Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: December 2016


The roller-coaster ride that was 2016 is now history and we're likely to have one of the biggest-selling years on record, just nipping ahead of the previous record of 17.5 million total vehicles sold in 2015.

The biggest winners of 2016 are mid-size pickups as the Chevrolet Colorado, Nissan Frontier, Honda Ridgeline and GMC Canyon all finished with impressive gains over 2015 numbers. In the full-size segment, the Ford F-Series just inched ahead of the GM pickups: the Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra. Ram and Nissan also did well, with Ram enjoying a high volume of sales and Nissan experiencing the highest percentage gain with its new Titan and Titan XD riding high as dealerships get familiar with both models.

Additionally, it looks like many of the big truckmakers believe the pent-up demand for full-size pickups is over as several of them have instituted temporary factory shutdowns or slowdowns to deal with larger than preferred inventories on dealer lots.

We also should note that when totaling all pickup truck sales by corporate brand, GM is the clear winner by a wide margin, with four different models — the Silverado, Sierra, Colorado and Canyon — and three truck sizes to sell, while others only have two.

The final tally for the year is likely to squeak past 2015's record total, but we'll know more by the time we post our sales breakdown next week.

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PUTC December 2016 sales chart


Hey Ford Boys... How about Consumer Reports just changing their rating to "No Longer Recommended" on the F150!! F2 & 350 will soon follow


Congratulations to Honda!

Prowelder, as I said before, us Ford guys dont need someone or some entity to tell us if our truck is recommended or not, we know by actually owning these vehicles, and you know we know by the #1 slot for sales for 40 years and counting

Ford only get top sales, by have the absolute cheapest base trucks.

Poor AllOne aka.Bronco 2020 , no one wants to talk to him anymore, so he is stealing up a nicknames as usually and argues just by himself.

I don't care if ford is #2 or 3 ,even if they make it to #1 some day. I will never buy a ford.
Only RAM with multilink and without engine, trany, brakes, front air bag and door latch recalls suits my needs. I don't have a time to spend my life driving to the ford dealer every week ,but I understand, that expensive aluminium no one asked for ford customers enjoy a complimentary coffee.

Year end in review:

* Ford sold 820,799 pickups in 2016, making F-Series America’s best-selling pickup for 40 years and best-selling vehicle for 35 straight years

* Ford is America’s best-selling truck brand, with 1,077,006 van, pickup and heavy truck sales last year

* Ford van sales totaled 240,721, a 9 percent increase and making Ford America’s best-selling commercial van for 38 straight years


Way to go Ford! Best selling pickup, best selling trucks OVERALL and best selling van!

Also, for December.... F-150 and the all-new Super Duty contributed to the best overall sales month for F-Series in 11 years.



Ford is good!

Yeah,ford sold it to dealers and they have no room to move on the parking lot, that's why they cut a production.
They wouldn't cut it otherwise.
Ford is an IKEA of the trucks.

Watch to see how Ford made their Eco Pop v6 sound better and 100% reliable!

Good thing for GM their mid-size trucks had no real competition because their bread and butter fullsize trucks were the only trucks that lost ground, going negative for the year. GM's long term quality problems continue to cost them so I guess they are adding enough additional models to try to make up the lost ground. In a couple of years those mid-sizers will be old enough people will realize they are just more of the same from GM, all promise and glitz with little substance.

Just working the total sales #'s again the Ford guys benefit. Let's see here...... we have GM selling 942,730 trucks for the year. Let's take a look at the Ford, oh that's nice, Ford groups all their trucks under the one heading, that sure is convenient. So FORD sold........lets take another we go 820,799 trucks.
OK here comes the math: 942,730 - 820,799 = now where is that calculator app? punch the #'s and the answer is 121,931 more GM trucks sold. That's nice.

@dale, correct but you can only sustain poor quality and cover up for so long, looks like people are starting to realize, instead of bashing other brands maybe they should try them and watch their problems go away.

Same story year after year.

1975 Ford #1 in full size trucks.
1976 Ford #1 in full size trucks.
1977 Ford #1 in full size trucks.
1978 Ford #1 in full size trucks.
1979 Ford #1 in full size trucks.
1980 Ford #1 in full size trucks.
1981 Ford #1 in full size trucks.
etc.etc.etc.etc.etc. all the way
to 2016
My forcast for 2017 same stuff. LOL

@Scott N

So Scott, how many Ford vans do you own? Is yours the one that's built in BFE or Turkey or Egypt or Thailand?

You know which ones? The ones they ship here and disassemble/re-assemble to avoid the chicken tax.

