October Pickup Sales Continue Decline


At the same time many of the big truckmakers are showing off their creativity and firepower at the 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas (one of our favorite annual events), dealerships across the country are expected to see a continued decline in sales when compared to last year at this time. In September the two biggest full-size truckmakers, Ford and Chevrolet, took the biggest hits in monthly sales. October looks to be more of the same, with relatively few optimistic forecasts to be found. 

Ford did not report its sales numbers today due to a fire on Monday that caused power outages at its world headquarters in Dearborn, Mich. Rather than provide an incomplete look at monthly and year-to-date sales data, we will publish our list of best-selling pickup trucks when Ford is able to provide its October sales numbers. 

Truckmakers traditionally post pretty good sales numbers in the fourth quarter due in aggressive incentive spending and other deals in an effort to make room for new model year trucks on dealership lots; it's also usually a good time of year to get good value for trade-ins. This year is a little different. We've already seen Ford cut production of the F-150 by closing the Kansas City, Mo., plant for more than a week. Other truckmakers could follow suit to keep their days-on-sale numbers more in line with demand. 

Even though we are delaying our monthly sales report, we can offer a few highlights. Ram had a good month, up 6.9 percent; Ram is likely to finish the year almost 10 percent ahead of 2015. Likewise, GM's mid-size pickups continue to sell well, with the Chevrolet Colorado up almost 50 percent and the GMC Canyon up 15 percent over October 2015. Unfortunately, GM's full-size pickups are continuing their incremental slide.

Some of the biggest callouts this month include the Toyota Tacoma outselling all the GMC Sierra for the month, and the popular mid-size Colorado selling more units than the full-size Toyota Tundra. Also, this is the first time ever that both the Nissan Titan (now with the half-ton model on sale) and the Honda Ridgeline have outsold the Canyon. Once things settle down in 2017, it will be interesting to see which pickup will be at the bottom of our list. 

The final two months of the year will be interesting as automakers either prepare for a slowdown or look to gain an advantage by offering better deals or more standard equipment for the money. 

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Smells fishy tho, Ford going broke and now not showing sale numbers. The fire happen in a corner of the basement not the whole building for god sake. I guess they got to pull everything to try to hold on to their best selling B/S which we all know is a big fat lie.

Ford F-series will trump the competition as usual & the big looser with be shaky cheby again; outsold 2nd month in a row by the most unsafe, unreliable truck out there, RAM...go figure....

Geez sounds like the US presidential race...

You know it's a pro ford site when they place the "2 styles" of F-series at the top and they don't know the sales numbers yet. The fix is in folks. The media is supporting Ford, bigly. Crooked Ford motors, Crooked Ford, people, such a nasty car company.

GM had a good October. 64818 full size pickups sold. 13363 smaller pickups sold for a total of 78181 trucks.

Another month of GM and Ram crushing Fords hopes and dreams! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!


^ Who ever wrote that is funny HAHAHA!

I bought my Ram last month, crew cab with the hemi. loving it.

^ Good post that is funny HAHAHA!

Colorado is the fleet sales king.

Colorado is the nail in Fords coffin.

I read on I believe 2-3 weeks ago in the business news that the only way Ram trucks are selling is a 10k-12k discount being put on them to sell them. So Ram maybe moving some inventory but hurting their profit margin. Article went on to say neither Ford or GM was offering a big discount as Ram.

As usual, everyone is here but Ford. Is Ford using their sync to gather and tabulate the sales results? Geez

You know it's a pro ford site when they place the "2 styles" of F-series at the top and they don't know the sales numbers yet. The fix is in folks. The media is supporting Ford, bigly. Crooked Ford motors, Crooked Ford, people, such a nasty car company.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Nov 1, 2016 4:17:15 PM

You are wrong this time. The article headline says
"October Pickup Sales Continue Decline"
and they used the right picture of the Fseries, because they are the #1 Continue to Decline.

Ram beats Ford in dependability.


Stay thirsty,

Ram longest lasting pick ups.

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Nov 1, 2016 3:37:18 PM

You guys are such big babies.

Silverado -3.6%

Sierra -18.7%

Ram +7.5%

Stay tuned for F-Series numbers.

Due to a fire at Ford’s World Headquarters today, the company’s U.S. October sales will not be released on Tuesday.

The fire at an electrical substation interrupted power to Ford World Headquarters and the adjacent Ford Credit office buildings, as well as to one of the company’s main data centers that the company and its dealers use to report and track sales. While battery backups worked as intended to protect data saved in the system, the lack of full power resulted in the data center being shut down for most of Monday’s business day, and dealers were unable to report final-day sales.

Ford expects to announce October U.S. sales results later this week with a news release and an 8-K filing once full reporting becomes available. The company’s monthly sales conference call for media and analysts will resume for November’s sales report on Dec. 1.

Correction: Ram +6.5%

@Dave Z.
Maybe ford will address those fires this time finally. After all, it's fire at the Ford's Headquarters, something they don't take likely.
Maybe somebody was just fired and the whole building catch the fire.

