Talking Trucks Tuesday: Happy New What?

TTT Jan 3 II


By G.R. Whale

The past year brought us some cool new pickup trucks and automotive technology. We saw Nissan and Cummins collaborate, Ford's F-150 Raptor, a production-ready variable-compression gasoline engine, fuel-cell family vehicles and truck sales that started the year strong and held on thanks to low fuel prices.

Most 2017 pickups already are either on sale or will be soon, but what else might we see in the new year? Here are a few questions we have:

Will Mercedes-Benz show its pickup and, if it does, will the cabin be more luxury western pickup or more Metris/Sprinter commercial? Jeep has a new Wrangler on the way with an anticipated diesel option, but Jeep has been teasing us with one-off concepts and images of Wrangler pickups for years; will this be the year? Land Rover may get the new Defender done, and old Defenders offered pickups, so why not? If fuel prices rise, will that hasten the return of Ram's Rampage? Ford continues hinting at Bronco and Ranger nameplate returns; will the latter go up against a new Nissan Frontier? Spy photos purport to show a 1500 Mega Cab version of the next Ram, but will it be a true half ton or an eight-lug wheel arrangement like the last one? Will Ram, GM or Ford revisit the old "heavy half ton" figuring that if Nissan can do it, so can they?

And what of powertrains? A diesel F-150 should be calibrated by now and would be an excellent candidate for a 10-speed automatic transmission. Ram may update the Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6 and may even fiddle with the Hemi. Which GM model will get a 10-speed first, and what will it cost shoppers?

What's your vote for the most significant pickup-truck-related event of 2016, and what do you expect to be the most anticipated debut in 2017? graphic by Paul Dolan; manufacturer image



Looks like toyota is pretty tight lip about the 2018 tundra being unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show.

Cuz workers are saying don't expect anything more then safety enhancements before the 2019 model.

2018 Tundra: new safety enhancements, retuned 5.0 for light truck, and 8 speed auto.

After the 3.1 billion dollar settlement, I can't imagine there's much left in the piggy bank to cover new development costs.

Ram needs to bring that Rebel TRX.



I guess we'll find out in less than 2 months if you guys are right about the tundra.

I guess we'll find out in less than 2 months if you guys are right about the tundra.

Hi guys. Is this where all the GM fans hang out

What I see in the future for pickup trucks.

#1 gone solid rear axle
#2 CVT transmission
#3 Hybrid trucks
#4 modular-folding pickup beds
#5 plastic body panels

3 2017 Raptors are at my local Ford dealer.Priced between 87 and 88K Canadian $ or about 65K U.S.$.Sigh...

Ram is working on a couple new engines that will incorporate the good stuff from their multi-air and Penastar engines, one will be turbo'd

Chevy coming out with their twin turbo v6 with aluminum body panels

was hoping for the Blazer and Bronco to debut this year but looks like both are a year or two out....

I wanna see how bad GM smokes Ford in sales and profits for 2017.

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