Report: Ford F-150 V-8 Will Get Smaller

Ford 10 II

At a time when many truckmakers are investing in larger V-8 engines for their half-ton pickup trucks (read Nissan and GM), Ford is looking to continue its downsizing trend with the next-generation gas V-8 as noted in a tentative labor agreement with a Canadian autoworkers union.

According to Reuters, Ford's Essex Engine plant in Windsor, Ontario, is slated for a significant upgrade of $447 million to accommodate a few engine changeovers, one of which is manufacturing a 4.8-liter gas V-8 that could replace the current 5.0-liter Coyote engine.

About 20 percent of Ford F-150 buyers choose the traditional, naturally aspirated V-8 for their towing and work needs. The Reuters report did not say whether the smaller displacement engine will offer EcoBoost technology (meaning twin turbochargers), which would likely improve power, performance and fuel efficiency, surpassing the current 5.0-liter V-8 ratings.

Reuters also reported that Ford would not comment on V-8 selections for the F-150 before the Canadian union, Unifor, votes on the proposed contract Saturday and Sunday. photo by Evan Sears



(About 20 percent of Ford F-150 buyers choose the traditional, naturally aspirated V-8 for their towing and work needs.)

Yeah because that's all they put on the lots, Throwing ecoturd engines down everyone's throat. So they can charge yah to fix it 60,000.1 miles later, when the timing chain total Fs up the whole engine.

Ever gonna run the 2017 Super duty recall? Other sites had it up since Nov 8, its now Nov 18 and still no story yet.

I thought they did more than just turbos on the ecoboost. Lol

Why the smaller engine? GM already proved it's 6.2 was better than pretty much all gas engines from the big 3.

Improve power, performance, and efficiency? Depends on who you talk to. Lol

Looks like Ford is trying kill off their V8 half-tons. I'm guessing this will be a de-stroked 5.0? Why invest in redesigning the 5.0 when they barely stock any at the dealer?

They must prefer forcing Ford fans to accept the ecoboost - a less reliable engine means more income for Ford and their dealer service departments. Guys over at F150ecoboost are reporting out-of-warranty timing chain repairs costing as much as $3000US. Add to that the out-of-warranty repair cost when the Ecoboost brake system fails without warning- that can run as high as $1000 OTD. Yikes.

Smaller and more powerful....

“This new engine will be the highest technology, will be the most fuel efficient, will have incredible torque, horsepower and will be put into Ford’s No. 1 selling vehicles throughout the North American chain.”

So glad I bought my Hemi last month. I am convinced it's not much longer till the bigger V8s are gone. Loving it.

Smaller and more powerful....

“This new engine will be the highest technology, will be the most fuel efficient, will have incredible torque, horsepower and will be put into Ford’s No. 1 selling vehicles throughout the North American chain.”

Posted by: Dave H. | Nov 18, 2016 4:32:27 PM

Yes. And it will last just 60k miles, when your leasing is up, so you can recycle again.

I find that the current 5.0L F-150 lacks torque down low when compared to the GM 5.3 L. Down sizing to a 4.8L will only exasperate that problem. However, they can counter that with a 10 speed transmission. The question is, it's 2016, why are people still buying Ford's?

Why would I be jealous ? You make no sense. My in house made HEMI is 8 cylinder and has more power than fords 5 L, ecoboost or this new 4.8.
It outlasted already many thousand newer ecoboosts , this 4.8 is going to be no exception. Ford is just trying to throw a new engine to the market wall to see , if it sticks better than 5L.

It's amazing they remain profitable since they're constantly completely changing designs. I'm surprised they don't tweak the 5.0 a little at a time to kinda milk the market awhile. Ya know add a little hp or tq every few years so the fanboys all just gotta trade in for the more powerful engine. Lol

There is a replacement for displacement.

How is a 200cc deficit going to gain any significant economy advantage? It will be just as expensive to manufacture and will likely have the same parasitic loss.

