Mercedes-Benz Unveils Concept X-Class in Geneva

MB X-Class side 2 II

Although neither Geneva nor the Switzerland countryside may be a big pickup truck marketplace, pickup news was revealed there during the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show.

Mercedes-Benz showed off the Concept X-Class mid-size pickup at the show to keep feeding speculation that it might offer a general consumer version of the coming global work truck. However, from what we understand about how MB's commercial division makes decisions, chances are slim of the U.S. getting another mid-size pickup player from the luxury-brand manufacturer.

While GMC offers a Canyon Denali for close to $50,000, we can't imagine a business case being made around a single-dimension player like the Concept X-Class. We think it's more likely that MB will offer a U.S. pickup several years from now — once it's established itself as a solid choice in the global marketplace with a strong commercial hauler.

Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Nissan on this new pickup, so the shared platform also can be seen in the form of the newly introduced Nissan Navara mid-size global pickup. Complicating the X-Class becoming a U.S. pickup is the fact that Renault-Nissan recently purchased the majority stake in Mitsubishi, which soon could be sharing platforms with Nissan and Mercedes.

From the looks of the Concept X-Class, Mercedes does seem to want to speak directly to the U.S. and Canadian markets, because a truck this stylish and filled with futuristic features has almost no other significant sales outlet on the planet.

For now, all we can do is wait and see — but if things keep going the way they have, we're guessing this could be a 2022 model as long as Mercedes offers a plug-in hybrid.

Images courtesy International Geneva Motor Show and the manufacturer


MB X-Class side 1

MB X-Class Int 1 II



So this is a mid-size luxury truck, Who would tow with this?

Has anyone realized that the driver window switch assembly looks exactly like one from Chrysler?

All the midsizers have that slanted rear door window, would not last a day on the farm though

Has anyone realized that the steering wheel and instruments look like a dog with his tongue hangin' out?

Nice looking pickup

From the side looks like the twins and taco with the rear door window slanted up at the back. Would not last a day on the farm..

MBs are expensive money pit machines in the long run,,wouldnt expect this truck to be any better..Ill stick with Chevy,,thnx

( We’re guessing this could be a 2022 model as long as Mercedes offers a plug-in hybrid.) ???? Why does PUTC have a sudden interest in plug-in hybrids?

Just when I thought it near impossible for anything to be more ugly than a Shakrolet Shakarado, here comes MB to General Malaise rescue for title to ugliest ride. However General Malaise still holds the domestic title.

That is a very stylish vehicle. Bring it MB, bring it before Ford steals your ideas like they did stole from Aston Martin and Jaguar.

Ford used to own Aston Martin you dummy.

Posted by: CHINGON | Mar 18, 2017 10:17:34 AM

Every one with a brain knew this for few years now, That's why all the new Ford cars look like 20 year old Aston Martins.

This is old news and Mercedes isn't going to sell it in the USA or Canada.

Why are we continuing to follow this thing if MB has made it clear they won't bring it to the States?

Of course, if somehow they decide to change their minds, it will probably be the ultimate status symbol for some people. And after my experiences with Daimler, I can tell you now I won't own another Benz product.

this jibber-jabber been around for years, and thankfully this vehicle will not be offered in north america

Yikes. Talk about an ugly truck.

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