Video: Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Concept

Silverado High Desert pkg 1II

We know that automakers use the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show to show off upcoming trim packages in order to gauge customer reaction. The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Desert was one truck that was called a "concept" but looked like it was ready to make its debut as a 2017 model at the recent 2016 SEMA Show.

The bed conversion feature has to be pre-ordered, comes in more than a dozen pieces that need assembly and installation) and essentially transforms the pickup bed into a versatile self-storage facility. We can't wait to test one out. photos by Evan Sears



Nice looking concept, square wheel wells, and the same old chevy tech in years past.

What concept, SMH!

I want my lighted bowtie! And the storage facility bed!

Sha-sha, shake it baby!

Awesome truck.

Great news could be coming in two months. Like less power and fuel economy robbing emissions junk being put on our trucks/cars, and silly loop of making trucks bigger to please the pointless just bout useless EPA for carbon this mpg that. Which made no sense for trying to get better fuel economy and a smaller carbon foot print. Won't let me post the link but you can find the story at

looks like an Avalanche upgrade

I was about to say, did one of Chevy's design engineers stumble across some old drawings of the Avalanche and think, Wow! What an Idea!.......

Nice looking concept, square wheel wells, and the same old chevy tech in years past.
Posted by: Nitro | Nov 14, 2016 1:43:36 PM

Old, tried and true truck design. A tried and true pushrod V8, a tough "old school" rear suspension, and a classic square body design made out of high strength steel.

This isn't much of a concept though. GM doesn't seem interested in spending (wasting) money at SEMA.

Interesting how some bashing Chevy's for some sort of shake! I currently own a 2013 F150, and when driving above 60MPH, it has a unconsisted vibration that feels greater when I let go off the throttle. After few trips to the shop, no one has figured out the cause and say it's normal. I've googled this issue and looks that it's a common problem with these F150's. does anybody here know whats the cause of this vibration?

Didn't say much about it...must be a secret or something. Lol

Love those High Country Silverados. That box storage solutions is a great idea and it doesn't alter that tough in your face sqared look of the Sliverado.

Squared look

Same old boring shoe box nothing new here.

Yup, Ford still building bbq's on wheels. Started with the pinto and Ford has continued the long standing tradition.

@Frank, Breaking!

Mike Levine ‏@mrlevine 53m53 minutes ago

So, this just happened. Thrilled for our team!! Super proud for Super Duty! #MotorTrendTruckOfTheYear

So, this just happened. Thrilled for our team!! Super proud for Super Duty! #MotorTrendTruckOfTheYear

Posted by: Dave Z. | Nov 14, 2016 10:58:34 PM

Congrats to FORD for finally bringing the SUPERDUTY into the 21st Century.




Why does PUTC keep calling this a concept? It was announced officially by GM back in May:

And in GM's own SEMA release they mention it will be available soon:

Also - GM showed a version of this at SEMA in 2014. It didn't have the magnetic ride control or embossed grille but had the bed storage system so why did it take them 2 more years to release it?:

I really like the new grille with teh embossed CHEVROLET letters and the bed storage insert is a great feature I'd love to have. I'm a GMC guy so I'm hoping this option is made available on the GMC Sierra too. I'd also like to see a smaller version for the Canyon & Colorado twins.

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