GMs Are Great, I think you meant "exacerbate."

GMs Are Great, I think you meant "exacerbate."

Posted by: Alex | Nov 18, 2016 10:34:59 PM

Yes , that too.

I cried when Ford discontinued the 5.4
That was a great engine, built perfect for a truck, super reliable.
I was never a fan of the 5.0
I always looked at the 5.0 as a generic built engine that lacks excitement and when the 2009-10 F-150 with the 5.4 matched with the same 6 speed transmission it got better gas mileage than the 5.0.

I am not sorry to see the 5.0 go cause I never liked it in the first place

"The question is, it's 2016, why are people still buying Ford's?

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Nov 18, 2016 8:39:10 PM"

Because silverado's and siërra's a vibrating like a vib... Well You know.

This might be the v8 eco block that will go into trucks above half ton. also used as a max tow for the f150. I think its a very good idea. I would run a v8 eco with a 10 speed in a f350. It will probably be an animal that out performs its specs and makes diesels almost obsolete in 90% of use situations.

Since 2011 I've been saying a coyote ecoboost was going into the superduty. I didn't think it was going to take them THIS LONG!

I'd say it's so they can thicken the cylinder walls - add more pressure....if y'all get my drift.

Looks like they should work on the timing chain before they boost anything.

Has anyone done the math on making a 3.5L Ecoboost a V8? Maybe someone should try and you can see the direction Ford may be going.

I'll take a pushrod v8 hemi or vortec in a heavy duty any day over any vacuum cleaner ford puts under the hood. Lol

What I haven't seen mentioned in this site yet is the EPA is changing their testing methodology to properly test the high nox and particulate count found in boosted engines like fords ecoboost. Some companies are looking at def tanks and particulate filters for small displacement boosted gasoline engines. Some manufacturers are now looking at small displacement v8s to maintain better emissions and fuel economy. My opinion is look for ecoboost engines to be phased out in 5 years in ford trucks due to poor emissions, poor reliability, and high costs to make compliant.

I kinda doubt they sell many 4.8 ecoboosts over the 6.2 boss in the heavy duty market unless they do like they did with the half tons and only put the ecoboost on the lots so people have to buy them. Lol

@Gasser V8

I think an Ecoboost V8 would sell very well over the base 6.2L in Superdutys. However, the thing I am curious about it that this 4.8L V8 isn't the only V8 rumor circulating at Ford. Apparently according to this report ( Ford is gearing up the produce a 7.0L engine to replace the 6.8L V-10. I am assuming this 7.0L will be a V8 and will be offered exclusively on Super Duty trucks. If that's the case than Fords engine lineup in the SD would go something like this.

6.2L - Base
4.8L - Ecoboost
7.0L - Big Block
6.7L - Turbo Diesel

Granted the 4.8L and 7.0L could be interchanged on where they stand in the lineup because Ford tends to put Ecoboost engine's above non Ecoboosts, as is the case with the 3.5LEB and the current 5.0L V8.

Best in class power
Best in class capabilities
Best in class reliability
Best in class gas motors
Best in class diesel motors


Despite all the noise about EcoBoost, etc., it seems some people are simply too blind to notice that smaller engines even without turbo are producing more horsepower than their larger predecessors. That 5.0L Windsor V8 once barely pushed 175 hp and now it's pushing 350 horses and more. A 3.5L V6 now pushes anywhere from 250-300 horses which is more than enough for the TYPICAL half-ton pickup truck.

It's time people realized they simply don't need super-sized engines in super-sized trucks just to carry a measly 1500# load.

Worst in class power in the real world
Worst in class capabilities in the real world
Worst in class reliability in the real world
Worst in class gas motors in the real world
Worst in class diesel motors in the real world


I'd say it's a toss up between the duramax and powerstroke for best in class diesel. Cummins and ram really need to pull their heads outta their asses and work together to find a transmission that will handle more output from the 6.7 cummins. Not that the cummins still can't compete with the others but id say they lost the title of top dog unless they pull something outta their hat soon.


