Ram 1500 Goes Stealthy With Rebel Black Package

Rebel Black[6] II

With a full redesign pushed back at least two model years for its half-ton pickup, Ram continues to search for new ways to capitalize on the popularity of the Ram 1500 Rebel's more aggressive look and attitude. Recent trim package additions include the Mopar Rebel and Rebel Mojave Sand, and now you can add the Rebel Black to the four-model lineup (we're counting the base Rebel as a separate trim).

The new "dark features" package is available on crew-cab 4x4 models with either the 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 or 5.7-liter V-8 Hemi, or in 4x2 configuration with the Hemi. It includes black wheels and a brush guard on the exterior as well as a theme-matched all-black interior with black details and logos.

Ram Rebel Black pickups start at $46,910, including destination, and can be ordered now, but they won't start showing up in dealerships until March. The Ram Rebel Black will debut at the 2017 North American International Auto Show when it runs from January 14 to 22 at Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit, Michigan.

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Rebel Black interior[5] II

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It is safe to say that RAM has missed a chance to deliver a serious update to the RAM 1500 they've been building for the last 10 years.

And still no option for the Eco diesel ??? They offer the pen star. Why not give us the chance at the Eco diesel as well.

Well done Ram, well done. This car is absolutely amazing!!!

@papa jim, Chrome doesn't get you home.

Nice looking truck there.

Thats what you call a BLACK SHEEP. UGLY @$$ F.....K !!!!.

This body style of truck has probably been the best looking truck out there since its inception. I have not been a fan of the ram horn grille but the truck still looks good. The interiors on the higher ends are nice with the long horns being a little cheesy. With that said, the RAM needs to go on a diet to follow in the steps of GM and now Ford. As long as sales are increasing I guess that's all that really matters for the time being.

and it comes in black... yawn...

It's clear why Fiat is in 3rd place:

-Dated powertrain
-Over-the-top styling on an overweight platform
-Mail-order grille and headlamps
-Cheesy Mattel Powerwheels interior
-Lowest payload for a half-ton

They had GM on the ropes in recent months, but the product fell short. Too bad...

I like this truck, not a fan of the grill but blacked out its nice. I love the round wheel wells

@ papajim,

The had SERIUOS updates on the Ram in the last 10 years !!

2009 all new truck, the 2007 was a total different truck..based on a 2002 but new frames/suspension fascia in 2006..

Since then the Ram has had either new or improved suspension/frame since 2009,front fascia , tail lights, interior, engines..

GM looks the same since 2007..Ford since 2004 and Heavy Duty since 1997..

Tundra since 2007 looks the same..

Titan just a new front clip since 2004...

So, you were saying what about the RAM ?

1500 all new in 2009 and improved frame/suspension,interior,fascia,engines every 2-3 years afterwards etc...

The Heavy Duty Ram all new in 2010 and many changes since..

The new Ram 1500 is coming in 2019 they H.D usually the year after..

Chrysler/Dodge/Ram/Jeep/Mopar always a leader !!

They started this all black look decades ago !!

I even had a blacked out Night Runner Dodge Ram SRT-10 back in 2006,yes the wheels too...

Was an option on 1500 and Dakota,Jeep had that in 2002-2004 as an option...

Even decades before they had rare options like this..

I don't recall anyone asking for yet another color/sticker package. But if that's all Fiat-Ram can do, then that's all their customers can expect for the near future.

Looks good for an old body style. Still dont like the mustache on the front but u can always get an aftermarket grille. Headlights look slightly cheesy too but again, can be replaced. FCA needs to hurry with a new body style. I'd imagine the new wrangler pickup will hold some people over though.

I love this truck

They had GM on the ropes in recent months, but the product fell short. Too bad...

Posted by: redbloodedxy | Jan 6, 2017 8:31:56 AM

The irony in the above statement has certainly provided a few chuckles, especially considering the source. Of course, as you remove yourself from reality, by what ever means you choose, you actually believe the illusions that you experience.


Nice but only skin deep with the same junk most unsafe truck on the road...

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