All-Star Game Prize: Decked-Out NHL Honda Ridgeline

Ridgeline NHL_GHS7327 II

If you're a hockey fan, you have to be happy with Honda for being the sponsor of the National Hockey League's All-Star Game for a third straight year.

Honda made the announcement at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show as retired hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky took the wraps off a custom-designed 2017 Honda Ridgeline prepped for the festivities. Honda will award a 2017 Ridgeline to the All-Star Game's most valuable player, and to celebrate Honda will display the NHL Ridgeline for the duration of the auto show, which is open to the public Friday through Nov. 27.

The 2017 NHL All-Star Game will take place Jan. 29 at the Los Angeles Staple Center.

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Ridgeline NHL LAAS 1 II

Ridgeline NHL_GHS7415 II

Ridgeline NHL_GHS7470 II

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It's a shame Honda doesn't build a full size truck. Or a compact truck.

If I'd won the all-star, I would laugh and turn this car down

@beebe, you go t that right, Honda would be a huge player in the full size market if they did.....they would be number 2 behind Ford, and chevy/gm would continue to fall

I want to like the Ridgline so badly but it's just so goofy looking!

I want to like it too, but its 4'11.5" long box is too short! Measure it for yourselves.

@Angelo, The box length is somewhere between the other midsize short and long boxes. But it is significantly wider. With the tailgate down, I believe you get a full 6ft. Plus, it's the only midsize that can hold 4ft wide sheets flat in the bed.

I'm sorry, but I could never buy any of the Big-3 vehicles because of all the business they give to all the world but the US. And from my personal experience, all Chrysler products are nothing more than JUNK. I have owned both, their cars and pickups. Pure, unadulterated, JUNK, JUNK, JUNK.
By Bob

They prolly sell to whoever pays the most like any NORMAL company would. Politics should have a very limited role in a business, especially an international business.

I'm an owner of a 2006 Ridgeline, over 10 yrs, 100k miles. I have owned a 2001 Ram, 1995 Jeep, 1998 Ford, 1992 Chevy. The Jeep held up the longest with a rebuild, the Ford was garbage, the Chevy I couldn't keep running...what I'm trying to say is my Honda is now pushing 11 yrs old, I have test drove the new one twice and it rides better, is more powerful, gets better gas mileage than my old one but since I have owned my Ridgeline the only thing I have had to fix barring tires and brakes has been one headlight bulb to the expense of about $10, in a ten year period!!! I will never throw my money away to any crap car company until reliability and true cost of ownership can beat a Honda.

@Voltage. Your length comment is incorrect. Please check your facts. 4'11.5" length is no where between any competitor! Company's like to always say "just leave the tailgate down or get a bed extender" to make up for deficit in length. The bed is also raised a whole bunch that the wheel wells are hardly noticeable. So that's why they get a 4x8 in it to lay flat, but at the expense of height in the bed itself. This vehicle is fine for the first time open rear area kind of buyer. Id have to go back and check the "noticeable wheel well in box" comment. Please go measure length yourself with tailgate up. Colorado has a Groove in top of wheel well that allows a 2x4 to go across and then 4x8 sheets will lay flat. Nothing rocket science about it. Just company's playing up their strengths (width, acoustics, spare wheel trunk) so people don't focus on their deficits (shortest length box in midsize category). If they even came in at 5'4" box length I wouldn't be harping on it at all, but it's like they are trying to pull the wool over "consumers" eyes. If they added 4.5" they'd have something, but lack of length, height, and spare tire access when someone's got a bunch of stuff in rear, calls for a list of improvements for generation 3. But hey if it's ok with you don't let me keep you from buying one. If it's that popular, maybe they'll get to gen3 sooner.

I owned a Honda Accord and the transmission fell out at 90k miles and it was extremely loud going down the road. Haven't had one since. All manufacturers have a story. Some people just cry louder.

Honda makes their engine blocks so thin and pourous that they leak oil thru the block, they paint the outside of the engine blocks with sealer but it wears off in a short time

My only complaint is that the bed is pretty shallow. I also have an 06 RL. It has a lot of volume, especially up by the cab where the bed rails rise up a bit. Goofy looking but a very practical trucklet!

I have nothing against a Honda. I own a 92 Honda Accord, but had to replace distributor and front axles by 90k miles. And the ABS has malfunctioned but costs 2k to fix so why bother when it brakes just fine. I don't know why they say the bed is as long as they say in the article. If you look at the picture, with the trunk party open, it is quite a short bed. I went to the dealer to see it objectively, and always bring a measuring tap. I get 59.5" with tailgate closed. I think they get longer because they take the measurement at the bottom with the tailgate open! That's all that makes sense to me. Still in my opinion marketing stretching the truth in a big way!

People who buy a Honda Ridgeline tend to swear BY them, not AT them. The new Ridgeline, compared to the other members of its so-called mid-sized class is very comparable and honestly better in some ways. It's still on the table for when I replace my 19-year-old Ranger, though it's larger than I want by a good measure; more so now because of its redesign and increased capabilities than the older version.

This new Ridgeline certainly looks better and more truck-like while avoiding that fake 'big-rig' grill that I find so offensive. The Colorado and the Ridgeline are the best •looking• pickups currently on the market.

It is really apparent that truck enthusiasts have a wide variety of wants n needs. All way from towing monsters to just something that has an open bed. Glad Honda came out with something more truck like and from the write-up's I decided to check it out. It's cool how the bed also opens from the side besides the traditional up and down. And when the writups said 64" bed length I decided to check it out. But was hugely disappointed when I measured 59.5" with tailgate up. Clearly all manufacturers measure it with the tailgate down. Colorado is 72" tailgate up, 74" tailgate down. Best I can say is trust what you read but VERIFY!

Where are you getting the 4'11.5" number? I've never measured, but according to the specs, the tailgate up length is 64", which is in fact longer than the Colorado and Tacoma short beds.

I always measure at the top most point of the bed with tailgate closed, while standing outside of it, near the rear wheel. Let me go back to the dealership and measure again maybe this Saturday. I wouldn't make such a big deal out of it if it wasn't such a disappointment to me the first time, but if I'm wrong, I'll be honest and post it.

Oh and the wheel wells are only visible 2-3" so that gives one an idea of how much higher the flat part of the box is raised up to make it the shallowest box in its class and probably the entire industry

My post evaporator. I remeasured Sat. Again it is 59.5" long at the top. The bottom is where they get a few more inches like everyone else, but this one seems to be the biggest difference between top and bottom measurements.

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