Co-Host China Shifts Gears, Leaves 'Wheeler Dealers'

Wheeler Dealers Corvette 2 II

In the rough-and-tumble world of low-budget automotive television shows, there aren't many choices. OK, there are plenty of bad shows — share the ones you dislike in the comments section below — and very few good ones.

Among our favorites are "Diesel Brothers" and "Wheeler Dealers." So, imagine our dismay when we heard "Wheeler Dealers" frontman (actually, underneath man, since he's always underneath one of his subjects) Edd China, the tall one, will be leaving the show after 13 seasons. In our opinion, he was the best part of the show.

"Wheeler Dealers" started in England where co-host Mike Brewer would find a dilapidated vehicle — potentially a diamond in the rough — purchase it for a relatively good price and then turn it over to China. China would diagnose, repair and resurrect the vehicle, turning a lump of coal into a shining jewel to be sold for a hefty profit. We enjoyed the problem-solving and expert diagnosis unfolding one step at a time; the mundane became as exciting as a life-and-death detective novel with a shiny vehicle at the end.

China is the show's heavy lifter. His confident presence, and his clear and concise narration will be sorely missed. No doubt he'll show up somewhere and be just fine. We already know he's making changes to his YouTube channel. Thankfully, "Wheeler Dealers" will continue. 

As near as we can tell, only three pickup trucks have been restored on "Wheeler Dealers" — a 1954 Chevrolet 3100 Stepside (eighth season, eighth episode), a 1951 Ford F-1 (12th season, second episode) and a 1980 Chevrolet LUV (13th season, fourth episode) — but the show featured many other interesting vehicles such as Ford Broncos, Hummers, Chevrolet Camaros and DeLoreans.

It's fun to look at the long list of seasons, the models that were restored and what they sold for. During its first 13 seasons, Brewer and China completed more than 150 projects.

The next season of "Wheeler Dealers" is scheduled to run on Velocity this fall; check your local listings. China explains his departure in the video below.

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Wheeler Dealers Chevy 1 II



Great Show! The Back-Bone of the show is gone.

RIP Wheeler will no suck. Edd was awesome and very informative, sux that the network wanted to cut corners.

This show ran for 13 seasons. Cheers ran for 11 seasons. 13 ain't bad.

Yep, I think the show will just disappear now.

bad shows, to many of them
all the shows where they try to be dramatic by having a dead line and they beat it everytime...duh... Diesel Brothers is just plain stupid...along with the junk yard guys, Americna and Legendary Motorcars is just about rich guys, not so much the cars..

I really hate that Mike Brewer. BORING!!!

Boring just like the twins big Sisters from GARBAGE MOTORS company. Hahahah.

Posted by: CHINGON | Mar 24, 2017 11:25:54 AM

Did you notice that the only 2 vehicles shown with this article is of GM products. Hahaha! The only ones were you can completely restore to original. Ford restorations require GM powerplants. LOL!

Trucks when Stacy David was on it.
Uk Top Gear when jeremy clarkson was on it
The Grand Tour
Dirt Everyday

Fast n Loud
Pimp My ride
American Hotrod
Counting Cars

Never heard if wheeler dealers before now. Also have not had cable in years. But never heard someone talk about it so Id guess it was not broadcast in Canada

Edd was indeed the star of Wheeler Dealers and I enjoyed his in depth explanations on how to carry out the repairs. This was the essential part of the show and the rest such as Mike buying the vehicle, sourcing parts and selling the finished vehicle just filler.

"Thankfully, "Wheeler Dealers" will continue."

Considering Velocity planned on watering down the repair segments of the show (which is why Edd China left to begin with), "Thankfully" is not the word I'd use.

Unless Velocity abandons the idea of neutering the repair aspect of Wheeler Dealers, this show is essentially dead.

@ Alberta_Oil,

Yes you can get it in Canada,you have to order the car channel its on..

I discovered Wheeler Dealers a few years ago, since then I have seen all the prior episodes so I'm all caught up, I think the tall man was more than half the show, and it has been going down hill since they moved to Calif. I wish Edd nothing but the best.

It was available in Canada onDiscovery/Velocity.
The show was excellent, in fact my wife and I have just recently finished watching the available shows on Velocity on demand.

We absolutely love(d) it. In fact we are going to write and send our thoughts about their poor decisions forcing Edd to leave to Discovery/Velocity .

I just wish the Americans would stop trying to re-make and ruin things like movies and TV series especially the good British shows.

The Mutt & Jeff combo seems to work well on the long running American Pickers as well Wheeler Dealers.
I'm sure Edd will succeed in his next project just fine. He just needs a squatty & portly co-star to add some comic relief.

Mike doesn't dicker much with buyers which should be his highpoint in the show. I always thought any profit they made came from the sponsors. Otherwise he would hold out for top dollar and not sell to the first guy for whatever cash he has in hand.

Once again,a good product gets bought out by a new owner
and the new owner, in an attempt to recoup their investment,
destroys the old product.
Edd moves on, Mike stays put, a new mechanic with a vastly
different role destroys the shows original concept. Same old
story. Wheeler Dealers will now move into the "it sucks"
category. Nice job, guys....

And don't be surprised if Mike is right behind him.

Just watched them do a DeLorean this morning, show won't be the same and probably won't watch it anymore.

Yes, it was a great show. First thing that drew me in was the lack of drama and fake deadlines and most importantly, the lack of strife between Edd and Mike. I had to stop watching Mario and Bernie because I couldn't take the yelling and screaming. When they moved to Cali they started putting more comments from Edd about "how will we ever get this done" blah blah blah, there is no reason for this "reality tv contrived non issue drama", period. I really love Graveyard Carz now that they eliminated the drama and fighting and concentrate on the cars. Restoration Garage from Texas was excellent the first few shows I saw, hope they do more. TV executives take note---make is about the cars!

The new season with Ant is terrible.

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