Spied: 2018 Ford F-150 Diesel Hybrid?

Ford F-150 Spy Grille II

This could be a hint of what we might see at the 2017 North American International Auto Show, which runs Jan. 14-22 in Detroit's Cobo Center. We've been speculating that Ford might offer a diesel engine in its half-ton pickup, but now we're thinking it might also have some electrification as well. Some have even suggested a diesel hybrid makes much more sense when trying to stretch fuel costs, not to mention the huge benefits an onboard generator could provide. Can you say mobile power station? Here's what our spy shooters just sent us.

"This is the 2018 Ford F-150, caught on the road and showing off its new face before its expected 2017 Detroit auto show debut.

"The best-selling vehicle in the U.S. will get some cosmetic changes to keep it fresh and visually interesting as its tech gets updated underneath. The front end emulates the Super Duty two-bar design, but adds some softer design cues. The tailgate also gets a redesign, with a new handle and a more subdued look without a visible crease.

"By the time the face-lifted model appears, many F-150 models should be offered with the 10-speed automatic transmission developed jointly with GM and headed first for the Raptor. A revised V-6 EcoBoost engine should provide more power and efficiency than before as Ford continues to seek fuel-economy gains for its big truck. A V-6 diesel should also appear in time for the face-lift, although the planned gas-electric hybrid version may be further off.

"Expect to see the revised F-150 on sale by 2018; our sources say we can expect it to debut next week in Detroit's Joe Louis Arena next to the Cobo Center."

Spiedbilde images


Ford F-150 Spy Front II

Ford F-150 Spy side II

Ford F-150 Spy Rear II



I'd rather pay for a Titan than drive a free Ford.

Someone is in BIG TROUBLE for letting that front camo panel blow off! :D :D :D

You can see the velcro strips that were supposed to be holding it in place.

Just another ugly furd.


Just needs some square wheel wells and it'd look pretty decent.

Someone is in BIG TROUBLE for letting that front camo panel blow off! :D :D :D

Posted by: Toycrusher | Jan 5, 2017 4:23:19 PM

Maybe they had to take it off because it was over heating. Didn't want it to catch on fire .LOL

What interests me is what will the headlight configuration be. Where will the parking lights, running lights be.

Diesel AND a hybrid just isn't going to happen.

Someone is in BIG TROUBLE for letting that front camo panel blow off! :D :D :D

Posted by: Toycrusher | Jan 5, 2017 4:23:19 PM

Parts falling off of it already.

That's ugly truck.




2018 FORD F150!

I think it was a planned sneak peak, why would they even bother taping the Ford badge if it had a full cover? I do like it though.

It's not a sneak peek. Ford wants to know their customers base opinion and because you like it, you have to live with this ugly truck..


Damn they made it look even uglier, didn't think it was possible.

Haters keep hating!!!!!! At least they doing something better than fiat trucks we all know they are running in out of cash and I don't even want to talk about the (garage motors) because I'm gonna puke.

Well, the FCA has money for hybrid minivan ford doesn't even produce and EPA MPG is even better than estimated by FCA not like ford needed to downsize the windows MPG sticker twice on their hybrid suv and refund the money to customers, because of their everyday lies.
You are right. I hate ford because of everyday lies in their commercials.
BTW, RAM 8 speed is hybrid ready from day one.

RAM is 4 years ahead of the ford in hybrid trany.


Diesel Hybrid truck? Can you say "wicked expensive!!!!" I'd say easily $50K plus after discounts!!

Ram has proven the viability of the small displacement diesel in a full size half ton and when they were making them the GM hybrid full size trucks were well received. Not big sellers but I heard a lot of praise. So both moves make sense especially when already having and selling tons of modern high performance V6s.

Great job Ford always leading the pack

A diesel hybrid F-150. It will probably have less towing capacity than a DIESEL Colorado and be less fuel efficient.

Oh, by the way, you can pick up a Diesel Colorado today.

The front end [grille] looks a wee bit Chev-ish to me, but I'll reserve judgement until I see one in person. I hope they improved the tailgate because I thought the current one looked good already.

Per the hybrid diesel, no comment until it's tested.

Thanks for leading, Ford!

@redbloodedxy - Yes, it's very '99-03 Silveradoish

And that's not a bad thing. I think those were the best years for the Silverado, well, since the early 70's

for the diesel hybrid to be a success in full size pickups, you need a plug-in capability and a reasonable electric-only driving range option. And a means of heating the engine block during recharge might be nice.

