Spied: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

KGP Silverado 19 crew 5 II

The next few years will be interesting as more pickup truck makers redesign and reengineer their current half-ton models. We'll likely see different kinds of powertrains and other changes. Our spy shooters are beginning to see the next-generation GM pickups. From the looks of the cab, GM might be offering a bigger crew cab, and based on the twin tailpipes (check out the exhaust plumes in the photos below), there could be a few new engines as well.

Here's what our spy shooters shared:

"Judging from the heavily disguised prototypes we caught being loaded into a car hauler at a GM test facility, it appears that we've seen the first sign of testing for the next-generation Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Of the two prototypes spotted so far, both were crew cabs.

"Engineers parked a current regular-cab GMC Sierra 1500 pickup alongside the loading platform in an effort to shield the prototype from prying eyes. While it blocked a portion of the prototype, the truck also provided a nice opportunity to see the all-new truck next to today's model.

"Our sources tell us that with this new Silverado, GM is accelerating its efforts to create an aluminum-intensive body to match the Ford F-series trucks. The next-gen truck — reportedly being developed with the internal code name T1XC — is expected to reach the market in late 2018 as a 2019 model. Our sources also told us that GM has made great efforts to refine its production processes with these lightweight materials, and promises a lighter, stronger and more efficient truck than its competitors.

"It will be interesting to see how the next Silverado ultimately stacks up against the current F-150, and how GM will spin its recent criticism of aluminum-intensive trucks when it has one of its own. Now that we know that next-generation Silverado prototypes exist, we'll be on the lookout to catch them on the road. Stay tuned."

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Chevy just applied for a patent on a tailgate step. http://www.autoblog.com/2017/02/02/chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-tailgate-step-2019-patent/
So that man step will go perfect with their aluminum truck. If you can't beat them... copy, copy, copy, them.

Johnny, The difference is that GM created advertising campaigns ridiculing Ford for their ideas and designs, only to copy those same ideas in years to come.

Their not copying Ford son, they won't be ALL AL like Ford. Take 10 mins read the story above, take an hr look up autonews stories on the subject. Stop maken yah self look retarded.

Watch GM follow the Nissan's trend of more opulent and heavier trucks, especially the next gen GM half ton HD.

GM would hit home runs with a more luxurious and powerful half ton powered by a choice of diesel or a bigger gas V8.

The 5.3 is too small for regular duty in a pickup that weighs much more than 5,000 lbs empty. Their 6.2 would be a great place to start, but an aluminum big block thats similar to the old 454 would be very sweet.

It will be about 97 percent ALL AL after they bashed it. GM is dumb

Ford fans get all excited every couple years when FORD introduces a new grille, a new camera, an improved (joking) sync system, meanwhile, GM already developed and testing a new full size twin less than 4 years after a complete clean sheet introduction in mid 2013. Friends, that's the true meaning of the best never rest. In all seriousness, how do GM improve on the their current most powerful, most fuel efficient and most capable line of trucks offered today?

Did any one notice the fenders are no longer square??? What is up with the mirror, it appears that they will be mounted to the door below the window instead of in the corner of the window, that's kind of strange. It's good to see GM is finally trying to be innovative like Ford and Ram, I think the step in the tail gate is kind of cool but after many years of use will it become a problem?

Hopefully GM will finally make a truck for me to want to buy again. I want to like them. I always give them serious consideration when shopping. But they just don't have the same value or bang for the buck that I've seen with fords the last 10 years. I really hope GM and Ram will up their game. And it would be nice if toyota redesigned their full-size to be more competitive. What I most want to see is Honda build a full size truck. They've made the most reliable atvs for years, but I don't need a sissy ridgeline, I need a working man's truck.

Way to be on top of the game PUTC. The info on the tailgate step was original broken 2 days ago and the spy shots were first posted on the internet 4 days ago ....

Larger crew cab? Really? What are they building, a truck or a bus?

No way to tell the shape of the wheelwells... the vinyl camouflage can be cut in any shape and secured to the body underneath. Considering other parts of the camouflage (e.g. windows, taillights) were intentionally designed to mimic the F-Series, GM has no intention of tipping their hand.

