2017 Chicago Auto Show: Nissan Titan, Titan XD King Cab

Embargoed until Feb 9 at 1130am ET - 2017 TITAN King Cab 11 II

Nissan used the 2017 Chicago Auto Show to reveal the third and final cab configuration for the Titan/Titan XD lineup.

The new King Cabs will have a 139.8-inch wheelbase with a 6.5-foot bed, but like the single-cab and crew-cab models, they will be on structurally different frames. All King Cabs will be offered in S, SV and Pro-4X package levels.

The half-ton Titan King Cab will be offered in 4x4 or 4x2 configurations; the 5.6-liter V-8 and seven-speed transmission will be the only powertrain for this model. Max towing will be 9,420 pounds, with a maximum payload capacity of 1,640 pounds.

The stronger Titan XD King Cab also will be offered in both 4x4 and 4x2 configurations, but will give customers a choice between the 5.6-liter V-8 gas engine and 5.0-liter V-8 diesel Cummins. Maximum tow ratings for the diesel are 12,510 pounds, while maximum payload capacity (with the gas engine) is 2,710 pounds.

All King Cab models will allow buyers to decide between a front, three-section bench seat or bucket seats, depending on the trim package. Additionally, King Cab models will come with a rear-seat-delete option to allow fleet customers or private buyers to have a flat rear load floor and separate wall tie-downs to better accommodate cargo. Additionally, Nissan has kept its wide-swing extended-cab doors, which open a full 170 degrees to provide a huge opening for loading gear or passengers.

This new cab configuration will allow Nissan to better compete with other full-line truckmakers. Providing three cabs designs provides options for small business owners and families who need to haul things. Toss in the class-exclusive five-year/100,000-mile warranty and you can see why Nissan is optimistic that it will be a stronger presence in the commercial vehicle market.

We'll be sharing a video of the new cab soon.

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Embargoed until Feb 9 at 1130am ET - 2017 TITAN King Cab 4 II

Embargoed until Feb 9 at 1130am ET - 2017 TITAN King Cab 13 II

Embargoed until Feb 9 at 1130am ET - 2017 TITAN King Cab 15 II

Embargoed until Feb 9 at 1130am ET - 2017 TITAN King Cab Crew Cab comparo II



Where's my option for the Manual Transmission?
No Manual; No Sale!


The Titan's are nice looking trucks, see a few at the gym.

Disappointed Nissan didn't go the forward hinge rear doors. These clam style are a bish in parking lots

VERY disappointed that this vehicle is not available with a 8
foot bed. It's the same thing as my '05 club cab Dakota-a 6.5
foot bed. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!

Nissan had a 7 foot bed on the previous Titan and I thought it was a great size and a great compromise versus 8 ft bed of Ford, GM and RAM

Nice size truck. I like the front bench seat / bucket seat option and also rear seat delete option. Needs a manual transmission version and better front end styling for me, though.

Am I missing something or have they lost the tool box in the rear fenders? I really liked that feature. I am mixed on the bins under the rear seat. They could be useful when hauling people but really in the way when just hauling stuff. Plus, they look like they waste a lot space.


totally agree about the seating. I'd delete that sucker. Keep your tools, guns, bulky stuff safe and dry.

Ugly, Overpriced, Poor rating, Slow sales= EPIC FAILURE!

Nice attempt & as I always said the more competition the better for all us consumers.

But just looking at total sales last year confirms Nissan's 2nd attempt at full size truck was an epic failure...I'm sure the bean counters are scratching their heads right now & someone at top management are on hot ejectable seats..

Imo, they should've never created the xd. Instead, funnel all that resource and money of the xd and put into the regular halfton. It may have had more if it had all the resources behind it.

Looks just like the old titan.

Nice truck, Nissan isn't trying to outsell anyone, they are complacent selling to a nitch vehicle. The new 1/2 ton is really more of a refresh as the cab and frame a largely carryover with updated power rains.

No 8ft bed? My 08 with an 8 ft bed is going to need replacing soon

Same king cab they've had since 2004 with a new front clip.

