Happy New Year 2017 From PUTC

Happy-new-year A II

May you have a safe and sane New Year's Eve, and a relaxing and rewarding New Year's Day. Here's to the New Year.



Happy New Year to all!

I hope the economy improves and gas stays at $2.10 a gallon in Kendall FL.


Sorry Willy, there ain't no $2.10 pump gas in Kendall. Best price these days is about $2.30

How much is the gas in Australia?

Happy new year . I am going to sleep finally.

Wishing all of You a Calm, Cheerful and Healthy New Year!!

Happy New Year's to all! Happy New's PapaJim!

Happy 2017. The year of the ford raptor and the all new class leading superduty. Maybe better luck to gm and ram in 2018 as they may come out with something next year to compete with ford

@boosted: You might want to reel in the SD rhetoric until you check the latest recall. The one that involves the guy driving behind you? (Leading because others are giving it wide birth!)

2017 SD recall: "...fuel tank strap that could potentially result in the tank moving out of position and contacting the ground, increasing the risk of a fire."

Have you ever tried to extinguish a diesel fire? YIKES!

You might want to slow your roll, Little Stevie. The strap is ok. The reinforcement "bracket" is a glorified washer glued inside the cross member that would be easy to miss. Nobody's tank is falling out and there were no fires but Ford is promptly and voluntarily recalling it anyway. Unlike others who were recently fined record fines for hiding defects and delaying recalls. That much I can tell you.

One of the big stories for 2017 has to the second lawsuit Fiat-Ram is facing.

It accuses Fiat-Ram and Cummins of using and deisigning special software to conceal its vehicles’ emissions. smh.


The million plus ram trucks rolling away after exiting the vehicle will prolly be solved in 2017 as the government is investigating for transmissions allow trucks to roll away. Its a shame the govt is going to have to force the recall though

The glass is empty. Is Fiat-Ram still looking for a buyout?


Happy New Year!

Maybe this is the year FORD can claim to be the actual top selling truck manufacturer. It has been 2 years since GM revealed their "ace in the hole" midsize pick-up trucks and sowed up the top selling spot 2 years running. But with FORD continually idling truck plants, I doubt they will pull off the top selling spot again.

@ Jeff S

I saw your message and wanted to be sure you knew that I did. Keep posting here now and then.

You and LouBC and a few others have been strangers lately and the local talent at PUTC ain't that great.

I am old and sick and get lonely sometimes.

@papajim--I will continue to read and post on this site. Lou BC has been posting on TTAC. Happy New Year!

@Big Willy from OZ

So, BAFO, how much is the gas in Australia?

Big Al is in Florida!!!

Where did everybody go?

@Jeff S.
I am with Lou_BC , yourself on TTAC

Have a good one.

I predict the GM twins will overtake the Tacoma in sales.

Colorado and Canyon that is.


re Canyon/Colorado vs Tacoma.

I could not agree more. I have some beefs with GM over some of its design (3.6 instead of 4.3) but overall it's a very appealing truck. I'd cut the DOHC six altogether and replace it with a mild turbo option in the 2.5 four gas engine.

I'm not crazy about turbo sixes in half ton trucks, but the four cylinder engine becomes a giant with just a mild boost from a turbo. My wife's BMW 3.0 six (8-speed) would be boring as hell without the turbo, but it's a riot with it.

The Colorado/Canyon twins will be around for a long time either way.

@papa jim--I really like the Colorado/Canyon but I would probably opt for the Base or WT just to get the 6 speed manual. Having 2 trucks I end up driving the 99 S-10 with the manual more because I find it more engaging to drive. I feel my driving skills improve with a manual and I pay more attention to my driving.

Bring us some cool trucks, 2017!

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