2017 Nissan Titan, Titan XD King Cab Video

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Nissan filled the final gap in its full-size pickup truck lineup by debuting its middle player at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show, the King Cab version of the Titan and Titan XD. This addition allows Nissan to fully compete with other major commercial vehicle players: Ford, GM and Ram.

The King Cab is Nissan's extended-cab version of its full-size pickups: the half-ton Titan and stronger Titan XD. It widens Nissan's appeal to fleet and retail buyers. The King Cab offers a rear-seat delete option to give buyers more storage area behind the front seats. Here's a quick video look inside a base-level Titan King Cab half ton.

Cars.com photos by Evan Sears




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I'd rather get a seat that flips up and a flat floor underneath [guess who offers that]. Offering no seat as a selling point is stupid.

First thing I did with my truck was to take the rear seats out, they are on a shelf in the garage for the last 4 years....

Looks good.....

The back doors open just like the ones from ford.

Like always copying the LEADER of the most important thing.


Nissan has had the 180 degree rear doors since 2004. I thought they were the first.

If they offered the King Cab SV with an optional manual transmission, they'd have my check right now. Otherwise, NO SALE!


Yup, Diaz borrowed the folding idea from his Ram days. Ram had it at least in 2009, if not any earlier.

Well I'd like to have a compartment underneath the seat so I could put some stuff in there.

Ford doesn't do that, one less reason for me to buy Ford. ( you would think as much money as people pay for a Ford truck, it would atleast have somewhere to store stuff inside the truck, and a good suspension would be nice too).

2017 and you're still making Wrong Way doors.

The truck needs rear seats Nissan!

"That Titan looks great!" says the man who time traveled from 1999.

Making seat delete an option is perfectly fine

Ah boring - must be a slow day for truck news :-(

Those back seats looks terribly uncomfortable. The seat back is straight-up vertical and there's little leg space. I'm sure a baby car seat wouldn't even fit back there.

Are those images saying that big piece of plastic on the back floor is removable or that it gets some sort of panel that lays down onto it? Sheesh! that's a lot of cubic footage simply wasted when the seats are pulled.

As for the doors, that's the way I wish they all would do it; there's no reason whatsoever that in a half-cab type of arrangement that the rear doors have to be front-hinged the way GM and Ram are doing it.

As for the doors, that's the way I wish they all would do it; there's no reason whatsoever that in a half-cab type of arrangement that the rear doors have to be front-hinged the way GM and Ram are doing it.
Posted by: RoadWhale™ | Feb 17, 2017 4:45:56 PM

Rear hinged doors allow the cab to flex more, more road and wind noise to leak in, and a much more costly/difficult to perform well in side impact crash tests.

My 2015 F150 had terrible wind noise until I modified by door seals to get them to seal up better. I think the thinner aluminum doors flex a bit more which made it harder to seal up. It's definitely easier to get in and out of the back with the rear hinge though. It's a trade off.

Way better then Trash Motor Company.

@trx-4 Tom. My friends 2004 Ram Quad has the flat floor, but it's not carpeted like my 2011 Big Horn.

I did not like my rear hinge doors on my 2001 Sierra Ext. Cab. They had more wind noise and flexed more because of the missing B pillar. Not to mention, when you dropped kids off at school the front door has to be opened before they could get out hated that the worst.

Trash Motor Company, I like that. Sounds way better than ford Motor Company. Remember, Quality is job none.

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