This is a pickup trucks site, and GM outsold Ford by over 100k units last year in pickups.

GM outsold RAM by 2x. ditto Toyota. Nissan and Honda don't even show up on the radar compared to those numbers.

GM's December sales rose 10 percent, crushing Ford. Their's was only up 0.3 percent and pathetic Toyota only increased 2 percent.

GM solidly beat Wall Street expectations.

Regarding profits, GM said the average transaction price for its vehicles rose $740 from November to $36,386 in December, reflecting in part strong sales of large SUVs and pickups.


2016 Sales,

Mustang 105,932
Camaro 72,705


So have you ever seen a Mustang pickup? Or van? Or dump?

So have you ever seen a Mustang pickup? Or van? Or dump?

Posted by: papajim | Jan 5, 2017 2:05:19 PM

Yes I have,

A friend of mine, install a Mustang front end on a Ford Ranger pickup truck.


So since the drivetrain and chassis are from a Ranger, why don't we just call it a Ranger (with some Mustang lipstick).

I'm kind of a fan of Mustangs. My 1994 ran like a total champ for over 200k miles.

I would love to own a van. The Connect is the best selling small van. But if I was going to own a van for my business, it would be the best-selling full-size Transit built in Kansas City.

It is a pickup truck site but it is also a truck site that covers pickups, vans and heavy trucks.

You asked two days ago, who sold the most trucks in 2016? The answer is: It starts with F and ends with D.

I do agree with you about Nissan not showing up. PUTC goes hog wild on the Nissan percent increases but they are still at 20k 2 years into the new model. Nissan said they needed to sell 100-140k Titans per year just to make the investment worth the money. Why doesn't PUTC mention this?

when all of the 2016 numbers are tallied up and analyzed we'll see that GM nailed it, beating all expectations.

In fairness to Ford, their technology and design efforts during the last 10 years are industry leading, but when it comes to smooth ride, smooth drivetrain and reliability my experience with the Big 3 trucks puts GM first, Ford second and Chrysler/Fiat a distant third.

My only experience with Chrysler was mixed. The truck I'm reminded of was company owned and it was awesome and we worked it, abused it and drove it hard for over 100k miles.

The company bought another the next year and it was total crap. Always offline in the shop. Go figure.

Ford has been #1 for 40 straight years for the following reasons:

1) durability
2) technology
3) capability
4) employees

Much of the success of the F-series is because the employees that support the F-Series programs are qualified and have a passion for trucks. It definitely shows in their product and how their trucks improve each and every year.


You will own a Chevy truck someday.

Your happiness will be without bounds. Your friends and family will hold you in high regard.

Your boss will give you a raise. Strangers will respect you and women will want you.

Try to be humble.

@papjim, Been there done that


Big sales goal for new Titan may be low, Nissan's Munoz says
January 22, 2015


Munoz told the audience that Nissan is looking for roughly 100,000 Titan sales. In the first two years of U.S. sales for the outgoing Titan, 2004 and 2005, Nissan sold approximately 85,000 Titans. Its sales have dwindled since then for a variety of reasons -- not least of which was the simple lack of a fresh replacement model until now.

But Nissan has redesigned the truck for 2016 to appeal to a wider spectrum of buyers starting late this year, Munoz said. While the first-generation Titan relied on only one engine offering, the new version will offer more engine and cab configurations, including a turbocharged V-8 Cummins diesel engine.

“We sold about 100,000 with only 55 percent of segment coverage, with less engines,” Munoz reasoned, referring the Titan’s 2004-05 success. “Now we’re going to cover 90 percent of the market.

“We’re very bullish.”


What say you PUTC? Is Nissan crushing it? Really?????? Look past the percentages. And look at the numbers and what they said their goal was.

The questions still remain. Was Fred Diaz promoted or demoted?

Or does Nissan really want to have a serious and big tilt at the pickup market?

Time will tell. I have read that Nissan is going to expand it's Titan production capability to over 150 000 a year.

If this is Nissan's goal, then the other manufacturers better take notice. I'd then expect the XD Titan to be well positioned in pricing to expand it's footprint in the market.

I do know the new Navara is selling very well. I wonder if it could rival the Hilux. If you guys get an Americanised version of the Navara as the Frontier it could rock the boat.

Add this to Toyotas proposed increase in the Taco and GM's Colorado and Canyon proposed increase in production sort of makes my prediction regarding the lack of decent midsier in the US market of a few years ago look true......

The current (old) Titan is only representing around 35% of the pickup market. The new Titan will represent around 85% of the pickup market.

I would expect Nissan to at least triple numbers considering the current Titan is old and tired.

