Spied: New Grille for 2018 Ram 2500

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What better place to hide a few front-end grille changes than behind some camouflage on a refreshed Ram 2500 Power Wagon? Our guess is Ram will try to keep things interesting with a few special editions for its heavy-duty lineup. We're hoping to see something at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show in February. Meanwhile, here's what our spy shooters sent in.

"Amid reports that the 2018 full redesign for the Ram heavy-duty lineup has been delayed for at least one model year, it looks increasingly clear that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is readying a face-lift in an effort to keep the HDs as fresh as possible until all-new models can come online.

"The prototype captured here shows a Power Wagon testing its revised front end on public roads. The test truck also has a camouflaged dashboard, suggesting that interior upgrades will be applied to the freshened HD as well, perhaps easing the sting of the all-new HD's delayed arrival to the market."

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Nice looking truck right there!

I don't really see a difference in the grill design.

Thank goodness they got rid of the hideous Ram Rebel grille! I've had about of enough of that grille!

This could be bad for Chevy, if they do a nice grill change, Ram will be number 2.

Pretty sure that's the same grill they're using today.... And Nitro, until Ram fixes their failure guaranteed design mentality, I don't think GM has anything to worry about.

This could be bad for Chevy, if they do a nice grill change, Ram will be number 2.
Posted by: Nitro | Jan 20, 2017 2:36:36 PM

You're a closet chevy fan, aren't you. You can't seem to keep their name out of your mouth.

This is the same style that Ram has had since the 2009 model was revealed. Hardly new, but still a great looking truck.

You can see a factory winch in the bumper!

It's new. The 2017 has the crappy Rebel grille.

I thought Ram did a bad job by making the Rebel and Power Wagon look the same. Glad they are ditching the Rebel grille. Looks like they may get rid of the hugly ugly Rebel R A M lettering on the tailgate, too. Smart move.


Nice truck except for the circus wagon graphics. Historically the Power Wagon has been understated. Return the simple chrome letters to the sides of the hood.

@HEMI <8

Power Wagon doesn't just have the Rebel style Grille..They still have the Crosshair Grille for 2017 !!! check out the Power wagon Laramie,and lower end models..

@Don E.,

You can get the Power Wagon with Chrome letters since 2005..The 2017 Power Wagon has Chrome letters on the tailgate,check the Power Wagon Laramie !!


The RAM H.D trucks came out in 2010 in this style, but since have been modified..New frame,suspension,electronics,interiors engine upgrades etc..Its not the same as a 2010...

GM is the same since 2008 then as they look the same and Ford since 2004 for the F 150 but its aluminum now but looks the same..The Ford HD is the same since 1997.Nissan same since 2004 just anew front clip..Toyota Tundra since 2007..

Finally, that upside down u was hideous.

I feel sorry for the US RAM branch; knowing they won't have funds to do a complete makeover for at least another 3 yrs; they need to come up with new ways to make their trucks look interesting so a new lipstick on an ancient pig I sneeded each time...

It's truly sad as I actually like the looks of RAM trucks & they really should have taken the No.2 spot from shaky GOVT motors already...

It's truly sad as I actually like the looks of RAM trucks & they really should have taken the No.2 spot from shaky GOVT motors already...

Posted by: Lionel | Jan 21, 2017 12:05:37 AM

Refer to graph and reality.


Looks like a one bar grille with a bigger ram logo in the middle of the bar

I think there maybe a hood scoop similar to the new GMC's ?
In the first picture looks like it has a bulge on the hood.

I doubt they are "testing the new front end" as all it is is covered up sheet metal. They are probably testing other aspects of the truck and do not want the public to see the new front end. Sensationalizing just a little bit there, not this site but the spy photographers just to make some money

Maybe they will add RAM! across the front grill in big, bold print. I don't get the Power Wagon interest. Those decals look cheesy.

Gotta hope they dumped the strange nostril grill design from last year.

Its pretty obvious thier is an intake on the hood similar to the GM trucks, the grill is not the main story here.


And @Johnny, GM is going to feel the bang!!!!



Someone at FCA has a sense of humour. Hiding in plain sight. There is nothing inconspicuous about the PW vomit graphics.

The current truck looks great as it is.

Better mileage, better safety, and less complaints from customers (not the complaints "Ram needs x amount of power, and blah blah blah" issues like ignition switches, stereos, ie,)
..and they would sell more, at least HD wise.

This truck is going to have 1050 ft. lbs. of torque according to my secrete source.

It a appearance would suggest within the camoflauge, that the grill design is the same, maybe so, I am suspecting that there are small detailed changes to the updated front-end that we have yet to see at this time, though a major revamp overall is certainly well overdue.

ugggh, those headlights look like they came straight out of the pages of one of those mail order truck accessories catalogs.... kill them with fire.

I think you all are falling for FCA's deception on this truck, it's not a new grille, but a lengthened hood that they are hiding, look at the picture of the side of their truck and you'll see the gap is much bigger in front of the front tire than in the back. If you go Google a 2016 RAM 2500 you'll see that gap in the front of the wheel is much smaller & is uniform with the gap on the back side of the tire. I wonder why they have a lengthen hood??

The new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon hype video shows the front of one of the new trucks if you freeze at :37 seconds into the video. I own a Ram and a Challenger so I'm intrigued by both. I like the new grille design myself...not a huge fan of the Rebel grille though (it seems many aren't either). But I give them props for always innovating. I remember I didn't like the new Ram design in 1994 either but within a year or two I really liked it and bought my first Dodge vehicle ever, a 1996 Ram 1500. Only Dodge's since then and I've been happy. Here's a link to the video...pause at 37 seconds in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7-f6pzl2Lw

The power wagon has had more superficial facelifts than most Hollywood celebrities. It's ideal for a style over function goal.

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