generally tends to be higher. The Mexican worker has a stronger work ethic then your average UAW worker.

If Toyota can complete this and have the added capacity by early 2018 they can probably out produce anything that GM does. As for the new Frontier and Ranger they want be on the market for a full sales year until 2019 if then. Right now it seems that the brand that can build the most can sell the most but by 2020 the supply may meet demand.

When Ford gave up the midsize market they handed it to Toyota and Toyota is not going to give it up easy. Ford lost a lost a lot of consumer confidence when they started telling their customers what to buy (If you need a truck you need a f150 anything smaller you need one of our SUVs) and what they needed. After being out of the midsize market for 7 years a lot of their customers have moved to another brand and want return.

@Jake D

Toyota's real problem with the Tacoma is the basic design. They should drop the Tundra and build something that slots between the Tacoma and a half ton sizewise.

The Tacoma is uncomfortable. The cab and the driving position are ideal for someone who's under five foot ten. The drivers seat is too close to the floor.

As far as plant capacity, if they don't fix the product mix they won't need to worry about the shop floor.

@papa jim - just curious, have you looked into the used Tacoma market recently? In Fact have you seen what a new Tacoma goes for and how quickly they come off the lot?

Why would Toyota need to spend any money when they can't keep up with demand for a vehicle that changed little over the last 10 years?

Toyota is laughing all the way to the bank, and you are worried about "driving position"!

Actually what Toyota should eventually do is bring the global Hilux to the US which is a more up to date and capable truck than the Tacoma. With a plant in Mexico it could supply all of North America, Central America, and part of South America with a global Hilux. When a new Ranger comes to the US (hopefully a global version) the current Tacoma will start to have a noticeable decline. More competition in the midsize market will be good for the consumer and force Toyota and Nissan to do some significant updates and improvements to their trucks. I am not saying that the Tacoma or the Frontier are bad trucks, but that they are seriously out of date. I would be very interested in a Hilux based on the global one.

@papa jim--I do agree that the driver's position could be better. I am 6' 1" and find it a squeeze especially if I had to drive one over a distance. I do think this is a smart move by Toyota to expand the Mexican plant because there is room to expand and it does not take production away from any of their other plants.

@Limited Double Cab

The Tacoma is finished. The Ranger died for the same reason. It went from top of the heap to the also-ran in just a few years.

Toyota needs to tinker with the product mix. Do they really need two distinct models for North America?

They'd be better off to standardize on a single truck line, a truck that is a notch bigger than the current Tacoma and drop the Tundra altogether.

The Tundra has no vital signs at this point.

For Toyota to bring a new redesigned Tundra to market means they'll be trying to launch at the same time as Ram and GM.

Now that Ford is making noise about a diesel option in the F150, it's even a worse time.

The North American half ton truck market is crowded with product choices and the fact that RAM GM and Ford regularly dump cash on the hood to sell trucks is proof.

Toyota is increasing the production in Mexico and is losening the pressure of it´s Texas plant in favour of the Titan production
This may be a sign of the coming Titan diesel
Toyota has completely and totally maxed out production at the San Antonio plant. The only way they’re going to sell more trucks is to add production capacity somewhere in North America. Unless and until Toyota announces plans to increase truck production, there was reasons to doubt diesel rumors.
Now the rumors can start again. Cummins V8 diesel as the one in Nissan Titan?

Mixing Titan and Tundra but you can figure it out.

Why would Toyota need to spend any money when they can't keep up with demand for a vehicle that changed little over the last 10 years?

Toyota is laughing all the way to the bank, and you are worried about "driving position"!
Posted by: Limited Double Cab | Sep 17, 2016 2:29:13 PM

TFL is one of the few that praised the new model's polish. Most reviewers pointed out that the "new" Tacoma is a minimal improvement over the old truck. The new V6 is weaker than the outgoing engine. The rear brakes are ox-cart era parts. The transmissions, both the manual and the auto have been problematic. The chassis is unchanged and still weak compared to the competition. The outboard mounted shocks guarantee that they rot away after a couple northern winters. Even the Tacoma diehards have been complaining about the poor quality of the 2016 Taco compared to a 2nd Gen Taco. The Toyota QDR myth is the only thing moving these trucks these days.

I wouldn't say that there is no room for a new competitor in the US market, but to be competitive a truck has to be updated and changed more often than in the past. A brand cannot solely rest on their past reputation.

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