The Windsor 5.0 has been out of production for almost 20 years. Today's Ford 5.0 is an entirely different animal.


Posted by: johnny doe | Nov 19, 2016 3:03:29 PM

Hey johnny doeby; yeah right, that's why shaky cheby has being following Ford for over 40 yrs in best selling truck brand...HAHAHAHAHA!!

It seems some of you don't know your history lessons. The 5.0 is a moderately modified triton engine. Basically there was a decision inside of Ford to either make an entirely new motor or modify the existing 4.6/5.4 design. The guy who ended up designing the 5.0 bet his job on it and convinced management he was right. The 5.0 was a moderately modified triton design.

It's possible that the 4.8 is a clean sheet design. We all know that the current 6.2 liter, with it's HUGE valves doesn't have the required low end torque which is why the 6.8 liter V10 isn't going away.

Ford needs another motor.

So I'm thinking it'll be something more like a 4 valve 6.4 liter V8. 450HP and 520lbs of torque. If properly designed, over 80% of that torque should be available at 2000 RPM making such a motor far stronger than the current V10.

The 4.8 version could very well be a small-bore engine with thicker cylinders for a turbo application. Unless the bottom end gets some serious upgrades though, I won't go into a SD- durability just wouldn't be there. The 7Liter however... now that's welcome news for those who want big pulling power but can't justify the price premium for the Diesel.

"The Windsor 5.0 has been out of production for almost 20 years. Today's Ford 5.0 is an entirely different animal."
-- Posted by: papajim | Nov 19, 2016 6:46:30 PM

Thank you for proving my point, papajim. The Windsor 5.0 was built in... wait for it... Windsor. This new, less than 5.0 will be built in where? Windsor. So they're all Windsor engines, even if their design is different. The point is, very obviously, that the new engines put out far more power than their predecessors and that people shouldn't complain because their favorite engine is being changed--for the better.

Unless Ford really wants to improve thermal efficiency by reducing the bore to ~90mm, and lengthening the stroke to ~94mm 4.784 liters.
There is no point to this change.
If Ford wants a stronger block for turbocharging, they can remove the cast in liners, for the plasma deposition process. [see 5.2 flat-plane crank V8]

Interested to see where this goes. With the industry basically admitting that small displacement turbocharging has largely jumped the shark, especially in smaller cars, and now there is actually a move back to larger less high strung engines globally.

Jumped the Sharc? Never heard that slang and I was born in USA. What's that mean?

Some of conversation got hijacked with big block talk. I checked and 5.0L is the biggest F150 offers. I would suspect length of this 4.8L to be less than current 5.0 length. I know announcements about a Ranger have been made for those who can't handle the whale size of these full size, but maybe the 4.8L would finally allow F150 snout to be reduced in length. Ie a part of an overall size, truck length reduction strategy. Cause obviously there are the V8 die hards, and truth to the lower overall simplicity and reliability of a pushrod V8, and who would want to jeapordize 20% of their sales by not offering a V8 at all! I'm affiliated with the muscle car era and used to talk to an experienced Ford v8 motor builder that had insights to getting ford 289ci circle track racers to get to the podium when up against "no replacement for displacement" higher cid aficionados he was always up against. It will be interesting to see what the 4.8L is finally able to put out and in what kind of sizing package, because Ford just can't keep working on weight and transmissions when front end aerodynamics are counterproductive.

"Jumped the Sharc? Never heard that slang and I was born in USA. What's that mean?

Posted by: Angelo Pietroforte | Nov 20, 2016 3:04:13 PM"

It comes from an episode of Happy Days, the finz jumped a shark on water skis, it was a signal that the writers had largely run out of material and were trying to do something to do something to keep people interested. It didn't work. "Jumping the Shark" is a way of saying taking things too far when you have run out of fresh material.

