Ram Reveals Two Special-Edition Half-Ton Packages

Ram 1500 Rebel Mojave Sand 1[10] II

Continuing to follow the highly successful special-edition strategy that Jeep has implemented over the last several years, Ram will be adding two new limited-edition packages to its diverse half-ton lineup.

The 2017 Ram Rebel Mojave Sand Package uses a light tan color on what amounts to a Mopar Ram Rebel foundation. Limited to a run of 1,500 units, the new pickup sports a black Mopar hood decal and a new all-black interior; the latter offers unique black bezel surrounds on the center console, air-conditioning vents and door inserts. The rubber floormats will be embossed with a gray Ram's head.

The starting price for a new Mojave Sand Rebel 4x2 V-8 will be $46,910 (all prices include destination), which makes it about $600 more than a similarly equipped Ram Rebel. It will be available in December.

In addition to the Mojave Sand Package, Ram has brought back a limited-edition Ram 1500 Ignition Orange Sport Package that uses a unique color-matched cross-hair grille and bumper scheme with black badging on the tailgate and side of the truck. Inside, the Ignition Orange Sport will have Copperhead stitching accents, anodized orange trim pieces and a Ram's head embroidered on the head restraint.

The 1,500-unit limited run of the Ignition Orange Sport Package will only be offered as crew-cab V-8 models and will start at $45,060 for 4x2s (about $1,600 more than a similarly equipped 1500); it's on sale now.

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Ram 1500 Rebel Mojave Sand 2[13] II

Ram 1500 Rebel Mojave Sand interior 2[9] II

Ram 1500_Ignition Orange Sport exterior low[7] II

Ram 1500_Ignition Orange Sport Interior low[8] II



Looks awesome! I prefer the gear shifter on the 3rd gens tho on the steering column. The little dial on the 4th gens are too car like for me.

I like the orange one!

Must be moving high-content trucks well. This is a much different strategy than when they offered value packages like the Redwings edition- Tradesman grade truck, hemi and flashy exterior, all for less than a SLT grade truck

New colors and decals. Wow.

Rotary Dial shift, yuk!

Great! But without a MANUAL TRANSMISSION option, these will go nowhere for me!
Has RAM forgotten what "sport" means?


These special edition offerings from GM and Fiat are why they have not had to cut production at its assembly plants. Ford needs to react more quickly to market conditions and customer demands and stop tring to tell the customer what they need.

nice looking trucks, still dont like that new grille though, ugh

In a play straight out GMs special edition book Fiat looks to boost profit margins with decals, stitching, and bezels... If you want an orange or tan truck you got a decision to make now.

GM and Ram give you a "special edition" with some stickers, color matched body trim and a new color, meanwhile Ford and Toyota give you a "special edition" truck that has actual upgrades. You can buy a base F-150 Raptor or a TRD Pro Tundra for similar MSRP of this Ram 4x2 V8.

@John, This one comes with a lot more than chevy or ford. Air suspension 5 link coil rear best in class handling even when loaded. Just to name a few. No My stink, shitty, jitty leaf springs and all the recalls keeping you from enjoying it.

@Hemi V8 you mean a 5 link air suspension that has no droop, so it sucks offroad compared to those shitty leaf springs? The air suspension is great for hauling I agree, only problem is Ram has the lowest payload and towing numbers in the class...

Everyone who actually offroads knows that air suspension limits travel severely, that's why the Rebel is a utter joke for an offroad truck. And I bet this thing couldn't even take a speed bump at 45 MPH like the Raptor or TRD Pro can.

@John, ya thats it.


And I bet this thing couldn't even take a speed bump at 45 MPH like the Raptor or TRD Pro can.

Posted by: john | Nov 14, 2016 3:07:02 PM

With you behind the wheel? I can see that.

No wonder the Ram managed to win the canadian challenge. The test only required 1000 lb payload. That's pushing that sissy coil sprung suspension to its limits on most Ram 1500's.

You do realize you can find those sissy coil springs on just about anything built for high payloads from road tractors and tri-axle dump trucks to rail cars and engine. Also most high performance off-roaders abandoned leaf springs for fully independent coil spring suspension due to flexibility and more travel for extreme terrain such as rock climbs. More wheels stay on the ground the better for maximum grip and efficient torque transfer. If a wheel is in the air spinning your transferring 0 torque.

Also don't forget if your frame has to twist a lot then your suspension isn't doing it's job or isn't set up right.

Gasser they have been spinning. lol

You can't force a horse to drink the water.

Jim jones can get them to drink poison.

Stay thirsty,

No wonder the Ram managed to win the canadian challenge. The test only required 1000 lb payload. That's pushing that sissy coil sprung suspension to its limits on most Ram 1500's.

Posted by: Frank | Nov 14, 2016 4:11:29 PM

Stick to your man step. Or did they have those on your model Super Dooty? lol

No wonder they don't have money to do a new one just little updates here and there and they are in trouble Hahahahahahahaha.

FCA and Cummins named in diesel emissions class-action lawsuit
2007-12 Cummins diesels in some Ram trucks is named in suit.

Antti Kautonen
Chrysler is now the first United States-based carmaker to be sued for allegedly skewing emissions results. In a move that sounds eerily similar to the troubles of European manufacturers, Chrysler is claimed to have hid diesel engine characteristics causing emissions as much as 14 times higher than permitted by regulations.

According to Bloomberg, the lawsuit alleges that Chrysler, together with its diesel engine partner Cummins, has concealed the nitrogen oxide output of certain Ram vehicles produced between 2007 and 2012. The NOx pollutants were meant to be broken down in a process called regeneration in the truck's NAC system, or NOx Absorption Catalyst, which predated the 2013-introduced SCR, or Selective Catalytic Reduction system. By design, the NAC captures and stores NOx emissions, converting them to nitrogen and oxygen through a catalytic process. The lawsuit claims the Cummins engine's system has a limited capacity to store the emissions, and as a result the pollutants escape, increasing emissions, worsening fuel consumption and wearing down the catalytic converter.

The later, cleaner SCR system uses a urea-water injection, and it gradually replaced the NAC on Cummins 6.7-liter engines, as it was first implemented in 2011 and made standard in 2013. As Bloomberg notes, the model years of Ram trucks involved in the lawsuit predate the earliest Volkswagen "Dieselgate" models by two years. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of 500,000 truck owners, accuses Chrysler and Cummins of fraud, false advertising and racketeering.

As an underlying motive, the filing mentions a 2001 change in EPA emissions standards. Announced to become effective in 2010, the EPA requirements drove Chrysler and Cummins to try and reach those already by 2007. However, the NAC system is said to have fallen short of these goals, and the filing claims that Chrysler and Cummins chose to "rig" the engines instead.

The affected vehicles predate the 2014 merger of Chrysler and Fiat. FCA US has released a statement regarding the lawsuit, saying it will contest the lawsuit "vigorously".

2017 Ford F series RECALLED for what else? You guessed it '''''''



I love how Ram is advertising $11K off but when you go to the dealer that's ONLY on the higher end models priced at $60K where a normal model Ram 1500 will only see a $3000 discount where you can get more options on a new F-150 for $6000 LESS than a new Ram.
If Ram's cost more then shouldn't we expect more?

Not if Ram isn't as desperate to move metal as Ford is.

If you bought a new truck, and it wasn't a Ram, You didn't test drive a Ram.

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