Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: October 2016



The October sales chart is now in. A fire at Ford's Dearborn, Mich., world headquarters Monday delayed the automaker's release of its October sales numbers. Other automakers released their numbers Tuesday; we opted to wait until Ford released its numbers to run our chart.

As the entire automotive industry prepares for an expected decline in sales, certain segments and models of pickup trucks seem to be doing quite well. All of the mid-size players sold well in October, and Ram and Nissan had strong numbers too. GM full-size pickups seem to be taking the biggest hit this year when compared to 2015 numbers, and Ford sales were flat. To read a thorough discussion of the October sales numbers, click here.

PUTC October

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Still going

Man the midsize market is on fire tough huh

The combination of Colorado and Canyon are gaining on the Tacoma. Whoa!

The Titan is gaining some traction.

Might be some changes in the pecking order next year!

Wow! Ram's gonna catch Chevy...

HaHaHa!!! Ford sales series up 0.1 % over October 2015. Creative accounting going on their just like their advertising.

Meanwhile, Chevrolet Colorado up 50%, ( actually 49.9%). What the Silverado dropped in sales, the Colorado more than made up for. As everyone is saying, mid size sales are literally exploding upward and only the forward thinking companies are bathing in the profit's.

I have warned you GM fans once before that as Colorado sales go up, Silverado sales go down PROVING GM full size guys are flocking to the Colorado!

Tacoma sales have held their own, this notion that Tacoma sales would tumble because folks are lining up to buy the new street queen Colorado has not added up!

GM seeks to lose big time here, from their own doing!

GM internal civil war is looming...

Good job GM you smoked Ford once again in sales!

I just calculated the math for the Ford fan idiots, oops , I meant Ford fanboys. GM sold 775,430 trucks ytd. That's 114,232 more trucks sold than Ford ytd. The truth will set you free.

Interesting to see the surge in buyers for the made in Mexico Italian RAM pickups.

Also, at this month's rate, the Ridgeline and Titan will soon have the GMC Canyon in tenth place for sales.

Have you seen some the calculations Chevy fanbois have been doing lately? Chevy guys have to add up 4 models to beat 1 from Ford. I guess that's what years of frustration will do. Because Ford is still #1. If it's America's best trucks you want, go to Ford.

Have you seen some the junk Ford fanbois have been coming up with lately? Ford guys can't seem to understand GM is the main company. I guess that's what years of frustration will do. Because GM is #1. If it's America's best trucks you want, go to a GM dealer near you.

Did anyone notice that Chevy division outsold Ford division in total units for October? 181964 compared to 179744. I did not think this would happen until mid 2017. Great job Chevy.

"Retail sales increased 2.5 percent or 5,125 vehicles to 258,626 units, accounting for 80.5 percent of total sales. The results enabled GM’s retail market share to rise to its highest October level since 2009. Initial estimates show that GM’s retail market share jumped 1.6 percentage points to 18.1 percent, the largest retail market share gain of any manufacturer."

So gm still sold more halft tone , and the and of the years gm slll sold more pickup ,,,

Good strategy GM . cannibalize more profitable full size sales with less profitable mid size trucks that are mostly selling in even less profitable fleet sales.

Both GM and Ram are advertising over $10k off in my area while Ford chose to shut down the factory rather than sacrifice profits. It will be interesting to see how that plays out in the long run.

The interesting news to me is that Nissan is up, in my opinion as much on the longer warrentee as the quality of their new trucks. To me they are the ones putting pressue on the market right now. It will be very interesting to see if anyone else matches their warrentee.

thanks for pointing out though how many vehicles need counted in order for GM to come out on top, WOW, I feel sorry them and you.

Posted by: Nitro | Nov 2, 2016 12:50:19 PM

775,430 GM trucks sold ytd. Ford is distant 2nd place. Accept it and set yourself free from Fords lies. The numbers don't lie, Ford does.

The GM half tons have the "Chevy Shake", people are probably buying the Colorado/Canyons because they can pack the same amount of groceries without the shake.

ONce Nissan gets the rest of their variants online, they could come close to 100k units a year. The old Frontier seems to be selling on value- good proposition in an uncertain market.

