Looks at Fuel-Tank Capacity, Driving Ranges of Pickups

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In the market for a new pickup truck and want to know how big the fuel tank is? Or how far you can drive? Well, you're in luck. Sister site has compiled the choices for factory fuel tanks for model-year 2016 and 2017 mid-size and full-size pickups along with the driving ranges for some of those trucks. As you might expect, depending on the segment, some manufacturers offer buyers a choice of fuel-tank sizes while others do not.

For fuel-tank sizes for 2016 mid-size, half-ton and heavy-duty pickups, click here. For 2017 fuel-tank sizes, click here. Additionally, click here for driving-range distances for 2016 mid-size and half-ton pickups (over 8500 GVWR pickups are not required to provide fuel economy ratings) and here for the same 2017 models.

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Ugly truck that's silverados replacement.

the web site offers a handy tool, but unless you live out west or fifty miles from the closest gas station the whole idea of tank capacity is kind of academic.

I only worry about how far I can go when towing 10K pounds or more, thats tough to determine until you actually do it and find out the hard way lol

Well Jimmy, I love my 36 gallon tank!


For years the experts have all agreed: Size does not matter (unless you're talking about engine displacement)

Once you go 36 g's, you never go back.

No replacement for displacement, that is so yesterday! You know that I know that you know better than that...

36 gallon tank on my truck is awesome. But, when gas goes back to 3.25 next year it won't be....because then the stations will start shutting the pumps off before my tank is full. I'll exceed the dollar amount max on a single fill. And that's ANNOYING.

Ford is #1 in driving range, beating even the fuel efficient midsizers. Very good job, Ford!

I find anything under 400miles of usable (full to 1/8) range insufficient. I'd prefer around 500. If you tow, then you know that range gets cut in half. Many people prefer out-and-back capacity, especially when setting off into places where fuel cost a lot more- like remote mountains or Canada. To me, a truck needs to have 3.5- 4 hours worth of fuel while towing.

@papajim- it may not matter to YOU, but you can skip the attempt at marginalizing fuel capacity. It matter to a lot of people and is a deal breaker in some cases- like the Titan XD.

So the great range debate. Whenever I see a manufacturer bragging about their vehicle's "range" to me its a cover for not having class leading or impressive MPG. Since they don't use fuel efficiently they will just affix a larger fuel tank (or make a larger tank optional) and brag about how far the vehicle can go between fuelings as opposed to bragging about how efficient the vehicle is because it simply isn't. They don't mention that this was accomplished by buying and carrying more fuel which costs more in every way in the long run. There is a balance between how many times you have to stop and how much fuel you have to buy. I typically prefer to stop after every 4 to 6 miles of driving (im not a professional over the road trucker nor do I want to be). At 70 mph that translates into a stop every 280 to 420 miles so a vehicle with 600+ mile range is kind of pointless to me really even with extra 50 or 60 miles eaten up with real world variables not taken into my mathematical example. I wouldn't by a vehicle with less than a 350 mile range but for me don't see the point in one with more than 500. I would much rather have a vehicle that got better MPG.

Now why the hell would they not report the different engines?? Every model has 2,3, or 4 engines. Why not include those? Some of us might look at the same manufacturer but different engines like GM's 6.2 vs the 5.3, or Ford's 3.5 EB vs the 5.0, or the 2.8 Duramax vs the 3.6 LFX, or the ecodiesel vs the hemi and so on. Incomplete reporting. Incompetent editing. The GMCs and the Chevy's are the same vehicle with the same engine. At least could have quoted a different engines or build.

Opps: PS

If you want the larger fuel tank, factory order it if buying new. I know two PS owners who were forced to spend big bucks upgrading to the larger fuel tank because of poor fuel range with the 6.4 PS and standard size tank.

Papajim may enjoy stopping at the gas station. I don't. It takes time. It's an inconvenience. in comparing my ram and f150 The 36 gallon tank is the single best advantage about my f150 . I will not buy another truck without at least 30 gallon tank. If i was on the line trying to decide between two trucks yhe size of the fuel tank would be a huge factor, especially if one was significantly larger. Most anybody that has had a small and then much larger tank will tell you how much better the larger tank is.

@gms, boy you are going back away with the 6.4, my 2011 6.7 PS is crazy on fuel compared to the gas versions especially towing, I dont think you actually know anyone other than yourself in the mirror named Johnny

@NITRO: You were the one admitting to finding out the hard way. I was just sharing what I know of other FORD owners 'unfortunate' experiences.


Since I'm not allowed to smoke in the car, the gas pump is among the few places I can burn a quick Camel and drain a double Cutty (rocks) while I'm fueling up.

Stopping for gas every couple of hours means that I can stay "in the zone" while we're on long trips.

I've gone 650+ miles on one tank of gas in my F150 5.0. It definitely is nice not having to refuel so often.

i rarely go on long trips. it isnt about that for me. i just dont like taking the time out of my regular day to stop and get gas. whetherits on my way to the farm, a basketball game, hunting, fishing, etc. Most of the time it is an inconvenience.

I went from a 2013 F-150 V8 5.0 with a 36 gal tank to:

a 2016 F-150 Eco-Boost 3.5 with a 23 gal tank and I am saving a lot of money on every gas fill up.

When I had my 2013 it would cost me $70 to fill up
NOW my 2016 only costs $30 to fill up

I am saving $40 on every fill up !

If your worried about the mpg then do not buy a truck
none of them get good gas mileage

V8 engine or forget about it
I need reliability and durability

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