Silverado Leads Chevy Vehicles in Mobile Data Usage

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By Brian Wong

GM has been offering 4G LTE service to power an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hot spot through its OnStar suite of services for several years now and for the first time, we have some insight into how much data is actually being used.

Wi-Fi capability is standard on all new Chevrolet vehicles with OnStar Basic; it allows the vehicle to be used as a W-Fi hot spot for passengers (up to seven devices at once). This is helpful for folks with laptops and tablets that don't have a cellular connection of their own. Subscribers pay for a monthly data plan, similar to what you do with a smartphone.

Chevrolet owners in total used 4,220 terabytes of 4G LTE data in 2016, which was an increase of almost 200 percent year over year. Not sure what that means? Well, a byte of storage is the equivalent of eight binary digits or bits. That means a megabyte is 1 million bytes, a gigabyte is 1 billion bytes and a terabyte is 1 trillion bytes. As the technology makes it into more vehicles and connectivity remains a priority for both work and play, this number is likely to continue to increase.

The biggest percentage increase in usage came from the Tahoe and Suburban full-size SUVs; collectively owners of those vehicles streamed 713,669 gigabytes of data — think 25 million hours of streaming music, 3 million hours of streaming music or 1.8 billion song, game or app downloads — last year alone. However, those two full-size SUVs lag way behind the biggest users: owners of Silverado pickup trucks. Silverado owners used more than 1.3 million gigabytes of data, nearly one-third of all the data used in all of Chevrolet's vehicles. Owners of the mid-size Colorado consumed 160,034 gigabytes of data.

This ability gives both Chevrolet and GMC a leg up on other truckmakers since this technology is not available in any other full-size truck. Ford's Sync 3 multimedia system in the 2017 F-150 has a 4G connection for over-the-air updates, but it won't turn into a data connection for users until the 2018 model year. Ram offers a 3G service on the 1500, but that is a much slower connection. Neither Toyota nor Nissan currently offer Wi-Fi capability in their trucks.

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Canoe, I have an IPhone 7 plus. I can from android and likely will go back to it. I feel limited on apple compared to android. However you can get tracking on android. I had it set up with pictures. Places around the world I have been, it tagged location. I do hope onstar fixed the issue if it was on their end, how mad would you be knowing your paid subscription did not give medical help your location. Just an alert. 15 hrs is a long time to wait for help.


the Silverado is the biggest seller for them.

So OF COURSE it has the highest usage of the features offered.


I'll look in to android phone finder thanks. Ford gets into it , it will only push the market to make better options and improvements.

Not surprised here, thats alot of calls to the dealerships for all the tahoe and silverado problems

Well being frank it could take a few GM or Ram trucks to finally get a good one to tow the chevy back to the dealer.

When ford finally comes out with it in 2018 the girls will think its the best thing ever. Trailing behind like usual. Such irony.

If I am not wrong Ford don't use that anymore. Wasn't MFT was a thing couple of years back which eventually got replaced by SYNC 3?

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