Love my brand new RAM. The 5.7 is a great motor.

Riiiiight . Ford + 0.06%. The numbers are rigged. Must be the fire.

Ram up 8% with the oldest truck, impressive, I hope they don't screw up the refresh .

I wonder what the profit margins on the midsize trucks are as compared to full size. With the prices people are paying for midsize I wouldn't be surprised if they are fairly close to full size. Or not. Anyone have a reliable source of info. on that?

Pickuptrucks dot com said yesterday that October Pickup Sales Continue decline. What decline? Add up all the numbers and Pickups are up 9.3% year over year. The segment is up. Mark Williams please explain your rationale.

I believe2.7 ecobust is inhaling fumes from that 2.7. Ford outsold GM full size pickups by only 724 units but picked up 13363 sales of Colorado and Canyon. As far as profit per unit customers are still paying pretty much sticker as my son just did. Of course GM just made 2.77 billion compared to Ford's 957 million and Chevrolet Division just outsold Ford Division for the month of October. GM's plans are right on target. You won't see a new Ranger until late 2018. Trucks may be out of demand by that time. I think GM is right on target with their plans and in a much better position than Ford. That was a new Colorado that my son paid near sticker and he would have purchased a new Tacoma if the Colorado wasn't available.

Loving all the excuses from the Ford clowns, getting wrecked by GM in sales and profits lol!!!!!!!!

Loving all the excuses from the Ford clowns, getting wrecked by GM in sales and profits lol!!!!!!!!

Posted by: johnny doe | Nov 2, 2016 3:32:09 PM

@ johnny doeby; there are no excuses, it's in black & white; Ford-F-series smoked once again both shaky cheby/GMC combined in YTD & monthly has being for over 40+ years & will continue for another 40 yrs...hahahahaha!!!

Ford and GM and Dodge for many years have taken the position there is no market for mid size trucks. Public statements to the effect over and over.
All exited the mid size market.
Only GM currently has a mid size truck offering.


Yeah its in black and white GM smokes Ford again!


"Tacoma sales have held their own, this notion that Tacoma sales would tumble because folks are lining up to buy the new street queen Colorado has not added up!"

Nobody claimed that. Hell market analysts thought the Colorado and Canyon might sell 90k trucks/year. Yet their total sales are within a few thousand of the Tacoma.

Say, I read that the 2016 Tacoma was ranked last in the latest reliability survey by Consumer Reports. Not hard to believe considering just how many guys are complaining about their new 3rd gens - oil leaks from the 3.5, auto transmissions that shift like garbage even after the latest TSB's, rear differentials that are whining and grinding (literally hundreds of members with a junk diff), engines that won't start because of bad crank sensors, paint that chips just looking at it, rear leaf springs that need to be replaced because they creak and groan like they came of a 20 year old truck, manual transmissions that get stuck in gear after it heats up, navigation displays that black screen and stop working, even reports of brakes that spontaneously fail allowing the brake pedal to go all the way to the floor!, etc etc. One guy (a long-time member there) even lemon lawed his 2016 Tacoma after having nearly a dozen different issues.

Toyota - "The NEW Old GM"™

Nieither GM or Ford will match Nissans bumper to bumper warranty. Trucks are a much larger part of thier sales and they would be bankrupt processing warranty claims.

5-11 dont even add up to #1
Neither does 2,4

"GM Full size trucks are down about 4% for the year. That's about 17,000 full size trucks less than last year despite huge incentives. Ford is up 5% for the year, Ram up 8.1% If GM made the same gains as Ram that's another 53,000 trucks."

GM would have to match the poverty-leasing FCA is offering on 2016 Rams. Ford is offering big incentives across the board. They're clearing the HD inventory to make room for the 2017 SD's and the F-150's have incentives (in my area at least) that match the incentives GM dealers are offering on 2016 Silverado/Sierra's.

"That's 70,000 Full size GM truck sales that went somewhere. I'd bet a large majority of those 53,000 are part of the 120,000 Mid size trucks they sold."

