2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro: Video Review

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We've spent quite a bit of time with the significantly upgraded 2017 Tacoma TRD Pro, Toyota's most aggressive off-road pickup truck to date. This off-roader could be one of the most advanced around and is certainly a mid-size pickup without any competitors. Still, there were a few things that could use improvement.

Ride along with us as we take the high-speed mud-slinging, field-running, rock-crawling champion up and down every trail and water crossing the Texas Hill Country just outside Austin could throw at us. Yes, the TRD Pro is a little pricey, but for the value it offers we can overlook its relatively few flaws.

Cars.com photo by Mark Williams




Awesome truck!

Good job Toyota!

For a few thousand more you can buy a Raptor that is far superior.

For a few thousand more you can buy a Raptor that is far superior.

Posted by: DB | Oct 27, 2016 11:00:35 AM

Ford has a much larger dealer network than Toyota. The result is, you can get your Raptor repaired quickly and not have your Toyota buddies wait too long for you to get back out there.

Looks like they sped up the video, as going around an off camber corner then down hill and another off camber corner, I would think that at the speed shown it would have been drifting around the corners. Then the water crossing was 3 inches deep on concrete taken at 20mph....then going across a smooth grass field. To bad they did not take the rough road at that speed

with the soft suspension does it have less tow and gvwr rating?

25 years ago I would have been drooling for this... now I got loads of cargo and people to haul and a car for the mileage and I care about where my money goes more so than how cool or uncool I look to people I don't care about. Offroad adventures are few and far between and full size just lumbers through them...

For all with the money to burn... im sure its a nice Toy.


Ford raptor I'd the way to go period.

They can cry rivers all they want they can whining all they want "ford raptor the best choice" not Toyota not fiat not Goverment motors period.

Good news is if you like the TRD Pro Tacoma and the new Ford Raptor, you will get similar exhaust notes from each. A screaming V6, one has a slight whistle and one doesn't.

The 2017 Tacoma TRD Pro's pricing is outrageous. There's no way the cheap Fox shocks and a 1-inch lift justifies a starting price of $40,760. And it STILL has those cheap DRUM BRAKES!! Give me a break.

Then there's the fact that Toyota's quality control has been terrible since the intro of the 3rd Gen Tacoma. Engine oil leaks on the 3.5, 6-speed automatic shifting problems, 6-speed manual transmissions getting stuck in gear, failing crank position sensors, squeaking leaf springs, rear differentials that whine so loud you can hear it over the radio, etc etc.

Even Consumer Reports has had to admit the 3rd Gen Tacoma has major quality problems:

"Overall they rate the 2017 Ridgeline on top at 75 and the GMC and Chevrolet filled in the middle with a 56. Tacoma at the bottom with a 41 rating. Again this is supposed to be owner satisfaction.

CR's predicted reliability for the 2016 Tacoma is poor in the survey."

This truck isn't worth $40k+ at this point.

@ Bert,

Thank you for proving you are a Toyota hater, that shows a bias thus your opinion cannot be trusted as being honest and fair!

I have a 2016 SR 4x4 with the 2.7 liter and 6-speed auto and NO PROBLEMS at 14,000 miles!!!

why does Toyota even bother to install front seats in the Tacoma?
the existing seats are so low it feels like you're sitting on the floor anyhow

OMG!!!! LMFAOROF!!!! I stopped watching at 2:59!! The road you were on was nothing my granddad's 79 2wd Chevy couldn't handle!!! 2" deep water flowing across smooth concrete is not a serious water crossing!! WOW!!!

My '81 F 150 would do anything that $40,000 + junker can do. And it was comfortable and got 21+ mpg all the time.

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