2017 Nissan Titan XD Review: Quick Spin

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We recently had the chance to spend some time in a single-cab version of the new 2017 Nissan Titan XD; we found it a strong player in the low-buck, high-value work-truck segment.

The Titan XD single cab has a wheelbase of 139.8 inches with an 8-foot bed, which is quite a bit shorter than its longer crew-cab brother, which has a 6.5-foot bed and 12 more inches of wheelbase. King Cab Titan XDs, when they debut, will share the 139.8-inch wheelbase platform, but will have a 6.5-foot bed. Like other heavy-duty truckmakers, Nissan is trying to be efficient and comprehensive with its two wheelbase options, covering as much of the work-truck marketplace as possible.

As you might expect, the six-speed automatic has its hands full keeping all that torque from the 5.0-liter V-8 Cummins turbo-diesel from spinning the rear tires too often, but we didn't find it troublesome. We did quite a bit of dirt-trail and pavement driving and found the two-wheel-drive single-cab version quite civilized and comfortable in both situations. Like most regular-cab pickups, the rear end can feel a little light and chattery when unloaded, but it feels nimble and quick off the line. With just a few small changes, the Titan XD single cab could be a pretty good sport truck or a skilled four-wheeler.

Clearly this configuration is designed for the commercial market, where gruff and grumbly crewman need a tool for hard work. Our test truck offered almost 2,500 pounds of payload and more than 12,000 pounds of towing capacity — more than enough strength to get most jobs done.

We did have issues sliding the seat back and forth to find a good seating position; the XD does not offer seat-height adjustability. We liked the rubber floormats on our S model and appreciated that electric windows come standard.

Nissan said pricing for single-cab Titan XDs will start around $28,000 with the gas V-8 and in the low-to-mid-$30,000 range with the Cummins. Exact pricing will be available the first quarter of 2017.

Cars.com photos by Mark Williams


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Not a fan of regular cab, but the CC is sweet, I got to see one up close at work, guy traded his 2012 silverado in on it.

I think its the perfect answer to what I didn't like about the Ram, everything except the Cummins.

Butt ugly - second only to shaky GM's square nose/wheel wells LOL

The correct comparison of the Titan's wheelbase is to the other brands' regular-cab long-bed trucks.

Chevy/GMC: 133.6
Nissan Titan: 139.8
Ram: 140.5
Ford: 141.6
Toyota Tundra: 145.7

Except for GM, all the brands are using notably longer wheelbases than back in the day to include more behind-seat storage space.

Butt ugly - second only to shaky GM's square nose/wheel wells LOL

Posted by: Lionel | Nov 4, 2016 2:42:12 PM

Both Titan and Silverado make the F-150 look really cute even with the sad grille the F-150 has.

Im not so sure how much this will cost with 4x4 awd, and the diesel, but it would be sweet if the weight is low and the mileage is higher. but I have seen Ford SD and Ram HD and Chevy HD 4x4 reg cabs advertised where I live for 30-32 k out the door! The Ram and Fords even come with a plow! I would like to have a truck camper in one, but I would need at least 3,000 lbs capacity to get away with it at least! I always get drawn to a Ram reg cab diesel with a manual trans. I know they are turned down as far as power goes, but would be fine for me, plus the mileage would be better, plus that would still have more power than an XD diesel. Might even be less money! The only drawback is the limits on option to be able to get the manual trans! I am sure you can get pw/dl, but Navigation and the big 8.2 Uconnect system is out.

Both Titan and Silverado make the F-150 look really cute even with the sad grille the F-150 has.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Nov 4, 2016 4:09:50 PM

Are you kidding me?! I can never get over those square wheel wells - a buddy with a cheby 4 inch still had to trim the corners to fit 35's. I guess these shaky GM designer/engineers were thinking square wheels will be the next revolutionary thing...LOL

It's still not on dealer's lots. When I bought my 2008 Frontier these trucks were expected soon. An 8 year roll out is a marketing failure.

When you bought your 2008 frontier the next titan was set to be a rebranded ram. Then the bailout and Chrysler nissan deal fell apart. Back to the drawing board for nissan

GMC makes the best looking truck presently. The Ford Raptor is a great looking truck for sure. The Titan looks a lot like a Ram truck. Nonetheless, looks are secondary to function and drive ability. The GM trucks have always been reliable with the best powertain, known for the best V8 in history. Ford trucks also have a good rep for a work truck. Fiat trucks look OK in the HD version, but are always on the bottom for reliability. Pick your poison, the Cummins Nissan is a nice package and will do anything the big 3 can. Diesel is the best powerplant for a work vehicle so i can see a lot of interest in these trucks. The Canyon with the Duramax diesel is outselling production, they are so popular, hard to get still but lots coming down the pipes for 2017.

If you have only driven half ton gassers, you will think the 5.0 Cummins diesel is really powerful and torquey. You will be very impressed. If you have driven a current model Duramax, Power Stroke or 6.7 Cummins, you will be disappointed.

Miss the old 12 valve cummins, best motor EVER built, almost indestructible, plenty of torque to pull just about anything, and it got excellent mileage(16-20+).

Are you kidding me?!

Posted by: Lionel | Nov 4, 2016 6:18:03 PM


Actually, take a look at the rear quarter wheel well openings on the superduty duelly. They square the wheel well panel in order to make it look tougher and stronger. GM got the tougher, stronger and better looking truck nailed. PERIOD!

I'm telling us right now! That truck with 4- 7 inches of lift with the same wheels and good set of my tires would be perfect. The fact that it has a cummins, and that its transmission is proven just means it will be a great off road rig.it's short. So it should make angles easier. I really like It. I could care less about specs. I could build it how I want and it would be a great truck.. I wonder how much power they can get these cummins up to and keep them daily workable with reliability?

That's actually an extremely competitive price if accurate. The other manufacturers similar 2500 and 250's are all in the high 30 and low 40-thousand, or are close to the same price for the same truck but with a gas engine.

As far as looks go, you can hate all you want- I didn't like it until I saw it in person.

That WB thing is a Gm oddity- the rest of the manufacturers settled on using the Wb for RC-8ft, DC-6.5, and CC-5.5 combinations. That greatly simplyfies a lot of things. GM is using more wheelbases and keeping the rear axle more centered under the bed. 6.5ft bed combinations compare more closely to the competition. No extended cab-8ft bed combination will be a deal breaker for some, but that tends to be full-on 3/4 ton territory.

The $28,000 base price for the XD is a steal, but with expected incentives, the domestic 3/4tons will be the same money. I still tend to compare the XD more to the hih-capacity F150. That truck ends up costing the same and has about the same capability. With a higher Curb/GVW ratio, the Nissan probably rides better though.

I always liked the new Titan. I like the single cab even more. It's worth a look.

I would like to see Honda be just as adventurous with the Ridgeline. It shouldn't be hard to make a single cab model; just eliminate the cab portion past the B-pillars and beef up the undercarriage for work loads. There are some of us who still use our trucks for work, not as glorified status symbols.

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