Ram, You don't make any sense. Fiat-Ram has more recalls and fire recalls per 1000 vehicles than any other truck.

RAM P/U +6.9

@Dave Z. No they don't . That's just ford specialty.

Maybe somebody was just fired and the whole building catch the fire.

Posted by: RAM | Nov 1, 2016 10:03:25 PM

I beg to differ.


Heres to all the Ford boys from the bottom.


No disrespect to Joan Jett.


What about the weather? October was a bad weather month.

I know Ford is not in the excuse-making business as far as sales drops, but I think you have to write that there's some of that going on when you write the article.

Also, GMC was down nearly 20% so it is not just Ford IF Ford is down.

I look forward to your report.

You are wrong Lionel.

I did all of the research on PUTC and posted it on PUTC. Google my old posts for it.

Ram has more recalls in number than any other truck.
Ram has more of a percentage of trucks recalled than any other.
Ram also has more fire-related recalls in number than any other.
Ram also has more of a percentage of trucks recalled for fire issues than any other truck.

2004 NBS F-150/Super Duty vs Ram vs All Other Full-Size Trucks, Ram has the most by a very large amount.

These are the facts.

It's not even close. Ram has the most fire recalls by an insane amount. I will see I can find it.

I found it.

This adds more grist to the mill for HEMI V8's flaming fire myth that I called out a couple months ago.

In August I reported the percentage of trucks with fire recalls since '04 (Ford new body style):

14k recall / 7.2 million F-series sold = 0.19% chance of a fire recall in a F-series since 2004.

108k recall / 3.3 million Ram trucks sold = 3.59% chance of a fire recall in a Ram truck since 2004.


Add another 315k onto the Ram total. = approx. 12-13% chance of a fire recall in a Ram truck since 2004.

In a F-Series = .1%
Posted by: Dave | Oct 31, 2014 10:17:57 AM

By the number of fire recalls:

GMC: 4 (3 Sierras and 1 Hummer fuel tank strap)
Chevy: 3 (Silverado)
Ram: 3 (one for 7k 1500s and one for 108k HDs and one for 315K HDs)
Ford: 2 (one for 8k 2011 F-series (F-150 and HD) and one for 24k 2010 Rangers)
Honda: 1 (76k Ridgelines)
Toyota: 2 (1 Tundra and 1 Taco)
Suzuki: 1
Subaru: 1

As you can see here, Ram has 3x's more recalls and 120 x's a greater chance of a fire recall percentage wise than Ford F-Series. But Ford sells 2x's the number of trucks!
Posted by: Dave | Oct 31, 2014 10:25:50 AM


Ford F-Series fire recalls since 2004 NBS to present:
8k 2011 F-150s. 1 recall. No other fire recalls.

Ram fire recalls since 2008 to present:
7k 1500s and 108k HDs, and 315k HDs total 430k Rams. 3 recalls.

I'm giving Ram a break on the dates and only going back to 08 on Ram and back to 04 on NBS F-series because it is too much work to go back and research all the Ram fire recalls from 2004-2008 Rams. But they are there if you want to find them.

Another myth BUSTED!
Posted by: Dave | Oct 31, 2014 10:28:12 AM

You are wrong Dave.

Ford has fires even at their headquarters. How do you recall that ! Eh ?

Like i said the only thing that runs is a Ford owners mouth. lol

Remember kids I got to experience the full Ford Fire owner ship experience.

Almost burnt my work to the ground. A chemical plant. No lie.

Some here need a private room to share naked photos of their wives and favorite farm animals along with their 125 mm "manhood".
Remember the Nissan diesel Dodges, IDI 6.9L International Fords, and the 6.2 Chevy? Trucks are much more competitive now.
Enjoy it, ladies.

the total of GM trucks sold exceeds the total of Ford trucks sold---again!

My 2000 and my 2007 had fire issues. 2000 was cruise control the 2007 had fuel tank cracks.

Ford US Sales down 12% in October, no wonder they delayed their sales numbers.

What is happening with Ford as a whole??!!

GM US Sales are flat and they cut back huge on low profit fleet and rentals.

Ford better shutdown all their factories for a few months to cut inventory.

Anythiingbut, since your numbers are wrong and total all Ford, lets look at what PUTC didnt post, Fords truck sales are UP due to High demand of the new SuperDuty!!!!


Posted by: johnnydoe | Nov 2, 2016 10:06:02 AM

Agreed, Ford is in trouble. They do not have any profitable cars to sell and now shutting down their full size F-150 assembly lines due to low demand. Demand for mid size trucks is literally exploding due to a great ad campaign that GM ran when promoting their mid size models as being more attractive to owning a car. Unfortunately, Ford doesn't have a product to compete in this now lucrative mid size pick-up market and thus are missing out on the great profits mid sizers are providing. Not sure at this point what Ford can do other that increase incentives dramatically.

That's what I call a Ford fire sale.

How the hell does fiat sell that many trucks? They are the biggest Pyle of garbage out there. Must be giving them away.

Does anyone mention the Honda Ridgeline?

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