Disappointed Nissan didn't go the forward hinge rear doors. These clam style are a bish in parking lots
-Un Huh

No to mention that if they're anything like the 2015+ F-150's, they let a ton of wind noise through. I had to tweak the hinges on mine and put tubing in the weather stripping to get it to seal up better.

These are NOT good looking trucks! Ju are crazy...

I priced and test drive the gas Pro-4 but dealer never moved below sticker price so I got the F-150 FX4 instead at a bargain price.
If Nissan wants me to pay $12K MORE they need to do better

With more than 5000 miles behind the wheel of a XD Platinum diesel, I can say the interior on the truck is very nice. It rides, drives, and handles like a 3/4 ton truck without the capability of a 3/4 ton truck.

The truck has about 10K miles and has averaged 15.5 MPGs since new. I'd say it does about 18 mpgs highway, 11 or 12 stop and go.

The transmissions in these trucks are terrible. They seem confused and very clunky. If you roll into the throttle to accelerate, it doesn't move. So then you roll into it more, it'll downshift 2 gears and take off to much. It's like it's slow to react and then when it does, it over reacts. A software re flash has improved this, but it still needs work.

Overall, I think if you were new truck shopping, I think you'd be better off looking at a half ton with the heavy duty towing package from a different manufacturer. You get a truck with similar capacities, but will have better ride and drive characteristics. And it will have better performance and fuel economy as well.

@Hectorx- I know a powertrain guy over at RAM, and he said they had to go round and round with Aisin (trans supplier for the diesel XD and high output Ram diesel) to get shifting improved. Hopefully they can get this ironed out.
With the same weight and deeper final drive gearing than proper 3/4 ton diesels, it probably won't ever carve itself out a fuel economy advantage.

@Mr Knowitall

re: trans programming

The same twitchy shift characteristics that are annoying with low loads and low RPM can be very desirable climbing a grade with a heavy loaded trailer behind you.

It's the same problem with dual clutch trans. They're very jerky at low speeds (stop go traffic, parking lots) but are quick and tight under full throttle.

No easy solution for adapting the software to both conditions. Ditto for maintaining the trans for long life and FE.


My neighbor bought the F-150 FX4 about a year ago and hauls his boat with it. Loves the truck but he howls about the FE. Keep the rest of us up to date about your new Ford.

@ papajim- actually- there is a VERY easy way of adapting shift programming to light inputs with no load AND hauling- its that little button with the trailer on it- puts the trans on a completely different shift table, which includes how fast clutches engage.
As for long life and fuel economy- the two go hand in hand- less slip. if you program the powertrain correctly, the engine can cut torque for just a short moment while the clutches engage.

It's 2017, and truck manufacturers are still using rear-hinged doors!
When will they learn?

And it's got a face only a mother could love.

It's sad that they put this very nice engine and 7-speed transmission together, and they put that front end on there.

LOL break time's over I better get back to working on the Nissan Sentra, its a 2015 model, with only 46,000 miles on it, but it had a bad left rear shock at 44000 miles. So a year-and-a-half of driving a car and 44000 miles and the shocks go bad?

I bet you're thinking, it's a good thing you bought that extended warranty, right? Yeah, it doesn't cover shock absorbers.

Maybe they'll make their warranties better on their Sentra?

I could not buy one from a parts chain store so I had to get one from a salvage yard.


My 2016 F-150 XLT-FX4 with 3.5 EB gets 16.3 MPG with the best I seen was 17.2 on a few long trips.
Having problem with a sticking throttle body but the dealer won't replace it unless they see it sticking for themselves.

It's 2017, and truck manufacturers are still using rear-hinged doors!


I prefer the rear hinged doors for extended cab trucks. It's way easier for a rear seat passenger to enter or exit. However it's even better for loading a bulky object into the rear of the cab. Winners all around, except for Toyota, GM and RAM fans.

Since a woman designed this truck, "only a face a mother could love" is about right

Since a woman designed this truck, "only a face a mother could love" is about right

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