Nissan Announces Pricing for 2017 Frontier

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With relatively few changes to the model-year 2017 lineup — due in large part to a significant redesign coming for model-year 2018 — prices for the 2017 Nissan Frontier have risen by just a few hundred dollars. See the chart below for specifics.

The Frontier has been a strong seller this year, up 65 percent in September sales and on pace to sell almost 50 percent more units by year end than in 2015. And this is happening at a time when many truckmakers are taking precautions against overproduction.

Nissan will continue to offer two cab configurations (King and crew), two engines (an inline four-cylinder and a V-6), three transmissions (five- and six-speed manuals, and a five-speed automatic) and five trim packages (S, SV, Desert Runner, SL and Pro-4X).

The only change to the Frontier's 2017 lineup is the addition of an S Work Truck Package that offers a spray-in bedliner, bedrail caps, mud flaps, rubber floormats and a body-colored rear bumper. Pricing below does not include the $940 destination fee.

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A Pro4x 4x4 crew cab with a long bed and manual transmission would have been a good deal for me.

They don't have it listed here....

" ...a significant redesign coming for model-year 2018..."

I can only hope that includes styling similar to the global Navara and a regular cab.

I have to admit the Frontier is a better truck then the Colorado.

I have a 2010 Nissan Frontier SV, Crew Cab, long bed, with 6MT. Love it. It's perfect, and I told Carlos. He sent me a cup and a note of thanks. Nice man...

Too bad they don't offer the MT with LB Crew Cab anymore.


I have a 2011 Frontier, it has been a great little truck. Just bought a Canyon Duramax diesel , wow the diesel sure does have a lot more power and much better fuel economy. I will be modding the Nissan now for a play truck and use the Canyon to tow our travel trailer and haul Bobcat to job sites.

I wouldn't say the Frontier is a better truck than the Colorado but it is a good solid truck for the money. The new Colorado/Canyon is a much newer and more advanced truck but the Frontier is a very good truck although it is dated. For the money the Frontier is hard to bet.

Seating and controls are much nicer in the upgrade Colorado models.

At $24k the Frontier S is a bare bones plain truck, the SV is a big step up in fit/finish and popular features but if you really want a six cylinder with the manual trans, the Frontier S is your choice--unless you're ready to pay north of $30k for the off road package with 4x4

That is one advantage the Frontier has for those of us who prefer manuals is a manual with a 4x4. Very hard to find a manual in any truck especially a 4x4.

The truck's design has been out for over ten years and they still haven't fixed the EVAP issue that plagues so many. Why would you design a charcoal canister to clog with dust so easily? And why would you put the alternator down by the front wheel? And why over ten plus years and countless complaints would you not fix those seriously annoying issues?

@Mlsgrv I know 5 people who own frontiers, and I owned one from 2007-2011, never heard of that issue. If true though that does suck, it does seem that if manufacturers can get away with not fixing it and still make a buck, they often go that route. That being said, I was a huge fan of my frontier, if not for a bigger trailer and a growing family I would still have it today.

@Zach, check these out. I've had to replace the charcoal canister twice before 90k.

I have to admit the Frontier is a better truck then the Colorado.

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