Being realistic the new Titan could easily represent the 150 000 full size pickups that Nissan want to move each year.

Add to that the next Frontier it is possible Nissan could easily move 200 000 pickups a year.

How many a year is Nissan selling now? 50-60 000?

This must be a concern to Frod, GM, Ram and even Toyota.

I do think Ford will take the biggest loss in number from Titan.

Let's say Nissan did sell 150 00 full size pickups, 100k half ton, 50k XDs. Ford could easily lose 30 000 aluminium F-150s and 20-25 000 Superdutys. Remember these Titans must poach customers.

I do know that Nissan did have a 2.8 Cummins Titan. Imagine if Nissan make a cheap small diesel Titan work truck?

Nissan is looking for much more volume. Some or all must lose out to make room.

@GMSRGREAT The F-series sales are only F-150-F-550
Ford does not inclued the F-650 and F-750 which sold 15,486 last year up 53.6% from 2015

Also takes GM 4 truck models to outsell Ford's 2 F-150 and Super Duty

@ Grizz,

That is because Toyota has slowed production down in Texas to focus on more Tacoma production, hello, do you pay attention much?
Posted by: oxi | Jan 5, 2017 7:23:25 AM

They could easily build more trucks at the San Antonio plant.

Even San Antonio's Mayor, Ivy Taylor, has pointed that out:

During a Dec. 1 speech before the San Antonio Manufacturers Association, San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor revealed that the local Toyota plant has never been at "full employment" due to a lack of skilled workers, a problem that plagues all manufacturers across the Alamo City.

"They're doing quite well, but they could expand even more," Taylor said about Toyota.

Ford has the best selling truck, Ford F-Series.

If you want to total all trucks, Ford is the best selling truck.

Ford is America’s best-selling truck brand, with 1,077,006 van, pickup and heavy truck sales.

Check mate.
Posted by: Dave Z. | Jan 4, 2017 5:08:18 PM

I love it when these GM fanboyz go crazy over a truck that wasn't a pickup story that were not posted on the site. Then tell me that this site isn't only for pickups - its for Heavy Trucks and Vans!


But then when I state Ford is #1 in truck sales, they don't want to talk trucks all of a sudden. smh.

I like to bring up vans because everyone wants to add up all "trucks" nowadays that GM is losing full-size pickup sales and in order to sell midsizers GM stopped with new vans. But the forget what "trucks" actually are and that Ford still sells more trucks.

And speaking of small vans like the Connect, at least Ford builds their own. Chevy does some badge engineering job on a truck built by Nissan.

2016 is over and Chevy should just call it what it is, a failed year and regroup for the 2019 Silverado remodel.

PS Also keep in mind GM still assembles a lot of crewcab Silverados in Mexico. If this site is for pickups only now and you are scared of trucks built in other countries, then GM should be on your do not buy list.

Also takes GM 4 truck models to outsell Ford's 2 F-150 and Super Duty

Posted by: David | Jan 5, 2017 3:40:11 PM

Actually it only took 820,800 GM trucks to out sell Ford in 2016. The additional 121,930 trucks were just showing off.

Also takes GM 4 truck models to outsell Ford's 2 F-150 and Super Duty
Posted by: David | Jan 5, 2017 3:40:11 PM

You mean Ford's 4 right? F-150, F-250, F-350, and their line of vans. Because Ford does indeed group vans in with the rest of their truck sales data when they tout themselves as the number 1 truck brand.

“Thanks to strong customer demand for F-Series, Transit and an all-new lineup of heavy trucks, Ford capped 2016 as America’s best-selling truck brand.” - Mark LaNeve 4 Jan 2017

Awfully convenient how they never share data on just what the sales breakdown is between the F-150 and the Superduty line. Yet they always make misleading ads that make people assume the F-150 has been the best selling truck for decades in a row.

Once again GM #1 in sales. Poor Ford guys still can't do the math. They say "brand this beat brand that". Last time I looked at my owership it said (make and model). Nowhere did I see brand.?

pickup truck - A pickup truck is a light duty truck having an enclosed cab and an open cargo area with low sides and tailgate.

Story title Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: December 2016

Ford fans are losing their minds because they lost once again to GM in pickup truck sales. They want to add Ford's soccer mom vans LOL! I guess that's what years of frustration will do.

For those who believe that Chevy and GMC combined outsell Ford, they're wrong! For year 2016 Ford outsold both GM brands by over 24,000.

LOL GM didn't even have to add Dec sales to have Ford beat in truck sales. They have Ford beat in Nov as seen here.