@RoadWhale, Ford has the largest crew cab, so GM needs a couple of inches to match.

Manstep, aluminum and the door window drop - if this all makes it to the 2019 GM trucks - its hard to argue they weren't at least infulenced by Ford. Don't know if it's true but there could also be a turbo 6 used from Caddy. I'm not being critical of GM but there is more than just happenstance here

Understand they have to purchase the spy pics and get a huge discount if they purchase them later. TFL cannot even afford to purchase spy pics at all they say.


Honda full size

I don't think Honda's ever built a full sized car or SUV that had a north/south motor; in fact the only one I can think of is the 2 seater Honda 2000 and it was almost micro.

Were you picturing a Honda truck built body/frame and north/south V8?

I am all for copying the good ideas of others. I like my aluminum bodied ecoboost Ford with adaptive cruise control and tons of other features but I would also like to have below floor storage and controllable air suspension like a Ram, steps in the corners of the bumper for when I have a trailer hooked up and can't use the tailgate step, and a toolbox in the fender like Nissan. There are probably some other cool features unique to one brand that don't come to mind right now.

Wow, it's funny how people's viewpoints are!

I'm pretty sure a 5.3 liter direct-injected V-8 is plenty of power for a 5000 pound truck with an 8-speed transmission especially!

I mean, unless you're pulling 10,000 pounds on a daily basis, why would you need more power?

Of course I believe a 5.3 would be just fine for me here in hilly Arkansas. I'm pretty sure be fine for somebody down there in flat Florida toon!

If they want me the buy one of their trucks that is full size, they could straighten out the angled steering wheel, put a compartment underneath the backseat to hold stuff, ie, like Ram does, make it to where you don't have to get a stool or be six feet tall to check the oil, round the wheel openings, and of course get rid of the Butch ugly front ends!

I mean if they want a copy an older Chevy and make it more Aero and modern, the least they could do is actually pick a year that look good, like the late sixties to the early seventies, or 1961 to 1963.

I see GMC is trying hard to get rid of their 6.2 with huge sales on those and we're not even halfway through the model year!

I would consider a Canyon 4x4 crew cab long bed 3.6, but the thing is you pay a whole bunch more money for it over the Colorado Z71, and you don't even get an 8-speed with it!

But then again with the huge discounts at they have on their 1500, that kinda explains why they're Colorado's don't sell as well.

There's enough people buying the Colorado's and they'll buy the ones that they have but if they were to make more of them they would be highly discounted, but then again people know that they could get the 1500 cheaper than they can the Colorado!

# not my GMC/ Chevrolet truck

any upgrades to the weaksauce V8 they put in them?

@Roadwhale @Roadtrip. Yup Ford has the biggest crew. You can have your grey poupon'd crackers in its' living room. Might be good for the open expanses of Texas, but in traffic areas of San Francisco bay area, and Los Angeles, a 243.7" truck is a beast. Have fun driving and parking that thing. No thanks. Big three keep catering to Texas and keep missing the bigger market in California. See links! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_between_U.S._states_and_countries_by_GDP_(nominal)


They will need to put a camera in the front bumper too so you can park it because looking over that long hood must be tough. I think if Ram would reduce the length of their RAM 1500 engine bay 6", they'd have a full size that would be the easiest to park, and wouldn't have to bring a midsize to market. Anyone listening!

Dimensions below organized as: Rear Legroom, Bed length, Overall length (235” std garage):
Ram Quad__34.7"__6'4"__229.0"
Ram Crew__40.3"__6'4"__237.9" Only 1/2ton real Crew w/traditional 6’ box almost garageable.
Colorado___35.8"__6'0"__224.6". (6' 2" at bottom only!)
Tacoma____32.6"__6'1"__221.3". Bed actually 6'1.5".
F150 Crew__43.7"__6'6"__243.7"
F150 Quad__33.5”__6’6”__231.9” (250.5”, 8’ bed)
Ridgeline___36.7"_4’11.5”_210.0" (5' 3.6" at bottom only!)
Titan_Crew _38.5”__6’6”__242.8” (38.5” small for 242.8”?)
Titan Quad__38.5”__5’6”__228.7”
TundraQuad_34.7”_ 6’6”__228.9”(247.8”,8’box)Cab forward snub noise

Lol, that should say "there in flat Florida too!"

