2018 Toyota Tundra TRD Sport Video

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What's good for a mid-size pickup truck is good for a full-size, at least that seems to be Toyota's thinking regarding its newest Tundra trim level, the TRD Sport. Toyota tells us almost half of all mid-size Tacomas sold in the U.S. come equipped with one of three different TRD packages, so it makes sense Toyota would want to carry that popular strategy to the Tundra lineup. Or so it would seem.

The Tundra TRD Sport with upgraded wheels and tires, Bilstein shocks and anti-sway bars should project a sportier on-road personality. However, all the Tacoma TRD trims help make that pickup better off-road. We're not exactly sure if this new Tundra trim is supposed to be a dirt or pavement hound, or both. Maybe we'll know better once we get behind the wheel. Here's our quick walk around.

Cars.com photo by Mark Williams





Way better then Trash Motor Company's street truck, the tremor.

Why can't our team build a truck like this?
This is embarrassing!

If these are the "upgraded" tires, what were the stock tires (Kmart???). Yikes.

Apparently, johnny doe is about as mature as a Hillary voter!

My Johnny loves her and so do I, we have the same cankles.

TRD sport has always been on road, not offroad.

If the Toyota Service Technician finds a tiny piece of mud under the frame then your warranty is void cause you abused the truck by taking it off road

For it to be an off-roader it needs disconnects on the sway bars. Other wise it is a good road truck, the body will not roll going around curves. Looks good though.

My taco, I had to change out the super stiff Bilstein shocks, truck would beat you to death...

This was last in the last PUTC off-road comparisons, 'nuff said.

lipstick on a pig.

The tires suggest only pavement with light off road only
as does it's width.

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