Otherwise the better choice is an LP-hybrid or natural gas hybrid.

Diesel engines operate best warmed up and will not perform well in this setting without a smart way to reduce the impact of cold weather operation.

@gms, wow I didnt know you could get a diesel hybrid colorado, must have missed that.

PAPA, LP hybrid really? no bed space, and nowhere to fill, diesel is the way to go, and an engine heater is easy, as the current ones do now(diesel only I mean), plus you can do the cheap plug heater

It wouldn't surprise me. The Range Rover is offered with a diesel hybrid. As the F150 is getting the same Diesel engine, this could actually happen.
The Range Rover diesel electric has 340hp / 516 lb-ft. 0-60 in 6.4 seconds. 37mpg (US). Assuming an F150 could achieve the same fuel economy (and there's no reason why it can't), you could get around 925 miles on a 25 gallon tank. Bring it to the Expedition too please!

First impression of top photo looks a bit like a Colorado

Mike and toy crusher, I just noticed the velcro. Yupper, someone is in hot water.

The front end [grille] looks a wee bit Chev-ish to me,

Thanks for leading, Ford!

Posted by: redbloodedxy | Jan 6, 2017 8:18:30 AM

I agree but this is common for Ford to use classic GM styling cues, and other manufactures such as Aston Martin. Take the new mustang for instance, the rear quarter panels are straight of off the 5 gen Camaro . Look what that has done for the new Mustang's sales figures. Of course, FORD had to sell the Mustang outside the north American market to get the numbers up.


One of the biggest logistics firms in the eastern US has a fleet of natural-gas/hybrid semi's that work all over with suitable range to be effective. The company started out doing it as a "green" enterprise and has since expanded its fleet to include a high percentage of these eco friendly 18 wheelers.

Their customers seem to love it and the feedback has all been positive.

GMSRGREAT: I usually don't respond to the uninformed but I have to say I laughed for ten minutes at the comment saying that you think the Camaro and Mustang look the same. Kind of like how a 6-year-old thinks hippos are friendly.

Thanks for the bemusement?

Looks good. Hard to tell if it will look as good as the current. A diesel option would be nice if the torque numbers are up there, fuel economy is decent and pricing is reachable for the working class.

Ford is once again coming out with some nice updates and leading the way. This is why Ford is the best selling truck for 40 straight years.

Thanks for the bemusement?

Posted by: redbloodedxy | Jan 6, 2017 12:16:34 PM

I never said the Camaro and Mustang looked alike. I said the styling cues of the "rear quarter panels", to many the sexiest part of the car, were lifted right of the 5 gen Camaro. Take a look at the body section starting at the rear edge of the door back. If you ever followed both cars driving or stood beside both parked, it's blatantly obvious. Hope you can still feel proud of your mustang now that someone pointed this out for you.



Wow those two pictures really make your case. The new Mustang's designers were clearly influenced by the 5th gen Camaro's rear body lines.

Wow those two pictures really make your case. The new Mustang's designers were clearly influenced by the 5th gen Camaro's rear body lines.

Posted by: Dirk | Jan 6, 2017 4:09:56 PM

Influenced! Try shamelessly copied.

IT'S OK MY 92 FORD F150 PULLS pull all of them home gmc chevy dodge toyota still new and used oh it started up this morning no hybrid or diesel luv my FORD!!!

I wonder if John Arnold is Roadwhale's (aka Vulpine) real name.

Vulpine was always bitching about his crappy 25 year old F150 that leaked, smoked, and didn't shift right.

Love that split I-beam front suspension too. If you have one of those old Ford's you rotate your tires---A LOT. If you don't rotate your tires they wear out FAST.

The best part is hearing the Ford fan boys talking about their old 300 C.I. six cylinder. Long after GM had the 4.3 V6 Ford boys were still loafing around in their old 300 sixes.

The 4.3 you ask?

It was one of the favorite engines in Nascar Busch events in those days. The 300??? Not so much. As in NONE.

The best just gets better for 41 yrs plus...always the benchmark for the rest to follow :-)


Thank you I Have learnt a lot

Since no one has pointed out but Diesel Electrics have been around for decades!!!! Railroads have used Diesel Electric Locomotives to pull 100 car freight trains for a thousand miles on 10 gallons of diesel. Look it up GE Evolution Locomotive. Ford looking in this direction is extremely smart. I would take it to a truck pull any day without hesitation.

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