Going Deeper: 2016 Full-Size Pickup Sales Analysis


It's never easy separating half-ton, three-quarter-ton and one-ton pickup truck sales numbers from the monthly and annual numbers automakers provide each month, but we think there's value in showing you which manufacturers are selling which types of full-size pickups. Unfortunately, pickup truck makers don't break out their full-size pickup sales numbers by light-duty and heavy-duty models, let alone three-quarter-ton from one-ton numbers. However, thanks to our team of data analytics experts at Cars.com, we were able to sift through and separate the pickup sales numbers by class.

The numbers in the charts below represent various dealer sales that work with Cars.com and provide us with sales data (which covers about 75 ot 80 percent of all US dealerships) but does not include certain types of fleet purchases which are bought directly from manufacturers. As as result, the half-ton graph below represents a relatively accurate accounting of total sales (but may not exactly line up with other sources of the same data), while the remaining two charts (three-quarter-ton and one-tons) are more in line with those same 2016 results. 

As you can see, half-tons are by far the highest-selling players in the sandbox, with Ford dominating. However, GM fans will note that when Chevrolet and GMC numbers are combined, the tables can turn rather dramatically except in the one-ton segment. In fact, from a percentage of sales point of view, Ram seems to be doing a better job with its heavy-duty sales than Ford or GM. Of course, you could also look at those same numbers and say that Ford and GM are doing a much better job selling half tons.

Manufacturer images


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Ford Super Duty Diesel II



Super Duty Horse Goose 3 II




All you wondering where the 300K "missing" Fords are obviously didn't read carefully. As the article states, and commenter Jeff pointed out earlier, these are sales numbers ONLY from dealers that contractually agree to report their sales to cars.com. The analysis from these counts should be taken with a big slab of salt, as cars.com can not prove this is fully representative of all sales.


Or it may simply be that Ford boys are in denial again.

Or it may simply be that Ford boys are in denial again.
Posted by: papajim | Feb 12, 2017 5:47:06 PM

Or it may simply be that shaky GOVT motor fangirls are in denial to be in 2nd place soon to be 3rd place.

Poor shaky GOVT motors, I guess if you can't beat them, join them...continue to follow the leader!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

It's good to see GM as the top manufacturer of all pickups. If you add all the fullsize SUVs GM literally owns much of the truck market.

Ford might equal GM one day, but that day is far away.

I have tried several times to use your name, but to no avail.

So, you've inadvertently made it awkward to communicate with. This makes it hard to correct you or like this time, agree. Hmmmm.... you can dish it out with nonsense, but can't handle negative feedback. A princess.

I agree with your comment or retort regarding Ford's real position.

Oh, judging your writing style, maybe you should toughen up.

@Big Al, willy DIM, et al

The 12 steps Al. It starts with admitting.

It also requires you to let go. Your doctor won't mind if you decide to re-start therapy again.

Everyone here in the comments section at PUTC is pulling for you and we wish you well.

Get help.

Ford's own trucks in crash tests, show the Al body is really weak in low speed crash, look at the damage difference, the AL basically falls apart. Just like the truck bed fails.


Wait a minute! To calculate the best selling truck, you must add Ford Ranger's sales in Australia to Ford's U.S. total, subtract GMC sales in Germany, combine Chevy and Ram sales in Mexico (minus the 62 units that crashed on a rail car) next, add the 1960's Mercury pick-up sales in Canada, then divide both by 4.4%. Model by model, Ford still sells more trucks! There. I'll attack nonsense with more nonsense any old day. The last time Chevy outsold Ford in trucks was 1977. Go ahead, add all of General Motors sales as one model. What's scary is how close Ford is to overtaking that ENTIRE corporation in sales. Look at GM's market share just 25 years ago . . you'll have nothing to brag about, and a lot to worry about.

Built Military Grade Tough, cant even go through the car wash without being damaged haha.

Drive-Through Carwash Causes $6,000 in Damage on New Ford F-150


Interesting then, that GM just released a new HD powertrain without a significant bump in tow capacity for their dually. IN the 1/2 and 3/4 ton segment, where their track are competitive, they're the clear market leaders. In the 1-ton group, however, Ford completely eats their lunch, and RAM is essentially even. 1ton pickups are almost entirely tow rigs. As much as I might like a particular truck, and even if the current towing needs are met, who want's to plunk down 65k on a truck that might limit the choice of 5er, Race hauler or tandem dually goose neck trailer in the future.
Nissan definitely has an up-hill battle ahead. I think its a fine product and would serve most people really well- but it doesn't do anything the competition can't.

So you can't use the bed of a Ford truck anymore *it rips and dents so badly* to now not being able to wash the truck with out 6G's of damage. What the hell is the point of buying a Ford then? Park it on blocks in the yard? Total junk Ford has become.

re Nissan

Mr Knowitall

I've decided that Nissan, Honda and Toyota simply want their dealers to be happy that there's a truck or two in the catalog in the event that one of their customers wants one.

Of all those brands and products only one model is competitive in terms of annual sales volume (Tacoma).

The rest, regardless of their build quality or design superiority, are simply a placeholder for the dealers.

Ford, RAM and GM have very loyal customers in the truck market and the Asians are probably aware that winning them over is never going to work as a major corporate strategy.

GM is not a truck.

Posted by: Jeff | Feb 11, 2017 3:18:27 PM

This is the only guy here with a lick of education.

Thank you sir, have a lovely day.

RAM 3500 > Silverado 3500
RAM 3500 > Sierra 3500

Biggest losers are the GM Twinkies.

Good job Ford beating Government Motors

Good job Ford beating Government Motors


Please help the rest of us understand. GM outsold Ford by over 100 thousand trucks TWO YEARS IN A ROW.

Good job Ford???? That's like congratulating the Cleveland Browns on their great season in 2016.

You need to turn on the radar, dude!

Last year you reported over 500,000 F150 sales. Are you really saying here they dropped by over 100,000 in 2016?


So let's cheat and take out Ford's fleet sales. Must be part Trumps campaign team 😂

So let's cheat and take out Ford's fleet sales. Posted by: Jim


Ford's fleet and rental sales? Makes no difference to me unless I plan to buy a Ford in 2019 or so.

In 2019 and 2020 Ford rental and lease returns will kill the resale value on the truck I bought from them in 2018...


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