Unless you have the numbers to prove it, you can speculate all you want. In the first year the Colorado and Canyon went on sale, 56% of customers were first time buyers of were new to the brand. The drop in sales could simply be that the truck market is saturated and all that are left of lower income buyers that go for the cheapest truck they can find or the dealers can offer subprime loans to get them to sign. It could even be as simple as buyers don't like the look of the 2016 updated look of the GM trucks. I think the 2016 Silverado was a bad change.

"Ford company profits are down in good part to the huge door latch recall."

You're forgetting that Ford has also been dumping a ton of F-150's, SUV's, and cars into the fleet/government vehicle market. While GM has been moving away from fleet sales, Ford has loaded up on them.

"Had they hid the recall and let people die like GM did for years with their ignition switch ( not a biased opinion, just a fact ) then maybe their profits would be better."

Ford has a long history of hiding safety defects and dragging their feet to recall defects that have resulted in hundreds if not thousands of deaths over the years (and that's not counting the Pinto). They just do a better job of concealing that information.

"Ford doesn't pay me so I really don't care. I do have an arse kicking GM 5.3 smoking F-150 with a tiny little powerhouse 2.7 EcoBoost."

Until the timing chains are shot just outside of the powertrain warranty.

"I'm telling you, if they put this engine in a mid size that weighs 500lbs less than the F-150, it will be game over for every one else."

They tried putting the EcoBoost in the Mustang and it's been a a borderline disaster so far. It doesn't make its advertised power numbers unless it's running on 93 Octane. There have been widespread reports of blue smokey exhaust, fuel lines melting from the heat, headgaskets blowing, etc. The only turbocharged engine that belongs in a truck is a diesel.

Posted by: 2.7EcoBoostRoost | Nov 2, 2016 5:47:06 PM

I see all GREEN percentages. Like someone else said, except for Chevy Shake, how is the pickup segment languishing? Its doing very well actually.

Fords profits will be even lower after there forced to recall the 2015 & 2016 f150's for there defective brakes.
Ford - Quality Is Job None.

@ Frank Senior,

I am approaching my 15,000 mile tire rotation and NOTHING reported wrong with my SR 4x4 Tacoma!


the recent trend for trucks and autos is not pretty. Numbers had been good till a few months ago.

Average American working families have not had a decent pay raise in more than 10 years. Since Obama was elected there has not been a single quarter with GDP growth above 3 percent--until that changes, the sales trends are not going to be very good.

The Silverado may have been down year over year but it gained market share.

Silverado grabbed market share from Sierra.

Of course Ford will always be the champion in sales!!! You have to replace them twice as often as the rest!

@ Scott T
And Ram and Tundra

Go ford

I am approaching my 15,000 mile tire rotation and NOTHING reported wrong with my SR 4x4 Tacoma!
Posted by: oxi | Nov 3, 2016 12:12:11 AM

You're a statistical outlier. Consumer Reports recently said the reliability of your truck is poor. They even said the Chevy Colorado and GMC Sierra were more reliable than your truck.

"October buyer incentives remained high, but were a bit lower than September incentives: down 1% at FCA and 4.6% at GM. TrueCar estimated that Ford increased its October incentives by 30% year over year..."

Is this the first time Tacoma outsold the full size GMC Sierra?

Silverado grabbed market share from Sierra.
Posted by: Scott T. | Nov 3, 2016 7:36:14 AM

It's the same truck. GM doesn't care which of the two badges buyers prefer, as long as its a GM twin.

Isn't the sierra usually higher priced than the silverado?

@Gasser V8

Typically the Sierra will be sharing a showroom at a Cadillac/Buick/GMC dealership.

Since the Buicks and Caddies lean toward a more upscale buyer, in theory, the GMC Sierras you would see in the showroom will be packaged with similar up market options like leather and blingy electronics packages than you might see on a Silverado. So, priced a bit higher for those reasons.

Ram and ford are more american than Chevy and Sierra.
70% parts are american for Ram and Ford models.
GM truck parts are 62%
FYI my Ram was assembled in Michigan.
So who over said Italian Mexican made has no ideal what they are talking abou.

Ram is more american than GM.
70% parts from US for Ram, 62% for GM models.
Ram is not Mexican Italian model. Check your facts.
FYI my Ram was assembled in Michigan.

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