Spied: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2019 Silverado 1500 1 II

The full-size pickup truck segment is likely to go through a few more significant changes as high-volume players such as the Chevrolet, GMC and Ram half-ton pickups get ready for an overhaul. So, it's no wonder our spy shooters are beginning to see more of these new pickups being tested in places other than Death Valley National Park in California and Detroit as they get ready for their debut.

We expect new powertrains and safety technology, but which manufacturer will reset the bar? Here's the latest intel we've received from our spy shooters about GM's possible strategy.

"This is our first look at the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 on public roads; we caught this one testing in Southern California. These new shots give us our best look to date at what to expect from the next-generation Silverado. Camouflaged to look like a Ram 1500 in the front and a Ford F-150 in the rear, this new Silverado makes generous use of LED lighting all around.

"Rumor has it that GM is expected to make some radical changes to its full-size pickups in the form of aluminum-intensive construction in a bid to shed weight and improve fuel efficiency, following the F-150's move a few years ago. The company is said to be working on making stronger aluminum and learning from Ford's switch to aluminum.

"The new Silverado will continue with refinements to the current V-8 engines, but it's also expected to get a diesel and mild hybrid option on the half-ton models. Currently the Duramax diesel comes only on heavy-duty trucks — and a turbocharged V-6 is also likely to join the lineup. A 10-speed automatic first seen in the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 will find its way into some trucks at launch. Expect to see the new Silverado in late 2018 as a 2019 model."

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The next gen Ford eater from GM is coming and it's hungry!

The Big 3 continue to struggle with their Time to Market performance, while the Asians lead the way in this regard, esp Hyundai and Kia.

Ford and GM were investing a ton of money in fuel economy upgrades back in 2011 and 2012. Since then the pump price of gasoline has crashed and there's even serious talk about rolling back CAFE and EPA. Ironically it was RAM that brought a diesel to the half ton space first.

How do you remain relevant in the showroom when your design and engineering teams take so damn long to respond to consumer demand? That's the big question.

Nothing new here same old junk it does matter how hungry the thing is it always gonna stay in 2 place. Hahahah. If you can't beat them joint them. Hopefully they fix the shaky shaky hahahah.

Oh another thing, the thing is built by GARBAGE MOTORS COMPANY "AKA" GOVERNMENT MOTORS nothing good comes out of the company, problems problems and more problems.

D-D-D-Does it come with a s-s-s-hake??

The key notes:

" following the F-150's move a few years ago."

Always late GM. GOOD LUCK!!

I spied this truck going west on Lomita Blvd in the city of lomita
going towards the beach cites an Pacific Ocean
We I first saw it an it thought it was a Ram pickup
Man a complete fake out with the Ram front an ford
Rear. I saw the truck in a black cover an knew it was a
Test truck.

This will not be my next truck. It is just too darn loud and big for me.

That is a ford.

It will have more body lines then tthe current model to create stiffness in the aluminum, like Ford had too do.

I have not been in a vehicle with LED lights at night that you can see much with. They look cool but just do not do the job...

That truck is sweet looking. while I don't care for black I do like the way the black color accents all the chrome trim.
A small Dmax and 30 mpg hwy would seal the deal.

That's cute. A turbo V6, a small diesel more use of aluminum. Who has already done that? Keep playing catchup. Just what one should expect from a bailout bankruptcy baby. The Hybrid they already did and I heard good things but sales were low and they quit doing it.

"That's cute. A turbo V6, a small diesel more use of aluminum. "

I though it was adorable as well. Good Luck to GM.

That is a ford

If you look close at the grille, even through the camo, it looks like a "oval" emblem in the center of the grille. Just saying.

I have had a Silverado and currently an F150. In my opinion Silverados have a long way to go to appeal to me. I also have owned a Ram. I know this us mentioned over and over but GM needs to drop the squarish wheel arches.
I know a lot of people don't like or bash the economist engines, I got to say I love mine. Tons of power.

Wait, it sure does look like a FORD.

The new Silverado will continue with refinements to the current V-8 engines,

YES! Hear that Ford girls? Vroom, rumble, rumble. Unlike Ford ecoboost V6 sound of waaaaa, waaaaa, pop, pop. LOL!

GM setting the standard, my 16 Sierra with an American small block 6.2 will out perform the f150 and it's time ticking turbos. Wether towing, plowing, or having fun

I just hope they fix the Chevy Shake.

The Chevy Shake is a deal breaker on the current model Chevy.

Even under camo you can tell this truck has good proportions and a more rounded wheel well design than current. I think it's going to be a good looking truck. Ford has reason to be concerned if this turns out as nice as it already appears.
The Ford sheep like to do a lot of talking about follow the leader but who exactly is following who if Ford now brings back the Ranger lol. And congrats to the new L5P Duramax for winning this year's Ike gauntlet tow challenge!

"L5P Duramax for winning this year's Ike gauntlet tow challenge!"

