October 2016 Pickup Sales Breakdown

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A lot written has been written about the auto industry's sales declines during the last few months, declines that are likely to continue for quite a while. Despite that, we're likely to see record sales numbers close to 18 million new vehicles sold by year's end. The vast majority of that number will fall in the truck column — as long as that column includes crossovers, minivans, commercial vans, SUVs and pickup trucks.

There are a few big takeaways from October. First is that even with the struggles Chevrolet and GMC full-size pickups are having, when their numbers are combined they're just a tick behind the top-selling Ford F-Series and they have a much lower days-on-sale number. Second, GM has a strong hold on second place in the mid-size segment behind the steadily top-selling Toyota Tacoma. Finally, the all-new mid-size Honda Ridgeline is selling quite well with every trim level leaving dealer lots in a relatively short amount of time.

Interestingly, it doesn't look like any truckmaker will sell 1,000,000 units by Dec. 31 — not the combined number from GM and not Ford. We also should note that many experts are forecasting 2016 as the last big sales year for automobiles before the economy flattens and buyers begin to shy away from new-vehicle purchases. Of course, that means that average prices for used vehicles are likely to start climbing, so if you're in the market for a new or used vehicle, this might be a good time to buy.

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Good job laying out the numbers

@PUTC: A few of the Toyota koolaid drunks--I'll will admit I was one in the past, but have since sobered up and have been clean for almost a year now--point out that Toyota sells the most light trucks world wide. How many do they sell? It would be interesting to see what this figure is and compare it to light truck sales in the USA.

Good job laying out the numbers

Posted by: Toycrusher | Nov 9, 2016 7:47:58 AM


Are GM full size down because of the Colorado/Canyon twins? This is supposedly why Ford has tried to put away the Ranger and SportTrac.

Even if true, the net is more sales for GM overall.

Are these persons then buying what they want/need instead of what is available?


You are correct regarding the Colorado/Canyon sales. I recently purchased a Canyon and the salesman told me many people are downsizing from the Silverado/Sierra to the Colorado/Canyon.

My canyon has the duramax and it will easily tow a loaded 2 horse trailer and haul 25 bales of hay. That's more than most full size trucks will ever tow or haul.

My ferrier downsized from a Ran 2500 to a Ram 1500. Modern trucks are far more capable than older trucks. Most people buy more truck than they need.

Awesome job being #1 GM!

These graphs stink. The old way was much easier to read. Boo.

These graphs stink. The old way was much easier to read. Boo.

Posted by: Ha | Nov 9, 2016 10:02:40 PM

Here's the only graph that matters.


I would like to see the numbers on the F-150 alone, versus the GM 1/2 ton full size trucks alone.

The "F-Series" numbers could include everything from F-150 through 750 and that's not apples to apples.

Just remember it took 4 trucks for GM to beat Ford's one.

Just remember it took 4 trucks for GM to beat Ford's one.

Posted by: Joe Marine | Nov 11, 2016 9:02:19 AM

Which Ford was that ? The F-150, or all of the other ones, or both combined.

I don't care about the numbers.
I have resect for everybody else on what truck they like best the same way I want everybody to respect my choice.
I am the last guy that wants the same top selling truck everybody else owns.
I simply choose the truck on what feels best to me and the best value and price and I look at crash test ratings and I buy based on the local dealers reputation knowing they have good mechanics and accept warranty problems.
All pickups have problems but if they are fixed right and under warranty is the big thing.
The brand of truck I own isn't the best and I know that but knowing the local dealer won't let me down has me feeling secure

So far this year, it's turning out that Honda's design decisions on the new Ridgeline proved to be the correct ones. I'm seeing more and more of them in my area, and I have to admit that even though it would be last place in any test of off-road prowess, the truck is a great proposition in every other way, particularly day-to-day livability.

It looks like GM may be narrowing the sales gap with Toyota a bit, having already passed their 2015 sales total while Toyota may end up staying at about the same sales level.

@NoQDRTundra my father got a hilux (pre-tacoma pickup) back in the 80's and it ran forever, coast to coast. outside canada, usa, mexico, panama, bolivia, chile, the rest of the world still drives the hilux. i think 1/4 of pickups sold in europe are hilux, and well over 16 million total sold. when you see video of mideast militany groups tearing through the desert, almost always hiluxes and land cruisers. toyota leads auto sales worldwide and also leads small pickup market by a lot. next company is not even close.


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