Chevy Beer Can time. LOL

My brother texted me pictures of these 2 trucks testing in Colorado a week or so ago. Always see camo'd cars and trucks around Silverthorne. He sent me a picture of the 2018 F-150 4 months ago...

Can anyone tell what suspension these trucks have? Reports were that they would offer both a coil spring setup as well as the traditional leaf spring setup.

Looks like we will almost be able to slap a FORD badge on this Chevy...aluminum, round wheel wells(or are those just fabric), man someone is trying to disguise themselves as number 1

After reading more about it I'm not that impressed. The next Silverado gets a big "so you copied Ford once again" from me. All of the "new" things they will brag about are already on my Fords.

drop down front window: Ford says welcome to 2004 F-150
CrewCab with flatload floor: Ford says welcome to 2009 F-150
tailgate step: Ford says welcome to 2008 F-250, 2009 F-150
power folding and power telescoping trailer tow mirrors mirrors: Ford says welcome to 2008 F-250, 2013 F-150
Turbo 6: Ford says welcome to 2011 F-150
Centered steering wheel: speaks for itself
aluminum: Ford says welcome to 2015 F-150
360 degree cam: Ford says welcome to 2015 F-150
10 speed: Ford says welcome to 2017 F-150
intelligent idling: Ford says welcome to 2015 F-150 2.7, and every 2018 F-150
Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection: 2018 F-150
adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go functionality: 2018 F-150
trailer backup assist: 2016 F-150
lane-keeping system: already on F-150
Blind Spot Information System with trailer tow tech: F-150

Chevy guys can ignore all of this, but my first impressions are GM borrowed heavily from Ford and a lot of this stuff is already out and Ford still does a better job with its interior designs.

drop down front window: Ford says welcome to 2004 F-150

Silverado won't have a drop window and is has no purpose on the F150 other than design.

tailgate step: Ford says welcome to 2008 F-250, 2009 F-150

GM had the bumper step on the 2002 Avalanche.

power folding and power telescoping trailer tow mirrors
mirrors: Ford says welcome to 2008 F-250, 2013 F-150

GM had power telescoping mirrors in 2003 though I'm not sure they folded

Turbo 6: Ford says welcome to 2011 F-150

GMC had a turbo V6 AWD pickup in 1991

Centered steering wheel: speaks for itself

Stupid Comment

aluminum: Ford says welcome to 2015 F-150

Ford needed it because the F150 weighed 500# more than the Silverado

360 degree cam: Ford says welcome to 2015 F-150
I'll give you that.

10 speed: Ford says welcome to 2017 F-150

Co-developed with GM already in the Camaro ZL1

@liionel, got that right, copy cats for sure. Notice all the points JAck made about things Chevy/GMC did like, mirrors and bumper step back in the day, problem is they couldnt get it right, so they stopped making it, Ford does it right the first time, and then keeps it, then the twins go,"hey Ford did this right, lets do it the same way"

I still remember Howie Long's commercials making fun of the Ford tailgate step.

Finally, a handle for the driver to get in these tall trucks. It's real handy when your pushing 70 years old.


Leary also spends a commercial pumping the F-150’s exclusive new tailgate and box-side steps that help with access to the truck’s cargo box, claiming they’ll come in handy the “50- or 60-thousand times” a person might need to access the bed."

But Ford isn’t calling the competition out on the carpet as aggressively as GM is.

In one 30-second spot, GM pitchman Long targets the F-150’s tailgate step and its uncoordinated owner who’s just tied down a new birdhouse in the back of his Ford.

"Hey buddy, you left your little, uh, man-step down,” says Long, who’s just finished throwing bags of concrete into the back of his Silverado. The commercial highlights the Silverado’s five-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty (the F-150 has a five-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty) over the built-in step.

