New Ford Ranger, Bronco Confirmed for Michigan Assembly

2015-Ford-Ranger-Wildtrak II

Thank you, Donald Trump. In response to Trump's attack of Ford Motor Co. for moving small-car production out of Michigan to Mexico, Bill Johnson, United Auto Workers chairman at Ford's Wayne, Mich., plant, confirmed that Ford will produce the new Ford Ranger mid-size pickup truck and Bronco small SUV at the same plant that will be moving Focus and C-Max production to Mexico, where the vehicles will be made less expensively.

According to, there will be many Ford fans anxiously awaiting both a smaller pickup and better Jeep Wrangler competitor.

Ford produces the global Ranger pickup around the world and is quite successful, winning customer loyalty and third-party awards from enthusiast and commercial outlets. Extremely popular in Australia, the new Ranger is likely to shrink in overall size compared to the current global model because it has a footprint similar to that of the current regular-cab long-bed and SuperCab short-bed F-150.

Earlier reports had the Ranger slated to enter the U.S. marketplace by the 2019 model year, meaning that plant upgrades are likely to start sometime next year. We assume the new Bronco SUV would make its debut sometime shortly thereafter.

The new Ranger will go head-to-head with the Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Colorado — not to mention a new Nissan Frontier, set to be redesigned for the 2018 model year as well. As the mid-size segment continues to grow, we fully expect more manufacturers to be lured into the downsized pickup arena, offering a variety of options from traditional offerings to more elongated crossovers with storage beds. There's no doubt the new Ranger will be the former.

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2016-Ford-Ranger II

Ford Everest SUV II



I have a ford explorer but I can't even use it coz of a big problem its no brakes that all thanks

The Expeditions, have modified suspensions and as you state modest Off Road ability, with the National Parks Service. Everest is competing against quite a few similar vehicles,all SUV versions of Global Pickups. Off Road ability is paramount, with a 3000kg towing ability being the default number

In the last 5/6 years Ford management has slowly changed my consumer perception and confidence from pretty positive to extremely negative about the company. I am well aware that all the auto makers are not totally honest to say the least but I am finding it hard to believe what Ford says.
Late 2009 Ford started the hype and spin about their new 3.5 eco boost engine and how it would produce great horse power, torque, and fuel mileage. With gas around $4.00 I was hoping for 3 or 4 mpg improvement but as you well know the 3.5 v6 had good HP and torque but the mpg was 1mpg less than their old v6.
Around 2010/11Ford announces they will no longer build the Ranger after 2011 and their 2015 f-150 would be all aluminum to save weight and achieve great mpg. Later GM announced they were bringing the global Colorado to the US and from there I found Fords Press statements about midsize trucks to being misleading and untruthful.

If anything, that bronco looks like the current Dodge Dirango.
Just saying though. Sipping my tea....

Posted by: Sierra 907 | Oct 5, 2016 5:33:31 PM

Personally, I like the current durango and see no resemblance of it in the Bronco shown in the picture above, which brings me to the question. What do you put in your tea?

Did turdyota ever fix the axle rap issue on the turdcoma? The new ranger and bronco will certainly be a nice addition to the ford lineup.

Did turdyota ever fix the axle rap issue on the turdcoma? The new ranger and bronco will certainly be a nice addition to the ford lineup.

ford 1st

Ford received significant TARP funds to lower interest rates from their lending arm Ford Motor Credit. They received more than GM or Chrysler LLC combined. This was because Ford argued that a collapse of GM or Chrysler would impact their tier 1 and 2 suppliers and ultimately create supply chain issues for Ford. The FED released more TARP funds to Ford because they were less willing to write sub-prime auto loans, a trick used by the other two, to continue volume. When it comes to contracts, facilities, legacy costs and continuing R&D, volume, even with less profit, is key to keeping everything afloat.
Saying Ford didn't take bailout funds is as dishonest as saying they were in no financial danger. They were in trouble like everyone else, it just hadn't got to a critical point yet.
Keep in mind, Ford took the TARP funds, increased sub-prime auto loans, and then attacked everyone else for doing it.
Pretty typical Ford family duplicity.

Boy FORD really ripped off FIAT and the Dodge Durango front end on the redesign of this Bronco. I can't be the only one who sees it.

I'm not really certain where Mark gets his info from. It has been noted internationally that the next gen global ranger will get BIGGER. Any Ranger that Ford builds in the US will most likely be in the same size range as it's competitors....Chevy Colorado or Tacoma.

Given ALL that I've heard and seen... Ford might release the new ranger with a NEW engine option, a 2.0 liter EB motor mated to a 10 speed. The mazda 2.0 based EB motor will be due for replacement, so that's my opinion.

We all knew ever since GM decided to give Rebirth to the Colorado / Canyon lineup; that Ford was going to observe their stability in the market and eventually come up with a resurrection plan for the Ranger to hopefully give GM some stiff competition. But the competition will surely be heating up around the 2018/2019 Model Year, when the Ranger gets re-introduced to the US Market, the GM Mid-Sizes should be due for a complete overhaul along with updated Powertrain Packages, can't wait for the competition to begin!!!


The Colorado will be due for a slight cosmetic refresh, but otherwise.....

They just dropped in the 8 speed this year. The new V6 is the same displacement as the old one. I see some possible slight improvements all around but nothing significant over the 2017 model, at least until 2020. Maybe then they will enable displacement on demand, drop another 100lbs and replace the current 2.5 liter 4 cyl with a turbo 1.8 mated to the 8 speed.

I hope they offer a manual transmission and diesel engine.

I fully believe that the slumping sales are due to the problems with the 5.3 liter's AFM system. Evidently the AFM problems don't exist on the larger motor, so GM sells every 6.2 liter 1/2 ton they build. GM doesn't want the 6.2 liter to be the volume motor so they jack the price up to keep their CAFE numbers up.

The funny thing is to ~fix~ the issues with the 5.3 liter you need to buy a $180 AFM delete kit from Amazon.

Glad I have one of the Bronco's made the last year they made Broncos -- 1996 -- the new ones r not Broncos but hey will push the value of mine through the roof so if u want a real Bronco mine will be available for those that want a real off road champion

if u want a real Bronco mine will be available for those that want a real off road champion...Posted by: EE | Nov 1, 2018


It's still early but I'm betting the Jeep fans on this site will bust out laughing when they read your comment. The mid-1990s Bronco was a lead sled. It was too heavy for serious off-road (unless you count dropping off the golf bags at the country club).

The 302 Windsor was horribly overworked hauling all that Ford fat around. For those who like unicorns, try finding a 351 Bronco! The earlier models offered a Cleveland, but the rust-worm has eaten those by now. Or they're show cars.

If Ford had offered a big-block option, i.e., a 460 V8 back then those would be highly desirable collector cars today. If you ever took a ride in a 454 Chevy 4x4 the difference is astonishing. Ford did not show up.

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