2017 Monster Factory Off-Road Challenge: Judges' Video

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It wasn't that long ago that we crowned the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor champion of our 2017 Monster Factory Off-Road Challenge because of the many things it did so well. What we haven't shown you is how our judges came to that decision. Here's a quick look at how each of our judges saw the good and the bad inside each of the competitors after our two days out on the trail.

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I'm not sure why anyone would think this challenge was needed or justify the expense. The Raptor is and has been the closest thing to a purpose-built off-road pickup. The others, not so much.

It must be a sign of the times. There's not much going on in pickup land these days to warrant a pickup blog.

When did pickuptrucks jump the shark?

interesting video. I'm not big into off-roading but was a good watch.

This is so unfair! Our team was not there! We should been there, at least in the parking lot. Boy oh boy is my Johnny will be getting an earful from me and Mom.

The New Diesel ZR2 Colorado would be a good challenge for the awesome Raptor in the off road segment for sure. Front and rear lockers,off road ready tuned suspension, diesel low rpm torque, decent ground clearance should make the Off Road Colorado a great off road truck. The Raptor is otherwise the only other option , a great vehicle but too big for some of our tighter trails here.

I guess the Raptor doesn't have Hill Decent because they failed to mention the Power Wagon does. It is the feature i love the most. Recently was driving up a jeep trail in the snow. A small tree had fallen from all the rain. Had to be back at camp and didn't have time to move it with my winch. I drove backward on a very tight trail with trees. The truck drives itself with hill decent so i just had to follow my snow tracks down the mountain. Awesome technology. Works well in sand as well. No slipping what so ever. Each tire is controlled independently never letting it slip.

That Raptor bumper is perfect for scooping up mud and shoving right into the intercooler.

Of course the Raptor has it. My '13 XLT has it. Good stuff, keep the shootouts comin'. Even if your industry news is a little on the slow side.

Another Raptor Killer, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xtOhIZ4KkY

My top picks are Powerwagon and Raptor.There are definitely some honorable mentions in the other contenders and a notable MIA. It seems the artsy tape package marketing folks are in full charge at one manufacturer. I suppose when you are struggling with real bad engineering issues you can't divert resources to build a capable/ competent off roader. I and many others can't wait to see what kind of Ranger off road model Ford will bring to market . My current Ranger 08 and previous 97 are and were phenomenal! Fantastic reliability, go anywhere ,do anything.

Rigged and fake news!

CNN fake news

The Craptor from Trash Motor Company is weak! Power Wagon all the way!

This test would have shown the Power Wagons strength of true 4 wheel drive if the trail would have rain or snow. Slick surfaces. Also would have shown the Diesel's weakness.

TFL test, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gz8FhJFSHXA

CNN fake news

Posted by: Blueman | Feb 18, 2017 9:28:12 AM

Seriously? Will that confirms your acceptance of an alternative reality and of Ford's self proclaimed #1 status.

Congrats to Power Wagon. Best factory offroad truck.

Here's he thing, if the only reason you buy a truck is to thrash it in the desert, then by all means buy a raptor. It's a really great truck for that. But what if you want a truck for work and play? There's trucks in this competition that can handle most of the off reading the average person will ever do and still tow close to 10 thousand pounds. So yes, you could be baited into buying an expensive purpose built vehicle that is the best in it's very narrow category or you could get a truck that does several things quite decently. Isn't that what the majority needs?

*off roading. Sorry.

Those Raptors sure look cartoonist with those bubble fenders and regular width cab. Odd looking is a more accurate description.


Domestic is better than Japanese - get over it!

@GMSRGREAT - notice which brand was absent from the test?

GMSRGREAT - notice which brand was absent from the test?
Posted by: Lou | Feb 19, 2017 1:55:33 PM

Notice you can't buy that truck today, or get a press one yet DUH! It would total embarrass Trash Motor Company's Craptor.

"Notice you can't buy that truck today, or get a press one yet DUH! It would total embarrass Trash Motor Company's Craptor."

Can't buy WHAT truck today???????

The Colorado ZR2?

It will be a good offroader when it finally shows up.

If PUTC can run this test with a couple of Titan's with weak off-road packages or a Ram Rebel with air stilts, why not get a Z71 on this test?
The Z71 1500 would die right off the bat, a HD would fair just as well as the Titan's. A Colorado would do great.

I'm surprised that the PW was dead last. It should have been 2nd. If It makes you feel better, out of all these trucks, the PW in the exact colour as the one in this test is my favourite.
It is narrower than the Raptor, can carry 300 lbs more than a Crewcab Raptor and most importantly, has a 6.4 ft box. I'd buy it with the extended warranty because it is a Ram.

The Ram Power Wagon is HANDS down the best off roader. The Raptor was and still is specifically made for high speed desert running. I'd take the PW over the Raptor any day.

Lots of nice trucks though each with their own pros and cons.

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