2017 Ram 1500 Sublime Sport Review: Photo Gallery/Video


Just in case you needed to see more details of Ram's limited-edition lime-green half-ton pickup, the 2017 Sublime Sport, we have a full photo gallery from the 2017 New York International Auto Show. The Sublime Sport goes on sale in May and paints the 1500 in lime green, including the grille, bumpers, door handles and mirrors. It's accented by blackout badging, and it offers 20- or 22-inch blackout alloy wheels. Pricing will start at $47,135, which includes destination.

Cars.com photos by Angela Conners


















Love the green stitching that is cool

The only thing worse than a florescent green pickup truck is a long in the tooth florescent green pickup truck.

At least it doesn't have an obnoxiously large RAM print on the tailgate. Whew!

The 70's called and they want their color back.

My crazy Aunt bought a Chartreuse Barracuda in the late 60's with a vinyl daisy flower Landau roof.
No trouble finding it in the parking lot.

The green all over would get old after awhile. You're better off picking something classic and not ostentatious imo.

Fiat with bad color, some touches of black, stitching and wheels. Its another short bus, no new ideas, no real work/investment, give us your money, "special" edition.

All that matters is the Hemi inside. Best light truck motor available.

All that matters is the Hemi inside. Best light truck motor available.

Posted by: gomjabber | Apr 14, 2017 12:16:32 PM

Light truck motor for sure.

Sweet truck price

For all you Ram fanboys, I'm sure you've read the head to head competitions on here where GM's 5.3 was faster, more fuel efficient, and overall better than Ram's outdated Hemi? Surely, some of you poors can read, right? To say that it's the "best" of anything is just ignorant. Throw it up against GM's 6.2 and it's even a bigger joke. The Hemi is all hype in the Ram and anyone with half a brain knows it.

Perfect color. When it breaks down you can spot is on the side of the road from miles away.

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