In this case, the industry has largely acknowledged that small high strung turbo gas engines (colloquially know as "downsizing") arent as efficient and actually pollute significantly more in "real world" conditions than larger engines. So downsizing and potentially turbo charging (as rumors suggest) their last "traditional" truck engine can be seen as jumping the shark given that the global industry has signaled a move away from downsizing.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Ram is going to turbos and so is GM.

The Fonz. Thats funny him water sking. I think I missed that episode.
So NASCAR today is called the Ford Ecoboost 400. Seems there's lots of marketing $ in the downsized engine market strategy or maybe that's all that's left in the marketing budget. We shall see. But I can say, the Ferrari twin turbo V8 4.0L is a beautiful piece of engineering. They are putting a V6 version in the new Alfa Romeo that Ferrari is supposed to tune for FCA.

Oops that's the Ferrari 488, so it is 0.488L per cylinder for 3.9L total displacement, which Europeans claim is the optimal cylinder displacement 0.5L/cyl. 24hrs LeMans had Ferrari penalized at the end for what some call BullS on. So Ecoboost GTs might not of really won. But I like the history of both GT and Ferrari.

Gee wonder if it's going to be a 292 OHV Yblock variation with some cylinder deactivation. Might end up being a awesome engine! Good balance of power, efficiency, and reliable as all hell.

Contrary to the general tone of most of the comments above, I think this new V8 is great news for Ford's future product lineup.

You can bet Ford will employ tech from the latest EcoBoost motors, like a compacted graphite block and D.I.. There's also talk of cylinder deactivation and auto-stop-start.

This new small block will certainly be among the top in horsepower/liter numbers and, according to what I've read elsewhere, there'll be a "big block" version to replace the out-dated 6.2 that may get DOHC 4-valve heads.

As much as I like the EcoBoost motors, the company that made the V8 popular should always offer one on the order sheet.

Just went through the whole 5.0 vs EB contest with my dad (he picks up his 16 F150 on Wednesday). I championed initially championed the 5.0 for being a V8, exhaust note and perceived advantages in simplicity/long term reliability. After further research have found that the EB actually has a very good long term reliability reputation. There were PLENTY of 5.0 F150s available and its a very good engine makes plenty of HP/Torque for a 1/2 ton and is vastly superior to the 5.3. After driving the EB the 5.0 was history. That extra 100is lb ft torque is just awesome. Its been a runaway smash hit because it works folks. It works very well and its going to continue working. The 6.2 in a half ton is a magical unicorn only seen in 5ish% of 1/2 ton trucks, the 5.3 and 5.7 are old school tech waiting for the next fuel price hike to suffer. Like it or not the EB works. You can cry about it all you want but the truth is if your full size truck line doesn't offer a modern DI, turboed, intercooled, DOHC, with vari timing V6 you are not leading and probably waiting for another hand/bail out.

Ford has wised up like Dodge and GM...poor quality means huge profits.

The 6.2 in a half ton is a magical unicorn only seen in 5ish% of 1/2 ton trucks, the 5.3 and 5.7 are old school tech waiting for the next fuel price hike to suffer.

Posted by: Clint | Nov 21, 2016 9:08:51 AM

Clint, i'm not sure you are qualified to make any debate on engine choice on any level. First, the gm 6.2 is what I have in my 2015 Silverado. At the time of purchase, the dealer had 8 other 6.2 to chose from. It was simple they ordered them. The 5.3 L gets the job done and is the same design and tech as the 6.2 liter with proven bullet proof reliability. The 6.2 is a fantastic, more powerful, fuel efficient engine than FORD's twin turbo offerings. So, The old tech you speak of is still taking names and kicking butt, plus is sounds better while doing it.

GMSRGREAT, does that mean GM finally fixed the heads that crack on the 5.3L, the oil consumption issue on the 5.3L, the lifter failure issue on the 5.3L, the piston slap issue on the 6.2L

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