2017 Ram 1500 Ignition Orange Sport Video Review

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We had our first chance to see the new 2017 Ram 1500 Ignition Orange Sport Package at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, and we have to say the monochromatic coloring on the cross-haired grille and bumper and blacked-out Ram's head logos make for a stylish pickup truck. The overall look, especially with the 22-inch wheels and Goodyear Wrangler street-performance tires, will go a long way to give the half-ton pickup some street-truck credibility.

Stacked on top of the Ram 1500 Sport trim, the Ignition Orange Package is on sale now and can be equipped with either a V-6 or V-8 engine in either 4x4 or 4x2 configurations. Think street cruiser supreme.

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But: no manual transmission, no purchase.



I give it no more street cred than any other Ram. Like anyone on Street Outlaws one because of the paint job and 22 inch wheels. When they add something functional to the package let me know.

Fiat is losing. Quality is still bad like Dodge days.

I like how the interior is laid out aside from the dial shifter.

Great looking truck with a well appointed interior. Your can sense the envy from the FORD guys when a high end RAM or GM twin rolls by them. Speaking of Ford, have they restarted the assembly of their f-150 yet?

Ford interior is cheapo. Got the my suck too. Ram is beast in class.

I like how the interior is laid out aside from the dial shifter.

Posted by: Gasser V8 | Nov 20, 2016 8:28:54 PM

Much agreed, dial shifter is the only thing I would change.

Nice looking truck for sure.

Great if Ram would offer the Outdoorsman in the USA.
It is Canada only for 2017.
Not enthusiastic about special editions.

As usual, expect the same JUNK from 'RAM' as always. FCA only increased the price of ownership...NO better quality. Tundra always.

If FCA would give me one of these, I would gladly sell it to one of you Dodge lovers at a 'good' price. I truly feel sorry for the lot of you. BIG 3 = BIG JUNK!
Tundra forever.

Tundra till it rots under you. Moving forward even when your not.

Tundras make good grocery getters. Lol jk

Great truck if you're a Denver Broncos fan

I guess this is cool for the 4 guys who LOVE expensive ORANGE Fiats. At least it doesn't cost them much to make.

Well they didn't screw up the grill!

Going from a 2014 f150 Raptor, into the Ram IO. It blows it away! Tundra? Really? TRY A real truck & then let me know just how great the Tundra is in comparison. Hahaha

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