Nitro, I'll bet anything we own more Ford vechiles than you do, 5-F350s, 2- F250s, and 3- E350 vans and believe me we have had our share of problems with them, especially the later year model ones. Had a six-O that nearly broke us. Just bought a GMC Denali Duramax.

New titan is the best F-150 you can buy right now

I'm still hoping someone will build a truly small 4x4.... But I don't think that will ever happen......... I guess I keep my 91 taco.

Just bought a GMC Denali Duramax.

Posted by: Prowelder | Jan 7, 2017 8:31:41 AM

2017 is already shaping up to be a good year for you. Excellent choice. Two of my colleagues recently purchased 2016 duramax diesels. Both of them are amazed on the power delivery, handling and quietness.

The Chevy shake and other reliability issues is putting a damper on GM 1/2 ton sales. Toyota and Nissan failing to capitalize on opportunities preferring to go the Detroit way of doing business
cheap for lots of $ Ford the only really bright spot the trucks with all aluminum body however their ecco boost proved to be a nightmare in reliability . Midsize trucks will continue to sell well 1/2 tons will decline in sales overall For 2017-2018 Nissan and Toyota will bring their A game to the table in the midsize segment . Ford with great opportunity to sweep the midsize sales with an all aluminum ranger. Should Ford not bring their A game to the table only F150 buyers will buy their Ranger creating a net loss for Ford.

What is going to happen when contractors start bringing back their dented aluminum trucks in another year? How will the dealers get them to sell with the obviously prohibitive cost of getting these tin cans repaired. Go ask BMW how they made out when they tried this. Ford will take a beating in the next two years with this truck!

BEST SELLING TRUCK: CASE CLOSED, ARGUMENT SETTLED - When a new truck is built, a "C of O" is created (Certificate of Origin) It's kind of like a birth certificate for a truck. It's printed on high quality paper, like a stock or bond (today they are electronic) The C of O goes with the truck to the dealer, and when the truck is purchased, it goes to the license bureau to be titled in the owners name. On the Cof O it shows the year, manufacturer, model, vin number, etc. For example - Manufacturer: Chevrolet Body style: Pick-up Model: Silverado . . . and so forth. The same for Ford, GMC, Dodge, etc. There is no "GM" model pick-up, so when it comes to sales Ford is officially the best selling truck.The folks at GM WOULD LOVE to combine sales of GMC and Chevy, but can't, because on the official record, they're built by different manufacturers. SO, THERE YA GO! NOTES: GM has on many occasions wanted to eliminate the GMC, but dealers wouldn't stand for it, and of course, there are still a few peopleout there who'll pay more for the brand thinking it's somehow a better truck than a Chevy.

@papajim the UAW Rep
How do you feel now preaching all of that UAW sales propaganda now?

How are you UAW guys going to explain, this is what we have done to your pickups, because we are greedy, and brain dead.

It seems you are full of it mate. Been to Detroit lately?

You and your UAW marketeers can multi post this one too.

The funny thing about all of this is you can still export your trucks to Australia that you will not be able to sell in the US for much longer.

There is talk here of making a 6.2 supercharged Maloo. That will kick butt.

I think maybe the rest of the world might have iddy biddy midsizers, but at least they will be affordable for the average bloke.

I was hoping sanity would prevail with the UAW, manufacturers and government etc. Apparently not.

Haven't. You dopes realized continued sales leaps of ram approaching silvrerado.proud ram owner joey e.

Have you ever heard of the best engine in a half ton truck ever.hemi

What a lot of you Ford guys don't realize is that Ford uses F150 through F450 for these sales numbers.

Why do you say that?

Ram counts 4500 trucks in their sales and so does Ford. GMC doesn't make anything bigger than a 3500 (is that Ford and Ram's fault?)

A few years ago GM sold the most full-size trucks. Now they don't and you guys want to add in midsizers. If GM would get their act together you guys wouldn't have to do that.

you guys want to add in midsizers. If GM would get their act together you guys wouldn't have to do that. Posted by: Chris | Aug 5, 2017


Have you compared Ford's sorry stock price to GM's lately? Ford has a revolving door in the executive offices and GM's CEO just successfully weathered a hassle from an activist group that wanted to re-engineer the corporation.

Ford's CEO? Not so lucky. Nice for him that Ford is going to issue him a golden parachute.

Focus, Jim.

Bear market for Silverado and Sierra down 28.9% combined.

A few years ago you didn't have to add mid-size trucks to full-size trucks to get your sales up over Ford. All you had to do was add Silverado and Sierra to beat Ford.

Now you have to add Colorado and Canyon. I hope the 2019 Silverado is a better truck. Then maybe GM will start mentioning the Silverado in the year end sales release again.

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