Jeep Delays Pickup Debut Again

Jeep Pickup 1 II

The coming Jeep pickup truck has been delayed one more time, as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles gets ready to produce the new vehicle for its Jeep lineup at the same Toledo, Ohio, facility that will produce the next-generation Wrangler. So far, all we've seen of the Jeep pickup are spy photos and different past concept project trucks. 

To find out more about this latest development regarding the not-yet-named pickup, click here. image by Mark Williams (above);Manufacturer image below


Jeep Pickup 2 II



As if once a month isn't enough with regards to brand bashing and peak commentary, but thought some might like to see this being that it's a rather slow day in regards to truck news.

Lastly, with regards to the Ridgeline, some have said it is a Pilot with an open rear. At a recent visit to the dealership, I found the Odyssey to be more similar to the Ridgeline. What's interesting about the Ridgeline is that its' overall width of 78.6" is more comparable to a full-sizer width (79.9" F150) than a mid-sizer width (74.3" Colorado). But of course for many on this site, the Ridgeline bed needs to be longer before it will become a consideration for a future buy.

Oh, well. I'll then get a Jeep Compass.

So instead of it coming out in mid 2019,it is delayed until when?

I have always owned Jeep products and have always had a truck.not sure if I want a Jeep truck based off the wrangler anyway. Trying to decide to wait an see the Ford Ranger/Bronco or buy a Colorado ZR2 next month

just one more example of why most people have no confidence in a jeep product. FCA management for this division of the company is downright pathetic


I'll be buried before a Jeep pickup appears. FCA has really bungled every aspect of this. And with Jeep reliability so awful, what's the point?

No surprise here. It'll probably be 2026 and they'll still be teasing us with a different concept truck.

@Dave above

Buy a Tacoma now, and trade it in on a Wrangler pickup in 2.5 years....FCA dealers would probably give you a trade allowance of what you paid for it now!!

Oh it's delayed until who gives a deuce.

Kriag @above, I had a Taco, frame rusted, the Japanese company did replace the frame, but I vowed never to go the Kamikaze route again....

I just bought a 2017 Colorado diesel, but if this new Jeep comes out this year or next year I'l gladly trade my CO in on it.

Might want to check your caps lock. I think it is always on.


Posted by: CHINGON | Mar 6, 2017 11:21:00 AM

I don't think so.

I'll be buried before a Jeep pickup appears. FCA has really bungled every aspect of this. And with Jeep reliability so awful, what's the point?

Posted by: Living Farmville, Not Playing It | Mar 6, 2017 12:10:35 PM


Thanks for the laugh today. Sir, you have nice day.

So it's delayed a few months to late 2019. It will arrive around the same time as the new Ranger and just before the Bronco. I would rather it be delayed a few months if they have a issue rather than roll it without everything right and if that means a few extra months so be it.

Better late than never to give Fiat time to solve their financial challenges & work out all the clinks before release...

Otherwise, I believe this Jeep-truck will suit some but can't see it being a big seller especially with the mid-sizer offerings are heating up. Besides the new US Ranger, Nissan will soon release their US version based on the global Narvada version.

I like the "Raptor recovery vehicle" in the top pick.

This will be my next truck.

Media cannot seem to get enough when it comes to this Jeep pickup story. I Googled "jeep truck coming" and the results are comical. You should try it.


don't worry, it's only a story. When Jeep brings out their next pickup "teaser" about pickups it will be smaller and have an aero package.

Sorry Fiat fans a bit longer to wait for your version of the Hummer pick up.

I am not waiting for a jeep pickup. I would have no use for that small truck. I would buy a Power Wagon with 4.5L I6 diesel FCA is working on and 8 speed.

to wait for your version of the Hummer pick up


Hummer pickup? H2 or H3? or H4?

If you could have a Hummer H4 what would it be like? Bigger or smaller...Gas or Diesel. Candidly all the talk about a Jeep pickup is sad. Fiat is through with the US market. Especially regarding trucks. Any excitement for Fiat is in the far east.

This seems like a a tease. Those that have been looking forward to a Jeep pickup have been shown pictures of Jeep concept pickups and told that Jeep might make one and then Jeep decides they are not going to make one. Wait again and the same thing happens over and over. This is not right either make a Jeep truck or don't tease Jeep loyalists with pictures and concepts of Jeep trucks.

It is a production problem. They need capacity , but with the CAFE and EPA rules in limbo, dumping the smaller and less profitable vehicles makes more sense in the long-term. Trust me, those smaller cross-over SUVs are going to go away first.

I think a major issue with FCA is dedicating the resources to bring a Jeep pickup to market. FCA is barely holding on and needs to build up its financial resources. FCA should have put more of their resources into Ram and Jeep and less into Fiat and Alfa Romeo. I understand that Fiat and Alfa Romeo are for the Global markets but it is questionable especially with Alfa if it can compete against Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Jaguar in the Global market. I am hopeful that they can because FCA has already spent the funds on Alfa but FCA needs to put more resources into Jeep and Ram.

FCA needs to put more resources into Jeep and Ram

@Jeff S

True (but only if their strategic plans include being competitive in North America). Today FCA is on life support and GM's sale of Opel just laid a big egg for FCA shareholders.

GM's lack of commitment to the EU market was like driving a stake through the heart of FCA's leadership. Their stock is taking a bath over it.

Jeep? Resources?


