2017 Chevrolet Silverado HD Duramax Video Review

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In a blatant attempt at keep up with the escalating torque wars shaping up in the heavy-duty pickup segment, GM showed us the latest version of its Duramax 6.6-liter V-8 turbo-diesel inside a Silverado 2500 4x4 on an autocross course and in several 3500 duallies pulling a box trailer filled with 10,000 pounds of cement.

The engine is impressive and will serve Chevrolet and GMC HD pickups and their customers well. The engine is new in just about every detail and now delivers 910 pounds-feet of torque. Here are a few highlights from what we saw at the 2016 State Fair of Texas and what we thought about the upgrades.

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Almost doesn't count.

As someone said in another articles about the new Duramax. Another 15 years of domination.

We need a new HD Gas engine or updated one more then anything GM. Get to it boys!

Oh yeah, power only limited in 1st gear in 2500 and 3500s. Better then Ford 1st-3rd an f250 f350 single rear wheels, 1st on drw's. Great job giving people the most HP TQ bang for their buck in the HD diesel segment GM!

Too bad GM needs Isuzu to design their diesel engines for them, but then again, this is the same GM that needed a multi - billion dollar government bailout.

If it such a domination machine, was does it sell so poorly.

Chevy sales and HD trucks especially are terrible. If Chevrolet were allowed to have the same goodies that GM gives their GMC brand, It would go a long way to push Chevrolet sales higher or just get rid of GMC altogether.

@Gregory Stevens... It doesn't matter. The GM twins are both made at the same plant on the same exact assy line. Show me the F-Series model all made on the same assy line.

The aluminum Ford became a flop, when people realised, how expensive is to fix it.


I am glad RAM is sticking with steel through 2020.

RAM will take over the aluminum Chevy and Ford at once, but they need to build a new factory, because they sell, what ever is available.

As a certified GM technician I can tell you why they put the def fill under the hood. To stop people from putting diesel in there. But still people manage to fill there def system with fluids other than def. Saw this engine early this year when I was at training in dallas definitely redesigned. Turbo is in the middle of the valley with the cat now directly attached to the back of the turbo. GM also got rid of the Bosch fuel system now using denso which now utilizes a lift pump in the tank. It's going to be a whole new beast. Although the lml was a great engine besides the high pressure pumps blowing although mostly attributed to the crappy fuel down south, it is time for an upgrade

First I must say that the only pu is a Chevy. With that being said,i have heard a lot about the .government owned gm vehicles,from Ford owners. Yup,gm did get a huge gov.loan, and fully paid it back.now Ford on the other hand AlSo took a humongous loan from the gov. To my knowalge, Ford has NOT repaid any of the billions it borrowed as in ,,0 zilch nothing
. I think possibly Ford is gov. Owned. Now,how does that work for you???

One issue with the GM HD was that the diesel was perceived weak compared with high output RAM's and particularly Ford diesels. But typically, the Duramax/Allison combo used to be more efficient that what RAM and Ford offer. With the new engine and upgraded tranny, GM will wide up the differences.

However, HD's are a lot about capacities and while RAM 3500's and Ford F-450's can tow well over 30K, GM chassis, brakes and axles top at around 24K lb. That was more important to address than the engine.

Actually the government bought all of GM's shares for 17 billion dollars and fired their upper management and appointed their own people to manage GM then they waited until the market dropped and bought back all their shares for 11 billion dollars. Sounds like a fair deal for the tax payers huh? Lol and they still charge an outrageous price for a truck.


Ford has paid back 3 billion of the 5.9 billion loan as of june 30th 2016. If you ever have any question you can look at the amount they owe under there most recent SEC quarterly filings in columns labeled DOE ATVM incentive.now that another quarter has finished they have made another payment as quarterly payments was what the repayment loan terms. So its actually less then 2.9 billion but the most recent filing is the second quarter

Page 17 it says what ford owes on their loan


Such ignorance out there... Isuzu and GM cut ties in 2009 and since 2010 the Duramax has been "in house" and I use that term lightly... The Duramax has always been built in house at the Moraine,OH DMax facility.. when GM and Isuzu had the partnership together it was always a GM majority stake... for crying out loud Ford used international for all of its life up til the 6.7 and Dodge has always used Cummins...yet those fan boys don't care... GM does a joint venture with a company, builds a game changing, revolutionary diesel in the US and ford and dodge girls have to find something to complain about...lol its just foolishness... Go back amd look at Fords powerstrok and cummins in 2001 when the Duramax came out... GM put an enourmous butt whipping on them.. and all of a sudden Ford and Dodge have to put thier big girl panties on and go back to the srawing board... You can thank the Duramax for the HP/TQ war the past 15 yrs... [mic drop]

Saw the video of the new HD pulling the American Flag around Texas stadium, pretty cool. More then I need to pull my 20 foot camper and hunting gear...

