Video: Ford F-150 Raptor PreRunner at 2016 SEMA Show

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To say the 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas was crowded is like saying the Chicago Cubs had a pretty good year. Still, there were certain vehicles that got more attention than others. The Ford F-150 Raptor PreRunner, based on the 2017 Raptor, from DeBerti Designs was one of those. This pickup is ready to chase any race truck and do it in style. We braved the multitudes to get a close-up look at this desert-running beast. photos by Evan Sears






Looks like a half dozen cans of spray primer. The perfect look for an off roader. Love it!!!

They should of called it the pretow getting hauled away F150 HAHA!!!!!

Holy smoke...just when I thought the new Raptor cannot look any better; this is dream truck...will certainly whip anything out there including RAM's lame wannabe runner...HEHEHEHEH!!!

And take that the hater # on this website johnny deldo and gmsrjunk, and GAYMIV8, Pos ram guy and all the heaters out there.

What a stupid looking truck. Did they take a stock F150 body and stick some after thought front and rear fenders on it. If the front wheel goes up it will hit the fender, no clearance..

Yes rams no competition just like GM crap

@ IMHO; if you don't recognize a real truck, it means you probably drive an Hyundai SUV, or a '70's Datsun truck...

Hey try keep up with the times...Ford is King of Trucks; RAM recalls & GM's suck...


@ Lionel; King of recalls, that's Ford ( after the NHTSA makes them ) Ford only issues a recall if something like the dome light wont work, Brakes don't seem to be a priority..

I remember pre-runners back in the 1990's when I raced down in Baja, this is not news, this is not nothing new!

Ford the best trucks ever!!!! I have 2000 ford f150 super cab with 289, plus miles never have a problem. Go ford.

Great looking truck. Oh and by the way that leaky and rusty hunk of junk with major suspension damage that oxi ran down in the Baja in the 90s is nothing new either.


Bump & Jump Racing Keeps Dreams Alive With AMSOIL
Desert racing is
not your usual type of racing. Tem-
perature fluctuation and debris can be treacherous on
a racer’s vehicle. Hundreds of miles of dust, sand,
mud, flash floods, cliffs and rocks can destroy sus-
pensions and dreams in just one hit.
George Papageorge, owner and manager of
Bump & Jump Racing, knows the demands
of off-road racing.
“In the most brutal
race of the year, we fin-
ished first,” said Papa-
george. “We had some
major suspension
damage and a hole
in the rear differential
case. There was a gear
lube trail as far as the eye
could see. The fans at
the finish line could not
believe we had even fin-
ished, especially with the
rear differential less than a
quarter full. We could hear siz-
zling and popping noises inside
the case. After repairing the hole
at the finish and driving the truck home, we
were surprised to find that nothing had been harmed.
We finished the season with the same differential! I
can guarantee that we never would have finished that
race without AMSOIL gear lube.”

Military grade, nicely done!

Holy Moly, now that's a nice truck... is just a Ford!!!

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