Ram Ranks Last in Consumer Reports' Reliability Survey

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According to the Consumer Reports' Annual Auto Reliability Survey for 2016, Ram is dead last, 29th out of 29 brands. In fact, five of the last seven spots on the list are Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brands: Jeep (23), Dodge (26), Chrysler (27), Fiat (28) and Ram (29). The annual survey ranks all the major vehicle brands in the U.S. in terms of dependability.

This year, the survey list is broken into three different categories, with the top third considered "more reliable," the middle third "reliable" and the bottom third "less reliable." Because the survey does not distinguish brands from their model lineup, it's difficult to know how each model of car, SUV or pickup truck affects the overall scores.

In the case of Ram, Consumer Reports looked at two models: the Ram 1500 and Ram 2500/3500 pickups. For the purposes of CR's survey, Ram is unique in that it is the only brand that exclusively sells mainstream pickups (leaving out the more commercially oriented Ram ProMaster and ProMaster City vans).

In response to the survey results, FCA released this statement: "The Company values all feedback from our customers and third-party evaluators, including Consumer Reports, as it helps guide our product improvements. Our internal quality surveys and measurements continue to show positive growth toward vehicle quality and dependability across our brands. Additionally, it's important to note that the Ram Truck brand finished in the top 10 of automakers in J.D. Power's 2016 Vehicle Dependability Study. With that being said, we encourage customers to experience our vehicles for themselves."

In the same survey, Consumer Reports named the Toyota Tundra the most reliable of all pickups, while the Ram 2500 was named the least reliable. The survey does not have a separate mid-size pickup category.

For the 2016 survey Consumer Reports said it gathered data on more than half a million vehicles, including more than 300 models from model years 2000 to 2016, plus a few early 2017s, to analyze how reliable vehicles have been and to predict future reliability.

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DEF Limp mode, do I need a new PCM?
Hey guys,

I have a 2013 Ram 4500 with the 6.7L.

Here's what happened. I had my CEL on for a few months, so while the truck was at the dealer for a coolant leak repair, I asked them if they could scan the truck and see what the light was about. They said I needed to do a flash update, which I was okay with. However, somewhere along the process, they said they tried doing it, but something wasn't working right so when they asked Chrysler, Chrysler said I have to replace my PCM. There's no other way to get rid of that light.

I didn't want to pay $3k for parts and labor for the light to go off, so I took the truck home without doing anything.

When I got the truck, the truck EVIC said the message of "Service DEF System, see dealer" (or something like that). I called the dealer to see if that could be taken care of, but they said they would have to replace the PCM for that. They also said that I can drive it around with that on, without a problem.

A few days later, the truck goes into limp mode, and am counting down the miles till I go 5mph.

Do I have any other options other than to replace the PCM at the dealer?

Thanks in advance, guys!


Hey guys, so here's what happened.

I took it to another dealer, and they told me that when I had replaced my SCR a few months ago, that dealer never adjusted the parameters on the sensor to make it compatible with the new SCR. Therefore, these guys just adjusted the parameters on the sensor to match the new SCR, did a flash update, and $119 later, I was good to go! These guys saved me $3,000! If you're ever in Texas near Austin, it's a dealer in Taylor, TX. Good guy named Cliff that handled everything for me. He has a reputation of doing good, honest work.


This is why I don't buy Ram. Dealer wanted to charge the customer $3000 and say there was nothing he could do. It was not the problem.

All Crap
All Unsafe
All unreliable
Sketchy dealers
But its got a V8 and a cheaper price

This does not come to any surprise to me. I have a few friends that have been suckered into the low ram prices. I told them get a Ford or GM truck. But they wanted the low price. Well one leaked oil all over his concrete driveway. Dealer said tuff luck on his driveway. Fixed the hemisphere leak. So he is out $1200.00 to have his driveway cleaned. His rear differential started making noise and a bunch of electrical issues. The other truck also had engine camshaft issues, check engine lights, electrical issues, a ton of squeaks and rattles. Cheap price for a cheap truck.

It's no surprise that Fiat Chrysler cars have ranked the worse of the worse in terms of reliability, as this has been proven many times unfortunately. However, if this article aims to be honest and unbiased, it needs to point out that the Ford F-150 and General Motors pickup trucks also have poor reliability, or have declining reliability. You should not blatantly try to cover up missing information, it only makes you look guilty and illegitimate.

This is why I don't buy Ram. Dealer wanted to charge the customer $3000 and say there was nothing he could do. It was not the problem.
Posted by: Chris | Oct 28, 2016 10:36:56 AM

You don't buy a RAM, because of a one dealer service department with incompetent person ?
I could find hundreds of them in any industry, ford is no exception, but it would be wasting time for me.
BTW. RAM has nothing to do with that. Enjoy your CR surveys suckers. I enjoy my RAM without any issues.

Living by the surveys might kill you. LOL.
This is the reality. Notice heavy RAM in there.


Ram handles the best in trucks category in this real life video. Not even small size trucks handles better , than a RAM. That's why I drive a RAM.

You can stick your surveys.

Man! I sure wish I would have seen this before I bought my 2010 Laramie Ram. What a piece of junk this thing has been. Bought it used in 2011 with 16,000 miles. Since then I had a valve issue in the head of my Hemi. I am happy warranty covered that bill. One new head. But a ton of A/C issues, electrical issues, radio issues not.covered under warranty. I spent 4600.00 total on all of those repairs. Now 8 months out of warranty the transmission failed. 62,000 miles. I wish now I would have bought a F150 or Silverado. A buddy of mine has a 2011 F150 with the ecoboost. He loves the truck. Lariat too. Only issue he had was a timing chain at 95000 miles. Covered under warranty for 8 years under the program for has for it.