I have a 2015 2500 Duramax Silverado Z71 4x4. I bought the truck 1 year ago, and immediatly towed my 17000 pound 11 foot wide boat from Lake Mead to San Jose. I installed rear air bags.

It towed this load like nothing. I mean it was great. I have 60k miles on the truck in 1 year. Fabulous. I dont know how I could need more torque, but I am going to buy one of those 2017's when they come to the local dealer!!

Oh I forgot....My truk is NOT a dually, and I have 20 inch rims and BF goodrich All Terrain radials. This truck tows! Save the hassle of a dualy unless you are pulling some really special cargo.

My truck runs awesome, and stops. with the airbags there is no rear end sway at all.

Too bad GM needs Isuzu to design their diesel engines for them, but then again, this is the same GM that needed a multi - billion dollar government bailout.

Won't believe it till TFLtruck tests it

15 years of domination? There hasn't been a 2nd its outsold even a bad powerstroke (and yes the 6.0 was a bad engine) let alone the good ones and while its a good engine its never been as good as a cummins. When you say dogmatic crap like that you lose all credibility.

Sadly this engine already fails on the marketing/industry/class leading stat which will hurt it. 910lbs of torque would have been impressive for a day if they had released that number the day before the latest powerstroke numbers. But they didn't. They fells a few weeks late and a few lbs short. I remember when Ford did a recall to recalibrate powerstrokes in order to best duramax torque... GM needs to turn the needle up a little if it wants to play the numbers game.

Now for what Cummins will do... I expect it to best the PS in figures and if it doesn't don't be shocked if you get pounded with "Best in Class" adds from Ford. Because at least in this regard they are.

AS someone else said, again it falls short of Ford as usual, no surprise from GM here.....

@ Clint and Nitro : Can you say Duramax with class leading 445 HP ? I know it must be difficult for you two.

@GMS, can you say fell short with the TRQ, the part that is most important for towing, I would not talk about that either if I were you. Its nice to see they finally updated the duramax, but again they just cant fully lead the pack they have to claim 1 thing out of many things to try to get ahead, it doesnt work, so they will always remain number 2 becauae of it

The horsepower and torque are practically the same. Stop looking at the numbers. Ford decided to limit the torque in 3 gears, whereas GM only limits the torque in 1st. That's going to make a difference in acceleration. Especially with a heavy load. GM's new air intake could make it more powerful than the Ford at high elevation. Before you guys rule out the GM based on a whopping 15 lb-ft, don't be surprised if it annihilates the Ford on the extreme towing tests. Having said that, all three diesels are extremely powerful and reliable, so just buy whatever truck you like best. The Cummins will always have the longest spool up time.

Being I drive a 6.7 at work everyday and have seen how unreliable Ford and Dodge can be first hand. I can tell you the Duramax is the second best engine behind the Cummins but overall the gm truck is miles ahead. The 6.7 regularly overheats if worked hard and that's not even on a hot day (multiple trucks have this issue). Ford has a long way to go to catch up still in reliability as the truck and engine still aren't very good. Argue all you want with me, I see the problems everyday.

Cbbrass - What year, model, and mileage do you get with yours (loaded vs. unloaded).

It's a 2015 f450 with full service body etc. Plus I pull a skidsteer with attachments on the trailer. Before you say that's too much, I will say in this day and age that no diesel should ever overheat. Two contractors that work for me use gm products loaded with way heavier trailers and never a problem with over heating. In fact, I had a v10 f550 from 2011 and that was underpowered but never over heated.

2017 f250.

Read up on the reviews.

Ford 39 years running.

the problem with the GM DEF tank is the placement and how far it hangs below the bottom of the frame rail. Fine for pavement, garbage off-road. A GM truck engineer said they tested for stone impingement, from the tires, but apparently didn't think about the bottom of the tank striking objects.

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