That Truck can win all the Races in the world, nobody f'ken buys it, and nobody cares.

papajim: How many years did it take Nissan to upgrade the Titan? To basically fit an existing 3rd party powertrain into an updated truck based on their existing van? You're kidding. And--the current Tundra is an ancient ruin compared to the Americans.

I think the big 3 are doing an exemplary job with bringing new tech to market as they are the only ones pioneering it.


US automakers have been very weak in this particular regard. Asian makers have honed their processes to the point that they're going from a clean sheet of paper all the way to the showroom with new designs in less than two years.

GM and Ford have struggled to manage five year TTM figures. Look it up. GM and Ford shareholders would be overcome with joy if their companies could match what the Asian makers are doing.

@papajim--We are talking trucks, not cars.

ford sold out.remember that.took a loan that they haven't paid back,and also lead the charge in the bailout.R I F.


Please find another Comments section to haunt.

"The company is said to be working on making stronger aluminum and learning from Ford's switch to aluminum."

Oh the sound of GM fans saying Ford made dumb moves, GM never gonna do it, it's not strong. Oh, and wait.... I wanna see GM now update their p/u bed commercial revised where they drop stuff into the beds from stupid heights into a bed that's unprotected which almost no one has! Nice.
Lets see what else is doing some we can get idea what GM will do in a few years later...

@papajim--This is PICKUP TRUCKS.Com not Asia cars.com

Educate yourself.

L5P Duramax for winning this year's Ike gauntlet tow challenge!"

That Truck can win all the Races in the world, nobody f'ken buys it, and nobody cares.

Posted by: Frank | Mar 8, 2017 11:50:06 AM

No one down at the shelter at least, right Frank?


Classic, maybe round wheel wells? Aluminum? No way, johnny and gms are gonna flip, aluminum will never work..... number 2 always follows number 1.

@JIM, man when we say the twins copy Ford, we didnt actually want them to, your right maybe it will be a blue chevy symbol in an oval, hey if the twins cant beat them maybe just join them?

GM is not copying for...... YET... This truck in the picture is a Ford.

You can say late but if you really think about it Ford uses the consumer to test new technology instead of thorough testing before production. I promise you all car makers are on somewhat the same level when it comes to what is coming next. Nothing is secret. If we know about it years in advance by reading articles you know the developers of all brand know as well. It's their job. All you bashing GM for taking the time to refine these achievements have no couth. They are all nice trucks. Ford took loans from the government too.Many times in fact. Fiat owns 51 percent of chrysler now. Gm paid off their loans 5 years early. Do your research.

Hey, I don't know what you guys saw when labeling this as a Chevy, but it has the ford oval on the grill!!!!!!

Umm..... Oval grill emblem and what look like the rims off of one of Fords Lariat/KR/Platinum sport packages. That a common tactic of camouflage used these days?

Have you been living under a rock Frank? There has been nearly 2 million Duramax engines produced to date.

To everyone saying this is a Ford you clearly got fooled by the camo! The appearance of a blue oval up front is on purpose to make you think your looking at something else. Obviously it worked lol!

LOL Also the wheels are available in the current ford lineup.......GM needs to build better trucks and motors.... the 5.3 motor was the worst!!!

papajim: You are floating a non-argument here. We're not talking about the redesign of the Kia Rio. Your theory obviously doesn't reflect what's happening in the full-size truck market.

I agree that's not a Ford. They'd never use those hideous exhaust tips on anything this side of a Fiesta.

Looks like a Fiat Ram truck

Blue oval in the grill. I don't see anything a little more cab forward so I'll yawn. Some innovation being implemented? Yes! But with full size being the majority of the market, and RAM pushing things out, I don't see too much changing in the full size segment. Why mess with an industry cash cow too much when Titan/Tundra are in rear view mirror. I know this is a truck site, but I couldn't help but get steered into looking at this new engine at Honda:

OK, the torque curve is probably not truck worthy at all ?, but Honda has engine technology (NSX)! My '91 Prelude's hemi 2.1L engine nearly rivals my '89 2.3L M3 hemi engine.
The more I think about how Honda has slowly entered the midsize truck market might have been the best strategy of all. Take an Odyssey and put a bed on it (albeit short) and get SUV buyers to move into trucks. Build more credibility while offering a different option in the faster growing midsize category. And perhaps for a Gen 3 Ridgeline, add more pulling capability, maybe a longer bed, and who knows what else?
Pentastar V6 305hp/269lb-ft
Ridgeline V6 280hp/262lb-ft
Type R I4 turbo 306hp/295lb-ft
2.7L Ecoboost 325hp/375lb-ft

They lost me in styling in the 80's.

Just as the EPA is getting reduced Ford is stuck with v6 car engines.

RAM's where its @, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7z3_oObChk

That Silverado has a great stance as someone mentioned earlier. It is not a Ford has some are suggesting because isn't squating from the weight of the camo suit.

Now that's funny!!!

How do you remain relevant in the showroom when your design and engineering teams take so damn long to respond to consumer demand? That's the big question.

Posted by: papajim |

Plz do explain why did GM sold more trucks then Frod and Fiasco?

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