How to Build a Hydrogen-Fueled Pickup in 72 Seconds

Chevy-colorado-zh2-fuel-cell-1024x680 II

When the U.S. Army came knocking on GM's door saying it would like help building a concept pickup that incorporated alternative powertrain technologies, our guess is GM said absolutely.

The advantages of hydrogen fuel systems notwithstanding, the tremendous complexities these systems involve means building the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 prototype could not have been easy. But from the looks of this video, it didn't take much time at all. Here's a time-lapse video from GM to show you just how tricky putting a futuristic powertrain into an existing mid-size truck pickup can be.

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Pretty cool video but it looks to me like they could have done it faster if they would not have sat down and taken a break half way thru it.....

This is an off road car or SUV. There's no bed, so why are they calling it a pickup? Even the hatchback leads to nowhere except the onboard systems. It does look cool though.

So how many millions does it cost?

And where wil they get the hydrogen fuel to fill it?

Wouldnt pure EV be better

This is not a production based Colorado, can we stop reporting it as such!

After looking at the video and noticing the size of the storage tank in the rear and the power module up front, this technology is very space inefficient. How can this be an upgrade in capability for a Military Colorado over the much smaller 2.8 TDI engine and its fuel tank??

Looks like the Engineering community have a long way to go before this technology could be added to pickup trucks and other passenger vehicles for the general public to use.

Military Colorado? Are you for real?

A Colorado could not survive in he battlefield, that is why U.S. Special Forces continue to use Toyota trucks around the world!

Real Military Grade Trucks from GM, not that fake junk Ford makes.

Hydrogen is available everywhere through electrolysis.
Hydrogen fuel cell Vehicles available today get two three hundred miles per get per tank.
Using highly pressurized small tanks a bottle full of hydrogen will not explode there is no oxygen to let it burn. If it is somehow breached the hydrogen gas will rise quickly and just have a flash burn. The Hindenburg fire was fed by the material that the blimp was made of not by the hydrogen. The hydrogen burnt in a flash and did not explode.
A vehicle of that size would be great for behid the lines covert operations. The fuelcell is silent and will produce pure water.

Also most military vehicles are not used on the battlefield they are used for support and the supplying of the troops

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