2017 Ford Super Duty F-250 King Ranch Photo Gallery


In anticipation of our 2017 3/4-Ton Premium Truck Challenge publishing May 1, we're previewing each of the contenders with a photo gallery.

For this Challenge, we tested top-of-the-line trim levels from each of the major heavy-duty truckmakers in a battery of head-to-head competitions. Each 4x4 contender came to us with a turbo-diesel engine, crew cab and short bed.

Here's a closer look at the 2017 Ford Super Duty F-250 King Ranch. Look for the Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve tomorrow. 

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That thing is gorgeous! We have a King Ranch F450 Duallie we use on our farm for horse trailering, and iti is by far the most refined truck on the market. It makes towing a breeze. I thought our current 2008, and later 2011 F450 trucks were impressive towing monsters, but this new one is simply amazing. I have had pleasure in towing with our F350 SRW 2017 6.7 Lariat, and that truck too is amazing. So much stability during high speed highway towing. Especially being a crew cab with 8 foot bed.

Wow, what a truck! Look at the difference in detail and quality of this truck compared to the the 3rd place chevy. Nice round wells, great looking front end, interior is far superior to any other, the size proportion looks great, color is snappy.

There you go GMS/papa/johnny, I did what you guys never do, I explained why the Ford is great, you guys just bash everyone.

Thanks for featuring a real truck after that Shiverado.


What a failed design for a truck. Looks like some first graders Lego project. It has all square proportions. Because this truck uses the same cab as the F-150, it already looks dated. The grille is.....well... ugly, there was no way around that comment. The dash is way to busy with squares, circles and buttons everywhere. No since of flow in the design of the interior or exterior. The tailpipe looks like an after thought. It should exit at the rear of the vehicle. If Ford had not put the last 90 degree bent in the tailpipe they may have found the extra horsepower they needed to compete with the Chevy. Enjoy your second place most powerful engine in the segment. LOL!

For the price.. the interior better have better material.. I bet this King ranch is at least 20k over the Chevy.. looks are all opinions.. I like the wheel wells of the Chevy.. and I like the Grill of the Chevy.. to me the Ford is too over the top... Compare the interior of this truck with a High country or Denali and you'll have a more apples to apples comparison... The "king ranch leather" is all that sets the interior of this truck apart from the rest..

Comparing the two side by side, the Chevy tries hard to be a "Sport" truck, and looks incredibly low from the front. The interior is very dark, almost cave like. The bed is almost too pretty to risk damaging. It does have great Duratrac tires.

In comparison, the Ford tries to convey an "honest hardworking" image, whether or not it actually is, is debatable... but that is the image. Much more ground clearance up front, overall tall and imposing presence. The interior is light and airy, the bed is simple. You wouldn't think twice about tossing a muddy pair of post hold diggers over the sides and in. The tires are disappointing. Good for towing but not much off pavement.

Exterior preferences aside,

I can tell you Ford still wins the worst engine compartment layout award. How does a truck this size have a motor shoe-horned in like that?

Nice truck but I do not like the side thingy in front of the front door. Just saw one on way home from gym, looks like it is glued on. Liked last years better.
Ford has the best colors and wheels, I will give them that.

Wow that's one ugly truck!

Too bad the Ram and Chevy smoked the Furd during the Ike tow test on FLT.
Back to the drawing board Furd.

Why do Ford have worms sown into the seats and carpets?

The Ford King Recall.

Quality! Are you kidding! I've never seen a brand with so many issues, especially in quality control. No way I'd buy a Ford at the price they are asking with all the issues. Most of which have nothing to do with it being the first year for a complete redesign. It's a nice try Ford, but I need much better quality control for that money!

@jim actual experience or because someone told you that? I have owned many GM products, never had one that worked, Ford have had no issues with anything quality related. Just my own opinion based on actual experience.

The Best Truck on the Market. Not like others......who..umm...well..barf.

Looks like there's less engine space to work on it than the Ridgeline FWD. I could get my hands to the back plugs on the Ridgeline. This F series looks impossible overall: then again it is just a picture, but looks challenging right from the start. Gosh this thing must be expensive, but if you just have to have it, enjoy.

I really can care less because I don't have a ranch and I don't tow things, but can understand how these big trucks are really needed for some. With respect to the editing: they call this a short box? It looks traditional regular size if you ask me: must be 6.5'. I guess there really is no "short" 5' box in the F250, but calling it a short box muddy's up the water with respect to nomenclature.


I like both the Ford and the Chevy. Both look awesome in higher grade trims.

@angelo, the 250's box is 6'7" they are referring to short since its not 8'

The best looking truck period.
You know it's the best when it has GM Not so great,wishing it were and Jonny Dolt commenting, lol.
Those two are stuck in the 1980's much like the interiors of the rust twins.
Can't wait for the April numbers.

Why is there a Chevy in this "Premium Truck Challenge" anyway??

Best looking luxury truck on the road.

@Nitro I just looked at Ford's F250 specs and I saw 81.9" and 98.1". 81.9"=6'9.9" is even longer than both of us think. Unless, you are implying 6'7" is from the top. I believe all manufacturers are specing things from the bottom, which of course is a little misleading, unless one is stacking cement bags, or not stacking medium size boxes.

Yah, the HD's use a different nomenclature, because a box that long in no way is "short" even in the full size truck world.

The cow that donated it's hide for the interior of this King Recall must have had a worm infestation.

Nice truck but ugly front end on these, also they are giving the ugly grill treatment to next years f150

@Angelo, good point, I did not look that up, my current F250(2011) is the same cab config at 6'7"

@GMS, sorry you cant say anything good about the Chevy's, but its understandable being in third place in the truck wars

Vastly prefer the older KR leather---tan instead of black. The color of a nice leather baseball glove.