One unlikely fan of the man-step commercial is Ford truck marketing manager Doug Scott.

"I hope they keep running the spot because they’re doing a great job advertising that feature for us," Scott said. "Thirty-two percent of the 2009 F-150s we’ve sold have that tailgate step. We’re doing really well with it, and we’re really happy they’re running that ad because it’s proven to be a popular feature."

Long takes a swipe at the new 2009 Dodge Ram 1500, too. He asks a Ram driver who’s just tapped Long’s Silverado while backing out of a parking spot if the Dodge has a heated steering wheel and if the driver has manicured hands — both of which the Ram driver admits to with embarrassment.

We’ll politely remind Long that the Silverado’s upscale twin, the GMC Sierra Denali, also comes with a heated steering wheel


Remember Ford going after Toyota on Leaf spring bolts.

My bolts bigger than yours!!


Chevy had a real opportunity to catch up and come out with an all new design in 2007 and again in 2014. They chose not to. And resorted to attack ads. Now its showing in the declining sales.

I would consider a Canyon 4x4 crew cab long bed 3.6, but the thing is you pay a whole bunch more money for it over the Colorado Z71, and you don't even get an 8-speed with it!
Posted by: TRX-4 Tom | Feb 3, 2017 12:21:57 PM

8 speed comes standard on 2017s with the 3.6L, its 150 dollar option for 2.5L. Only way you can't get a 8 speed is with the 2.8L

Chevy lost me in the late 80's. Square bodies were glorious. Late seventies and mid fifties were sweet too.

any upgrade to the weaksauce V8?

Johnny, The difference is that GM created advertising campaigns ridiculing Ford for their ideas and designs, only to copy those same ideas in years to come.
Posted by: Job1 | Feb 3, 2017 9:23:13 AM

GM didn't ridicule the idea, just Ford's terrible execution/engineering of it. The 'man step' was an overly complicated lady step. GM comes up with a better, cheaper, simpler bumper step.

Ford gloats about their "military-grade" super alloy. GM shows just how tough that wimpy alloy is by tearing holes in it with a lunch box. Then they come out with their own, but better. And I doubt GM will feel the need to have Dennis Leary trash talk on the commercials about their "military-grade, military-tough" aluminum alloy.

And odds are the GM half-tons will have a turbo-something engine option. But they'll at least do it right. They've already dropped the timing chain style that's been killing so many Ecoboosts the past few years. And they'll atleast know better than to put the water pump inside the engine and drive it off the timing chain like Ford.

Sometimes Ford "innovates", then GM comes out with a better engineered way to do it.

It's going to be interesting to see what kind of changes the 2019 Silverado will get . I'm sure more use of aluminum and light weight materials will be used to bring down the trucks weight. I'm curious to see if they bring back the same engine lineup or go with some smaller displacement turbo charged engines . Hopefully some of this info will get leaked out soon .

How ’bout a Twin Turbo 4.3L and call it the Syclone engine option. I don’t know if the new 4.3L was designed with boost in mind, but wouldn’t that be the ultimate poop in the face for Ford?!!!

What else I’d like to see
-Multimetal/plastic a la CT6
-Longer cab by however many inches to beat Ford
-adjusted bed length by however many inches to beat Ford by 2 inches
-10spd optional, 8spd standard
-more engines – turbo 6
-autotrac available on lower end models, standard on higher
-G80 mechanical auto locker standard, eDiff option
-different interior for top trim levels (like how the LTZ & Denali was the Tahoe interior for the 2008-2013 trucks)
-be ballsy, less appearance packages and more limited production trucks = SS, offroader, etc.
-power rear sliding window
-bed accessories, primarily a waterproof tonneau
-active aero
-dual zone front and rear climate control
-composite bed, don't think they should go steel because it can rust and dent, professional strength composite bed, if they go steel for the bed floor and aluminum on the sides that will be a major error imo
-steering wheel on center to the seat
-manstep but with GMs better way to to do it
-adaptive led headlights optional, LED or HID standard
- fully flat load floor with class leading 60 cu ft of cargo room
- a new frame and new body and interior to go with it.
-ditch 6.2, put 4.3 V6 Syclone in all models

@ Sierra; do you also send a list to Santa? :-)

But lobbying a wish list to shaky GOVT motors might come true, after all it will be relatively easy as they just need to copy/paste from Ford...HAHAHA!! - Keep following (& copying) the leader!!!......

