2017 Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve Photo Gallery


Some will argue that the 2017 Nissan Titan XD should not have been included in our upcoming 2017 3/4-Ton Premium Truck Challenge. It carries less, tows less and has the smallest diesel engine among the heavy-duty pickup truck competitors. In fact, Nissan promotes the Titan XD as in between the half-ton and three-quarter-ton classes — a "tweener," if you will. However, in the name of trying to deliver as much testing information about every pickup available to us, we thought you'd like to see how it compares to other HD trucks.

Without giving too much away before the Challenge publishes May 1, we can say this truck surprised us at the track, and its interior impressed some of the judges.

Here's a closer look at the 2017 Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve. Look for the 2017 Ram 2500 Laramie Longhorn tomorrow. 

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The truck does look nice. I don't understand the huge white lights on the back end. Are those giant backup lights? It appears to have a matching spare tire and rim! I hope that catches on with some others!

I think that this truck may slot between "realistic" 1/2 ton towing and 3/4 ton gassers. Having a sturdier frame and running gear than a typical 1/2 ton makes for less stressful towing/hauling. And it looks handsome in person.

Looking forward to the tests.....I dont really like the exterior at all on this truck, but the interior is impressive like the Fords. Looks very nice!

Finally, after yesterday's King Recall hiccup, we are back on track today with quality built vehicles. The exterior isn't great as it has too many Ford styling cues. The interior is very nice. That tan color looks similar to the beautiful High Country interior.

In person, the truck looks good. I prefer it over the Ford and Chevrolet, but looks ARE subjective. The interior is an inch or two smaller in every directing, which won't make a difference to most crew cab buyers, but might be for those who need every inch. The XD weighs just as much as the domestic 3/4 tons. The chassis should be good for another 1000# of GVW (see NV3500) but that might require stepping up to 8-lug wheels. Then it could certainly hang with the 3/4-Ton crowd. With 1/2 to 2/3 the load capacity, it HAS TO ride way better, or its a fail.
I'd would like to think that fuel econ will be at the front of the pack, but the competition (especially Ford) has figured out how to down-speed their bigger engines.

I recently traded in my 11 ram 1500 Hemi Laramie for a 16 Titan XD with the cummins in SL trim. I have a 35' travel trailer that I will be pulling with it which weights about 9,500 fully loaded. This truck absolutely handles the RV with little effort, it is a much more confident and safe feel pulling over my half ton. I would suspect the truck is grossly underrated. I don't need to pull 15,000-18,000 lbs but do need to pull 10 - 12,000 confidently with my family of 5 and this truck delivers.

@gms, so nice to see you give a better review of this truck then the Chevy, maybe you are starting to turn away from them now...

I like the looks minus the big dumb looking vent thingy on the side with the Cummins logo. Just put the cummins logo on there and get rid of the rest of that.

"@gms, so nice to see you give a better review of this truck then the Chevy, maybe you are starting to turn away from them now.."

That is about as likely as my dog giving up chasing squirrels.

Not at all a fan of the exterior but it's quite impressive from the inside and i'm sure a very capable work truck

"The truck does look nice. I don't understand the huge white lights on the back end. Are those giant backup lights? It appears to have a matching spare tire and rim! I hope that catches on with some others!"

The top of the white lights are red LED brake lamps and the bottom white is reverse. The turn signal/driving lamps are in the red at the very bottom.

LOL Already going down as one of the biggest pickup truck designs in US history by multiple rating groups. Nice job Nissan truck division , are you planning on screwing the Frontier too???

"Biggest pickup truck design" FAILURES

Great looking truck.

Better looking than both Fords!

How can you include a truck model with less than 1500 pounds of legal payload capacity in a 3/4 ton comparison when most of the competition will have 2800+ pounds payload capacity?

Being from a huge mountain area, I would take the Nissan Diesel over any half ton gas truck any day if you pull anything at all.

Then why don't you?

@scott, because they can, which is why you are better off testing things on your own if possible.

I was looking at cargo vans for my A/C company and thought the Cummins in the Nissan would be great for MPG. They don't offer it in the vans. That sucks.

Ugly, even in person...

Even a paper bag won't do it justice. It has a look that seems to have been greatly influenced from designers overseas.

I'm not a fan of the overdone chrome. It reminds me of that Offspring song - Pretty Fly (for a white guy) - "if you don't rate then overcompensate.." Plus it's a nuisance to drivers on the road when the sun reflects off it.

Back to the drawing board Nissan. Unfortunately that won't happen for another 10 years or more.

