2017 Nissan Titan XD Photo Gallery


The third installment of our photo gallery preview of our 2017 3/4-Ton Work Truck Challenge competitors focuses on the most controversial of our contenders. We say controversial because there are some who don't think the 2017 Nissan Titan XD is truly a three-quarter-ton pickup, even though it is designed to be bigger and stronger than its half-ton counterpart.

Regardless, this tallish Nissan pickup is, like the others, a regular-cab, long-bed, V-8 player dressed in the value-packed S trim. Unfortunately, Nissan couldn't get us a 4x2 for this test, so rather than cut it from the competition, we included the 4x4 model with our other 4x2 players. Interestingly, the 4x4 Nissan Titan XD was still the least expensive pickup in our contest.

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GM can take note on this interior and Fords interior to see how a work truck should look like. Not a bunch of ill fitting plastic parts all spray painted the same color.

Controversial as some don't think it's a 3/4 ton? No, the facts say it isn't a 3/4 ton.

Just admit that you wanted to compare the tweener to the 3/4 tons and be done with it.

I would think uver 95% of the time, the Titan would be the best overall as a work truck Lighter, better power to weight ratio, easier on tire wear. Better in start n stop in town driving. Not sure who would win the idling contest, as most just sit an idle with the guy on his cell phone talking to his girlfriend/wife/boss or all 3...

Hey.... where's the rear axle shot on the XD? I want to see the springs, brakes, etc

FORD should take note on the toughness displayed in the designs of the Silverado, Titan and Ram and stop designing weak looking and performing trucks.

I take it you mean appearance? From an Engineering perspective they are all pretty "tough". If you define tough as the ability to perform as designed.

This is not a bad looking work truck & apparent they copied some cues from Ford

This Nissan is just 3 pedals and a stick-shift away from 4x4 perfection.

The fact that the auto trans 4x4 Titan can be had for at or near the same price as the Ford or GM is another indication that Nissan wants to win.

that window and roof line look way to small for the truck, not appealing at all.

Nissans van looks ok. This truck is the ugliest one of the group.

I'd be least likely to buy the Chevy, but I'd have to say, focusing solely on the exterior, it's the best looking of the bunch in single cab configuration.

kind of lacking on the gauges

I didnt know you coulds get an endurance v8 in the XD i thought that was only for the the titan half ton.

"This is not a bad looking work truck & apparent they copied some cues from Ford"
Posted by: Lionel | Mar 15, 2017 9:33:10 AM

Why does it catch fire spontaneously? or

The seat back may not adequately restrain the occupant during a crash? or

The transmission that could suddenly downshift and cause a drop in speed? or

While using the Adaptive Cruise Control, the vehicle may falsely detect an obstacle in its path and may unexpectedly apply the brakes?

Why would Nissan do that?

"I would think uver 95% of the time, the Titan would be the best overall as a work truck Lighter, better power to weight ratio, easier on tire wear. "

If I was a fleet operator and didn't need a 3/4 ton most of the time, I'd get the F150 with heavy payload package. That would have all of the benefits of this truck but with superior cargo ratings.

Early Titan XD's had an NP1500 badge above the Titan lettering. Perhaps they will eventually sell models to match the NV15-3500 vans.

Its not a bad truck... its just slotted stupidly. It either needs to have a REAL cost savings over a 3/4 ton or get 3/4 performance. With 1/2 tons being so capable a 5/8ths ton (even with a serious diesel) only makes sense to a very few. Nissan makes a competent product and im pretty sure the Titan will provide years of good service to most under most circumstances. But people who spend this kind of money on these kind of vehicles DEMAND more and there are lots of other manufacturers delivering MORE.

@Clint- I think you're right. Even though what we used to call a "heavy half", which the XD is, and an entry level 3/4 ton have an about the same capabilities, the modern 3/4 ton has a lot more head room built in, since it shares most components with vehicles built up to 14k GVW. The heavy half has a couple of parts upgraded, and others stretched to get to 9k (maybe 10k in the future). Sure, for the right guy, the XD is the sweet spot, but for someone who needs to run trucks every day hauling 3000# of tools and materials, the true 3/4 tons, sitting at only 2/3 of their component design capacities aren't breaking a sweat, and as a result, spending more time working.

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