2011 F150

Posted by: Not a ram fan | Oct 28, 2016 1:42:03 PM

Those 2011's were so hot they were burning on the assembly line with 0 miles. Nothing left but a pile of ash.

Good luck and stay thirsty.

My 2015 ecodiesel has been a nightmare. 3 EGR issues, 4 exhaust issues with emissions and now camshaft noise. Truck has 23000 miles of it. how can a 50K + truck have so many issues so soon. Don't bother with lemon law. Still get hosed even after the long process. No more rams in my future. As soon as I am not upside down in this truck I am trading it in for a different brand.

Have a 2013 Ram 1500 4x4 regular cab 6'5" bed Hemi and it's a great truck compared to the Chevrolet same set up with MAX motor and that truck was a piece of crap plus Chevrolet customer service was the worst ever! I don't pay any mind to what those review companies reports anyway.

Interesting. Mine has been nothing but flawless.

No problems with mine. 120k miles still drives like new and I work the guts out of the thing. Only regret is I wish I woulda got a 4th gen hemi instead of the 3rd gen. Woulda had the same or little better torque with better gas mileage with MDS. Guess theirs not much way around it tho you either have good torque or good mileage can't have both. Lol

Not sure how that's really working out. I'm on my second Ram 1500 and love it. My 2013 had a minor issue but covered under warranty. So minor I can't even remember what it was. Traded that in for a 2016 and even stepped up to the Ram Sport, best purchase I've made yet! This survey reeks , go by what you know. I know the Ram is dependable and reliable! Out!

I have a 2015 ram. I sure wish I could enjoy it. Constantly in the shop. Mystery check engine lights that 3 different dealers cannot fix. On time it left my wife stranded on the side of the road at night with our 2 children. right now it is at the dealer with transmission issues. It shifts hard and will not move at times. I am hoping I can get a buy back because we no longer trust this truck.

I've been reading CR for more than 30 years. I used to think it was the bible of honest information and reporting. Over the years I've come to realize that CR is extremely biased when testing the vehicles they report on. Notice how Toyota is always #1 in reliability, etc. That's not to say Toyota doesn't make a very reliable vehicle, they do. But, CR rarely compares apples to apples and tends to take too much for granted in their theoretical laboratories. CR needs more real world application to anything they might testing. Solid black dots to solid red dots mean nothing when the results are 3 complaints to 1 complaint, respectively, per 100 units tested. I could go on with specifics, but won't waste my time or yours. If I were to rate CR as an honest informative magazine, I'd rate it as poor.

Have owned 4 Rams over the past 6 years and all have been flawless. Also owned new f150 in same time period and while a great truck had more recalls than any I have owned. Consumer reports ranks Subaru a top car, yet they in reality burn oil when new and have many other endemic flaws. Just like politics the writers at Consumer Reports live in a bubble and have no real clue about durability and out the door quality. I guess if Subaru is designed to burn oil then the QA is accurate!

the writers at Consumer Reports live in a bubble and have no real clue about durability and out the door quality.


that's quite a comment. Care to cite some specifics?

2015 Dodge Laramie 1500. Driver visor drops down, replaced twice; center console lid won't latch down; rear passenger window won't roll up; chipping and peeling paint on body seam under driver door; rack and pinion stripped gears; rear pinion seal leaking; start button stuck down, replaced, new one intermittently shuts off engine right after start; 8.4AN radio changes stations and functions when hot. All under warranty (less than 36K miles), Dodge won't fix and won't buy back when lemon case filed.

What is great and unique to the Consumer Reports survey is that they send out an annual survey to their subscribers who list each vehicle they own and any repair work that was done in the prior year and the type of repair. One can see not only which models are unreliable but whether it is the electrical system or brakes or engine or transmission or other area that is generating the repairs.

Year to year there is too much that radically changes to use any such surveys to predict future reliability. DEF systems with diesel engines was introduced in 2010 and had a big impact on owner problems. Same is true for the new 10-speed transmissions on Ford and Chevy trucks and the turbo charged V-6 Ford engines and the AFM or fuel control systems that shut of fuel to half the cylinders at times when full power is not needed.

With auto manufactures determined to continue sales of the highly profitable pickup trucks they are also faced with meeting the tougher CAFE fleet fuel economy standards. The result is the selling of diesel powered vehicles, 9 and 10 speed transmissions, fuel cut-off systems, and together they make the vehicle less reliable and much less safe to drive. Imagine driving along on the freeway and within a few seconds having the vehicle stop completely. That is what is happening more and more to drivers of the 2017 and 2018 vehicles with these components.

they are also faced with meeting the tougher CAFE fleet fuel economy standards...Posted by: Bruce | Jan 2, 2018


Let not thy heart be troubled, Bruce. CAFE will be a memory by 2025. The idea that the world is running out of oil is dead.

Fracking and other new discovery/recovery extraction methods guarantee that oil will be available to fuel trucks, planes, trains and autos as long as we want it. Long before we run out of oil, the electric systems and self driving systems will have reshaped the landscape in much bigger ways.

CAFE was a 1970s liberal nightmare that's been redundant and unnecessary for decades.

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