Saw one of these last week with a 4 inch lift, nice wheels and tires that did not stick out. I still say it looks like a Ford from the side and front.

It also looks like a Ford on the inside. Why? Cuz FORD gets it right & the others follow. This shows the world that Nissan "WISHES" they were a "FORD F150!" Not very professional of them at all imo! Ah Well...at least Fred Diaz tried. lol.

A Platinum trim level" and yet no sunroof???
Not digging that cheesy spare tire chain hanging either.

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I just purchased the platinum reserve with the Cummins two weeks ago. I traded in my 2013 Ford F250 6.2L gas and have to say the performance and ride quality is above Ford. The towing capacity is the same as my 2013, but having the smaller 5.0 turbo diesel is perfect for my towing needs. I was considering to purchase the new 2017 F250 but the 6.7L is just to much engine. And the F150 with the 3.5 ecoboost will not have the life expectancy of the Cummins. It may not have the nicest exterior, but the interior is very luxurious and the seats are amazing!

Yes it's a Cummins diesel but it's an odd truck. It's heavy like a 3/4 ton but only carries the tow rating of a juiced up half ton. If the mileage turned out to be amazing it might be worth while. The power isn't super inspiring though. It's rated almost the same as my old 6.0L power stroke. Though the Nissan is a bit lighter than my f350 I doubt it would have the nimble fun factor the f150 gas engines have. As much as I like Cummins it I were looking at a Nissan it would be the 5.6 v8.

In conclusion:
1. Weight of a 3/4 ton
2. Price of a 3/4 ton
3. Payload and towing capacity of a 1/2 ton
4. Acceleration of a UPS truck

no thanks

Acceleration of a UPS truck
Posted by: Nick | Apr 27, 2017 12:19:51 AM


Are you buying a diesel pickup truck based on its drag racing performance?

Nissan offers a truck for those who want the comfort and ride of a competitive half ton truck, with the towing capacity needed for hauling bigger loads than folks are comfortable with when they drive their F150s, RAM 1500s and Sierras.

It's a design that hasn't caught on with buyers yet, but I do see a lot more of them than I did six months ago. The jury is still out.

@Jeff S- A tragic release of toxic industrial gas injuring and killing thousands has no bearing on whether or not man-made climate change is real. Yes, mankind has caused environmental pollution, and no one is arguing in defense of it. The two are separate issues- only politicians need to bundle unrelated things together.

@NIck, I really hate to say this but agree with Papa(grinding teeth), you dont buy a diesel to race, you buy it to do work, this truck may be an excellent choice for those who need a little more than 1/2 ton but dont want to go to a 3/4-1ton. I have to see the reports on towing/payload hauling to better support this, but have a feeling it will perform well in that category.

Who said anything about racing? If the XD was so awesome then Nissan would have given it a higher payload rating. Its less then a max tow F150. Unless you're a Nissan fan-boy, or like the 5/100 warranty, there is absolutely nothing better on this truck, compared to the F-series.

I digged in the towing info for the Titan XD, and I recall about all the big numbers and I was shocked about how much it weights, not much payload left, 1400 lbs. Nobody is buying this to do work. That much I can tell you.

Has a lower cargo rating than my Tundra. Awesome job Nissan, tweener no thanks.

Diane Allen, the designer of the Titan said "we quickly determined that the rest of the domestic manufacturers own "cowboy," so our look had to be a little different". The fact that she thinks there is a cowboy look indicates her view of trucks was skewed from the beginning. There is no cowboy truck look. Sometimes cowboy is associated with the look due to use/farm preferences and marketing, but the notion of a cowboy look says they don't know trucks. To avoid the perceived cowboy truck, they morphed a 2005 Altima into a truck, gave awkward proportions to the front wheel wells/overhangs, made no effort to hide an extremely raked windshield with side window tricks, and made the front as bulbous as possible. Different is what they wanted and got. The consumer did not get what they wanted though.

My 2012 Tundra can tow as much as this Titan, maybe even more. I get 15 mpg city and 21 hw with the 5.7L (4.30 gearing) and have all the 'snap' I need to pass and/or play with most anything on the road.

TUNDRA all the way!!!

I have 2016 nissan titan. .and I use this thing I tow everthing ..boats ..car trailers..snowmobile trailers..let me tell you ..it's not a ford.this is a smoth riding work machine..I would have destroyed 5 ford f150 by now..this is a good looking smooth running truck...I used to drive ford...

Ford 150 are for pulling pop up tent trailers..and lawn tractors

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