2018 Ford F-150 Video Review

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Any time the No. 1-selling pickup truck makes a change it's news, even a mid-model refresh. Yes, it was bigger news when the 2015 Ford F-150 moved from steel to aluminum body panels, then got packed with a mountain of safety and performance technology, but there's still a significant amount of news in the 2018 model that's worthy of attention. 

No doubt some wanted more change and it is a little disappointing we won't be seeing the baby Power Stroke for another year and a half, but overall we think that giving buyers more options to customize the look of their truck with a mix-and-match approach to grille designs is a pretty good idea. Whether the tailgate stamp or tire-tread seat design works is another matter.

The 2018 debuted at the 2017 North American Auto Show in Detroit, where we were able to get a closer look. Check out the video below. And, yes, we misidentified the 2018 F-150 to have four engines; of course, it has five: base level 3.3L V-6, 2.7L EcoBoost V-6, 3.5L EcoBoost V-6, 3.0L TD V-6, and 5.0L V-8. 

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@Joe Smith

GM stock is way up during the last 12 mos.


Over the past two years Ford shareholders have gotten slammed.

Posted by: papajim | Jan 17, 2017 1:13:30 PM

Jim, what graph are you looking at? The 2 year graph I am shows Ford and GM mirroring each other. Only recently is there a separation but I think we all know that can change very easily. In fact now is a good time to buy Ford stock.

In fact now is a good time to buy Ford stock.

@Joe Smith

do you have inside information or do you have a crystal ball?

You tell me Jim. What did the 2 year trend between Ford and GM show you? We all know Ford is going nowhere and neither is GM. FCA who knows. Buying stock in Ford and GM is pretty much a low interest savings account. Not much gains or losses. Except GM stock holders around 8 years ago that lost everything in the bailout.

@Joe Smith

My comment regarded the 12 mos performance of GM stock and it's up sharply from this time last year.

Regarding the down market in 2008/2009 if I remember correctly it was the bondholders who got screwed the worst. Shareholders own stock knowing that it can go to zero. Bondholders should have been first in line and Washington politicians screwed them.

Who cares about bondholders?

Many of them were retirees and participants in public employee pensions like school teachers, nurses and other public employees. Not wealthy fat cats as Obama seems to have thought.

Is this the smurf edition?

Joe Smith ...

You said Lincoln is breaking free of altering
Ford's.. WHERE, what one ??

LINCOLN MKC ..No its a Ford..

LINCOLN MKZ .Still a Ford

LINCOLN MKX ..Ford Again..

LINCOLN MKT ..Ford still..

CONTINENTAL ..Still a Ford Taurus..

NAVIGATOR ..Hmm yeah..nice try,its a Chromed up Ford..

All Lincoln Line up are based off a Ford...No one of Lincoln...Do your research Bud !

@Furd Twuck

Ford??? No it's worse than that. Most Lincoln's lineup today is either 1990s Volvo technology or 1990s Mazda tech. At least the Volvo stuff was well engineered for its day and utilized alloys and lighter forged stuff.

Ford put the cheap lipstick on those suspensions and used stamped steel and cast iron parts to replace Volvo's smart designs.

Those 1990s Mazda four cylinder engines were multi valve aluminum little buzzers that really ran! They had some steel cranks and rods.

Ford replaced that stuff with...drum roll please CAST IRON. The technology of the 1950s. Lincoln deserves to die.

It's too bad that the Lincoln Mercury dealers got hosed so bad by Ford management.

Jim you don't know you're history very well. The Ford 2.5L and 3.0L were not a Mazda design. In fact Ford built those engines for Mazda. Now Mazda built the transmissions for Ford but the engines were Ford. They were also used in some Jaguars at the time.

Your comment on the current Lincoln tech is so way off i have to wonder if you go outside at all. Because post here all day I suspect you never go outside. Remember the first gm 5.3L? The entire GM V8 line up is based on that first engine in 1995.


Cite specifics please. Simply saying you know more is not enough.

Papa, he should ask the same about you and what you are saying. It is pretty common knowledge that Ford and Mazda shared engines in some platforms. The Probe was one. The Escort GT used a Mazda built 1.8L and it even used Mazdas MEC system for control. The only shared engine that was a high RPM engine was the 1.8L with a 7000 rpm Redline, 4 cylinders that is. The 2.0L, 2.3L,2.5L really were not high rpm engines. Those were shared with the Ranger and Mazda truck, Focus, Fusion and the Masada counter parts. You could use google to clarify anything you want

@Joe Smith

The Ranger did NOT use the Mazda 2.3 Wish it did!

the Ranger used two different 2.3s The first dates back to the old Pinto 4 cylinder SOHC motor with iron block and heads.

The second was inspired by the Mazda but nowhere near as nice. The second gen 2.3 in the Ranger had cast iron crank and rods and max RPM was about 5500. Lame.

The little Mazda ran rings around the Ford version of it.

You need to do some reading. BTW I owned one.

Jim did you look it up before speaking?

The 23NS was built in Dearborn, Michigan for the Ford Ranger and North American market Mazda B-Series from the 2001 model year to the 2011 model year. "NS" denotes North-South configuration, or longitudinal mounting. These engines are tuned for torque-bias making them suitable for light-truck use and are not equipped with iVCT or VICS. There are two versions of the 23NS with slight differences:


Jimbo, maybe next you would like to state the Mazda B series didn't have the Ford 3.0L Vulcan in it because you owned one too. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Vulcan_engine

I'm pretty sure you got schooled Jimbo.if you would like I can go line item by line item how your wrong. But we both know that would be a long schooling for you.

Does this help your brain out jumbo jim?


I'm pretty sure you got schooled Jimbo.if you would like I can go line item by line item how your wrong. But we both know that would be a long schooling for you.
Posted by: Joe Smith | Jan 18, 2017 11:50:40 AM

Exactly, Allone1. Jeff S told Jim to stick to what he knows which is politics and he is not listening. He got mad the other day when it was stated to him that GM didn't mention the Silverado in the year end press release and he was corrected on the fact that Ford sells more trucks than GM. He has gone bezerk ever since changing the topic to stocks (he thinks he is an investment advisor now), Lincoln and old Rangers and Ford Explorers. Oh well. I guess that's what years of frustration will do!

Oh well. I guess that's what years of HUMAN TRANSFORMATION will do!

Posted by: Chris | Jan 18, 2017 12:58:53 PM

I fixed it for you Bud.

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