Wow. That thing is ugly. The front is like from 70's. My garage door has better aero and design.
Ford would need to pay me a big money to see me inside every day.

That front end is hideous.

"You wouldn't think twice about tossing a muddy pair of post hold diggers over the sides and in. The tires are disappointing. Good for towing but not much off pavement."


You'll end up punching a hole in the bed doing stuff like that. Unless you like your Ford bed to look like swiss cheese...

It's a shame Ford can't figure out how to get paint to stick to aluminum. Once the aluminum starts to corrode, the paint will start to peel in huge patches and you won't be fixing that cheap.

Wow. That thing is ugly. The front is like from 70's. My garage door has better aero and design.
Ford would need to pay me a big money to see me inside every day.

Posted by: RAM | Apr 25, 2017 3:49:30 PM

We'd all pitch in and buy you a Ford so you can drive off a cliff and go away, take johnny, gmscrap, and papaslow with you.

I wonder if Ford decided to do something about the death wobble problem they refuse to acknowledge. I've had to bring my 2015 Powerstroke in twice because it would shake like I blew a tire. Both times it happened when I hit an expansion joint on a bridge. Dealer had the truck for over a week and said there was nothing wrong. The 2nd time the service manager rode with and finally had to admit something was wrong with the front end. Replaced the track bar bushing, ball joints and shocks at 15k miles. Okay for a few weeks, now its back again. What a joke.

We'd all pitch in and buy you a Ford so you can drive off a cliff and go away, take johnny, gmscrap, and papaslow with you.

Posted by: Frank | Apr 25, 2017 4:56:42 PM

Wow. You wish me a death, because of stupid truck I don't like in my opinion ?
I wish you die in your Ford soon then.

We'd all pitch in and buy you a Ford so you can drive off a cliff and go away, take johnny, gmscrap, and papaslow with you.

Posted by: Frank | Apr 25, 2017 4:56:42 PM

Hope you have enough time to escape your burning Ford.


Good golly miss Molly that grill is UGLY.

Apparently the XD is a 3/4 ton...

The good news is you can get over 10K off the sticker for one.

Nice truck but hate the head lights and grille...

Dodge RAM has the best over all looking trucks !

I like the Ford too but that front grille and lights are a huge turn off..Time for the 7 liter V-8 or new V-10 then maybe I could live with a ugly front grille...

My side Company I am partnered with my 2 other best friends and Brother ,we own GM/Dodge/Ford/ 2500 and 3500's and 3 Toyota Tacoma's for light duty use ,usually females getting small supplies and lunch runs..

PS,I personally owned a GM,Ford,Dodge,Toyota myself in the past so ..

Who the heck is the Angelo guy?

Nomenclature?? Really?!?

Stop using this stupid language, and nobody cares about your whining about engine compartments and truck sizes.

Can't they find tires to fill those ugly round wheel wells.
What's with the badging on the front fender?, looks like half of it's missing. What a ugly truck. Henry Fords turning in his grave.

Well pretty fancy, but who the heck picked the poo brown interior color? Atleast it's not those reds they used in the 80s.

I'd swap my Duramax for that in a heartbeat.

What is the worm thing on the rear seat and floor?

It's the King Ranch "Running W."


Ugly dash, too busy, ugly grill...bet its gonna be a pain to clean the grasshoppers out out of that, wiggle worm sucks, too boxy, you know how a box goes down the road

Wait a second..... weren't all the Ford guys whining about the outdated column shift in the GMs???

What gives guys? Where is the outrage for the column shift in a $70K Ford???

Being their premium offering, has Ford developed a fire suppression system for the King Recall yet.

Wow best looking HD on the market, makes the shaky GOVT motors puss Truck 3rd rated lehtover...just like in the sales

This truck would be alright if Ford hadn't weakened up the front end so much the last 10 years. I can't believe how cheap they've gotten when it comes to the quality of the track bar, bushings, ball joints, stabilizers, etc. I found out first hand when my 2015 Superduty started shaking like it was having a seizure at 60 MPH. Not a nice surprise when you're pulling 15k lbs down a busy interstate. You would think their front ends would last more than 35k miles. It's not like I beat on it or don't maintain it. Unless rough, poorly maintained highways is too abusive. I'm a bit ashamed to say that I'll be looking at a cummins for my next truck. Maybe even a duramax if the price is right.

Wow best looking HD on the market, makes the shaky GOVT motors puss Truck 3rd rated lehtover...just like in the sales
Posted by: Lio | Apr 27, 2017 11:25:18 AM

Yes the GM blew past the 3rd rated shakey, death wobblin F-350 on the Ike Gauntlet.

I'm guessing about 90% of the negative commenters have yet to even see this truck in person, let alone test drive it. I've owned about 17 cars and trucks and this is my second Ford. I just traded in my 2013 Platinum. I got the 2017 KR F-250 and it is beautiful. Mine is similar two tone java. My gf thought it was so ugly at first and now she loves it and is very jealous as it puts her Land Rover to shame in the interior and electronics department. Go test drive and read up on the specs too in regards to the aluminum bed. All you critics are the same who judge movies by the trailers. I love the Chevy High Country and the GMC 2500 and I was a bit torn, but being a sort of techy, I opted for the KR and glad I did. For those that say it has too much going on, that's who the base models are for. The "worm" on the seat? It's called a brand. https://www.google.com/amp/truckyeah.jalopnik.com/what-is-the-king-ranch-a-small-history-of-a-big-texas-1547996513/amp

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