Video: 1940s Dodge Power Wagon at 2016 SEMA Show

IMG_5673 II

We found quite a few interesting and amazingly restored pickup trucks at the 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas, but none had the personality and alcohol content of this custom 1941/1949 Dodge Power Wagon. Loaded with a 700-horsepower supercharged Corvette motor under the hood and a cask of Jack Daniels tied down in the bed, it had a commanding presence. We can hope this truck will greet us when (or if ?) we get to heaven. photo by Mark Williams






Should have a hellcat motor instead. Stay true to your roots.

The faux rust is in the wrong places. Real rust hits the sills, drip rail and door bottoms.

I think a Cummins 6-bt would have been better for that truck.

The engine choice really ruins it. There are so many good Mopar, or Mopar affiliated (cummins) choices that would have fit. And I'm not a Dodge guy at all. The old power wagons are cool though.

Chevy is the cheapest for engines. That's why they are popular.
Hellcat would have been the choice for this beast trying to outrun the tax man.

The power wagon was a hooptie then, and it us a hooptie now.

Well, I shut the video down the second I heard GM-LS1. What a waste, ruined that beautiful classic Power Wagon.

you would need to drink a couple of casks of Jack Daniels to think that's beautiful!

Shame they didn't use either a Hellcat or a Cummins engine in it ....

Another of the Interesting Few.

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