RIP ugly garish square wheel wells. Thank you. They would not fool everyone into thinking they were going curved profile with the camouflage and then disappoint with square on the final product. They know the wells are controversial. Use some logic and simple reasoning folks.

@ TRX-4

Well said!! I too am from hilly Arkansas

Too bad they didn't listen to me and other great suggestions made by creative people posting messages here on PUTC.

There are some great ideas for a new full size pickup design that go ignored.
No! I am not going to repeat those ideas cause it's a waste of time.

It will be interesting to watch what boring changes they make with all the fake excitement that goes with it but we all know it will be the same pickup with minor changes.

Like I said before the pickup I own now I don't like it and can't claim it's the best but it's the best one available at the moment

Don't look good for the new F150 10 speed with 3.55s barely beat the GM with 8 speed with 3.23's ouch! Good thing GM didn't give TFL truck a GM with the 3.42 rear end. LOL Ford got 3.5mpg vs GM 4mpg.

2017 F150

2016 Chevy

Johnny doe.
You can't get the 6.2 with 3.42 rear end. 3.42 is only available with the smaller engine. And the ike gauntlet isn't exactly a race because they aren't pushing the trucks as fast as they can go. When they tested the ford he said "at any time on that hill I could have accelerated". And he said he could have set the cruise control and easily maintained the speed limit the whole way up the hill. They gave it a "perfect" score going up the hill.

You can't get the 6.2 with 3.42 rear end. 3.42 is only available with the smaller engine.

Posted by: jimmy dean | Feb 4, 2017 9:36:00 AM

Read the label below taken from the maximum towing test conducted here at PUTC. 3.42 is available with 6.2 engine.



RE: available gear sets

Ring & pinion swaps aren't for the average shade-tree mechanic but they don't require a Ph.D either. If Mr Doe wanted a 3.42 in his Silverado and had the resources it's just a few hours work.

Check out these trailering charts from 2015.


2016 model. I am told by me dealer that the 3.42 gears are no longer available with the 6.2 for 2017.

You can't get the 6.2 with 3.42 rear end.
Posted by: jimmy dean | Feb 4, 2017 9:36:00 AM

Well that's funny the Chevy and GMC website says I can.

Selected Options (10)

Front 40/­20/­40 leather-appointed split-bench seat Standard
Chrome, power heated outside trailering mirror with turn signal, LED rear guidance lamp, running lamp, power folding $295
3.42 rear axle ratio $0
Chevrolet MyLink® audio system with 8" Diagonal Color Touch screen Standard
6.2L EcoTec3 V8 engine $2,695
8-speed automatic transmission Standard
Active noise cancellation system $0
P275/­55R20 All-season blackwall tires $0
20" Chrome wheels $1,495
6-speaker audio system

2016 model. I am told by me dealer that the 3.42 gears are no longer available with the 6.2 for 2017.

Posted by: jimmy dean | Feb 4, 2017 10:33:29 AM

@ johnny duh?; it's not available for 2017, OK?...now go back to your trailer & try catch Super bowl...

@Sierra--I going to speculate that you will see turbo V-6s and I-4s offered in the 2019 Silverados and Sierras. You will see aluminum used on other body panels besides hoods but I doubt GM will go to all aluminum but combine more aluminum on the doors, fenders, tailgate but use a steel bed and steel cab and frame. You also will see more plastics used on body parts. Ten speed transmissions and turbo V-6s will eventually be the predominate drive train in half ton GM trucks. I don't think GM will go to all aluminum like Ford but the bodies might be mostly aluminum. The price of steel has gone down and with the lighter higher tensile steel it still makes sense to use some steel. The price of scrap steel has gone down to where it is hardly worth recycling it and many salvage yards are not paying to take old appliances and barely enough for scrap autos. Steel is relatively cheap compared to other materials.

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