@papa jim--FCA does indeed need to be more competitive in North America. FCA has several problems in North America which could take time to fix. FCA has discontinued the production of Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 because they were not selling and they still have large inventories, so much that the dealers won't take anymore. The market for compact and midsize cars has been in a rapid downward spiral and for now FCA made the correct decision. FCA is looking at the possibility of outsourcing production of compact and midsize cars to another manufacturer, which might be the best decision if FCA wants to maintain some presence in the automobile segment. This again this is probably the best decision FCA could make. FCA needs to work down the remaining inventory of the Chrysler 200s and make a decision how far it is willing to go to get rid of them.

I believe that FCA should not have spent the resources to rebuild Alfa Romeo with completely new and redesigned products. FCA used the Alfa platform on the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 in an attempt to recover some of the Alfa costs but that has been a failure. It is questionable how well Alfa will do in the Global market and marketing Alfa Romeos along side Fiats in the US is most likely a losing proposition. FCA has already spent the funds on redesigned Alfas and that cannot be undone but any future profits need to be spent on Jeep and Ram because that is where the profit is. Eventually the car market will level off and recover although not to the same level because many customers have gone from sedans to trucks, crossovers, and suvs. This is where FCA should not tie up their funds and production on cars and the outsourcing of production would benefit FCA. If market share of cars did go back to its heydays FCA could always go back to manufacturing their own. I am doubtful in the long run the demand for cars will ever go back to where it was. It might be good for FCA to eliminate either the Dodge or Chrysler brand. If Dodge is the surviving brand it might be good to put Ram back under the Dodge brand and put all the cars under the Dodge label along with the mini-van. FCA also needs to make quality Number 1 and concentrate on improving their quality scores. Without the emphasis on quality and a better dealer experience FCA is doomed. I would like to see FCA recover but it might take Sergio's retirement in order to accomplish that if FCA survives that long.

@Jeff S

I just gave you a solid reply but this website dumped it. Some other time maybe.

Jeep in North America is toast without new ownership.

@Jeff S

I just gave you a solid reply but this website dumped it. Some other time maybe.

Jeep in North America is toast without new ownership.

@papa jim--Sorry to hear that. I don't disagree with you that Jeep is toast without new ownership but a good start would be a new CEO that can bring FCA back to where they are competitive and at least a more desirable candidate for a merger. No one wants to merge with FCA, it is the kiss of death with the only real value being Jeep. Auto corporations that have owned Jeep have either gone out of business or have been acquired by some one else (Kaiser, AMC, Renault, AMC, and Chrysler). It is a shame to see Chrysler which at one time had the best engineers with the most innovation go the direction they are going. Jeep itself might once again become part of another auto company but it might not be a US corporation.

It is a shame to see Chrysler which at one time had the best engineers...

@Jeff S

Be careful not to confuse the name of an old respected American brand, with the modern reality of a global corporation that just happens to own that brand name today. The Chrysler you refer to is long gone.

Just like Jeep had no business being owned by a company that made bowling equipment, Chrysler became a rag doll when Daimler kicked them out of bed back in 2007

@papajim--True the old Chrysler has been gone for a long time, but I do have fond memories of it. Just like many other American brands that once had a stellar reputation that are now cheapened-Sunbeam appliances, Remington, Gant, Arrow, Van Heusen, RCA, Frigidaire, Maytag, and a host of others. Now you can slap a name on anything. Below is a history of the ownership of Jeep.

The Jeep brand
The brand has gone through many owners, starting with Willys, which produced the first Civilian Jeep (CJ) in 1945. As the only company that continually produced Jeep vehicles after the war, in June 1950 Willys-Overland was granted the privilege of owning the name "Jeep" as a registered trademark.[16] Willys was sold to Kaiser Motors in 1953, which became Kaiser-Jeep in 1963. American Motors Corporation (AMC) purchased Kaiser's money-losing Jeep operations in 1970. The utility vehicles complemented AMC's passenger car business by sharing components, achieving volume efficiencies, as well as capitalizing on Jeep's international and government markets.

The French automaker Renault began investing in AMC in 1979. However, by 1987, the automobile markets had changed and even Renault itself was experiencing financial troubles. At the same time, Chrysler Corporation wanted to capture the Jeep brand, as well as other assets of AMC. Chrysler bought out AMC in 1987, shortly after the Jeep CJ-7 was replaced with the AMC-designed Jeep Wrangler or YJ. Chrysler merged with Daimler-Benz in 1998 to form DaimlerChrysler. DaimlerChrysler eventually sold most of their interest in Chrysler to a private equity company in 2007. Chrysler and the Jeep division operated under Chrysler Group LLC, until December 15, 2014, when the name was changed to FCA US LLC.

Jeeps have been built under licence by various manufacturers around the world, including Mahindra in India, EBRO in Spain, and several in South America. Mitsubishi built more than 30 different Jeep models in Japan between 1953 and 1998. Most of them were based on the CJ-3B model of the original Willys-Kaiser design.[29]

Just like Jeep had no business being owned by a company that made bowling equipment

@Jeff S

I meant to say "just like HARLEY DAVIDSON..." not Jeep AMF owned Harley during the dark days of its history.

@papa jim--Yes but you brought up a good point. AMF almost finished Harley-Davidson off. Best thing that ever happened to Harley was when AMF sold them to a group of investors otherwise Harley would have been long gone. I think there is still hope for Jeep but either FCA needs to get their act together or go away but regardless someone will buy the Jeep brand. Ram is the only other part of FCA that has some value except to GM and Ford since they already have successful trucks. As for Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo they might be included in the sale of Jeep but otherwise their brands have limited value. If Jeep could be sold separately it would have more value to other manufacturers but it would be a harder sell to buy all of FCA but if someone wants it bad enough they will buy the entire corporation and get rid of everything else except Jeep. It is too bad but as you stated the Daimler merger was the beginning of the end for Chrysler.

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