2017 Ram 2500 Laramie Longhorn Photo Gallery


The final photo gallery preceding our next well-dressed comparison test, the 2017 3/4-Ton Premium Truck Challenge, is of the 2017 Ram 2500 Laramie Longhorn. Although the Ram and the turbo-diesel 6.7-liter inline-six-cylinder Cummins engine have not been updated in several years, together they create a powerful player in the class.

The photo gallery below gives you a preview of the mechanicals and special features that were on our test truck. Tomorrow we'll have a quick video of what our judges think. The full package of stories will publish May 1. 

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Nice interior. Are you paying attention Ford?

It's way nicer than the Chevy. Nice seats--the influence Ford has on the industry Is amazing.

One of my friends owns a small construction business, doing tile and masonry. He has a very heavy trailer that's almost always hooked up.

He traded his hi-miles 2006 F250 on a new RAM 2500 crew cab. He wanted a work truck, so he got one. Very plain trim. White paint. Steel wheels. Base.

Ram dealer gave him 12k for his Ford and the new truck was out the door (after some whining from the sales manager) for just over 32k.

There is no better HD truck deal on the market today.

Anyway, I see a theme occuring here. Three of the four manufacturers represented so far has had their premium top trim levels present. Ford - King Recall
Nissan - Titan XD
Ram - Long Horn edition
All of the above vehicles have the tan (generally speaking) leather interior as the dominate color.

The Chevy was the LTZ and that is not their premium trim. The Chevy premium trim level is the High Country with the saddle color as standard up until this year where a black interior is available.
PUTC, sure hope your scoring is strictly based on the performance data and not trim levels as you have created an uneven playing field in that respect.


GMS sounds worried already.

Let the arse kicking begin.

GovMsRGreat already making excuses for the coming loss. North Korea and Assad should hire him for Public Relations. He would still at least try to sell socialism in Venezuela as its the lifeblood of GM.

Nice job hiding the chevy's DEF tank with the step bars. Kinda surprised the fiat doesn't have step bars. I forget who brought the tan leather to the HD truck game? O that's right King Ranch Fords. The Ed Harvey pattern on the Fiat's seats is eye catching. Not sure about the level of tastefulness of it but it does catch the eye.

Being the newest and most modern and enjoying all those advantages anything but first for ford is a loss in this contest this year. And when someone else is newer they should view it the same way.

Looking forward to fiat and gov motors redesigns that will either have little to no real innovation or show that they have been falling behind and decided to take catching up seriously and bring some real imitationvation. They think its innovation but its not when youre not first its imitation.

No excuses, just facts.

On performance data, handling and road feel, the Chevy will dominate with the new DMAX. But clearly, they are setting up a subjective argument by not using the top trim level from all the trucks represented.

PUTC, sure hope your scoring is strictly based on the performance data and not trim levels as you have created an uneven playing field in that respect.


Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Apr 27, 2017 7:21:

U scared? Last I checked GM created their trim level.

The Chevy High Country with the saddle color interior is the nicest interior available in a light duty truck today. Why PUTC choose not to use it sounds very suspect. Wouldn't you agree? Maybe they will fess up when the test results are posted.

The high country is a glorified Lariat. Midnight might get better scoring from some.

They are all nice looking trucks with the very notable exception of the tailpipe on the Chevy. As they say, beauty is only skin deep but ugly cuts to the bone and that pipe is ugly. And it is not just ugly, I would worry about damaging it with it so low and so far back.

I like the way that the first comment is "Nice interior. Are you paying attention Ford?" Followed by a whole bunch of excuses and belly aching by the same person on why it is not so nice. I suspect the PUTC tested what Chevy sent them. It would not be the first time they did not get what they asked for. Mayby Mark will comment on that.

The high country is a glorified Lariat. Midnight might get better scoring from some.

Posted by: Chris | Apr 27, 2017 8:02:42 AM

I totally agree that the Midnight might get better scoring from some as it is a subjective evaluation. The comparison however states, premium truck challenge.

Average MPH 25
Average MPG 14.4??

GMSRGREAT, I owe you an apology, you said something nice about something other than a GM product and that took a while for that to sink in. Mark does owe us an explanation for why the Chevy is not in premium trim like the others and hopefully adjusts for that. Personally, I like the middle trims better anyway.

Anyone else notice this Ram looks to have the sport (non-Tow mirrors)? Seems interesting when Ram offers power folding tow mirrors on the HD rams

Very nice truck here, you can see why they are taking over the number 2 spot from Chevy, inside and out, this is a great workhorse, chevy will need to lead not follow or they will continue to slide

GM said the Chevy is premium Special Edition.

Nice truck!

Look at that, another high-end truck with an outdated column shift.

@Jack Please explain how a column shift is outdated. Console shift is dumb as it takes up space in the middle of the front row. Column shift allows for bench or bucket seats.

They're not. However, the Ford and Dodge guys have been blasting GM since the 14's came out for having a column shift.

Dated or not, I wish ram would go back to leaf springs in the rear and go to a better tow mirror and get rid of the moose antlers.

Calm down, GMSRGONADS.

The Shiverado may not even finish the test. {POP, SNAP, FIZZLE...)

@scott, I think the moose antlers show their uniqueness, which is good, remember when Ford did the nice auto extending mirrors, then the twins were quick to copy them, in this case its good to be different.

Now they're telling me the truck will be there for the test---with a 2x4 wedged between the cab and box--ready to go !! Hahahahaha !!! What junk...

Just want to divert the testers attention to their safety. Guys/Gals, wear a fire suit while testing the King Recall.

Best looking. But these brown interiors are killing me.

I wish my truck was a Ford.

Hopefully they don't put anything in the bed of the chevy or put it on a dyno. Would hate to see putc return the chevy with a burned up wiring harness and collapsed bed like last time.

Best truck ever built for pulling in steep hill county! And if you live in big mountain country and look at all of the ranchers and heavy pullers you should know the best is the Dodge Ram! But the other trucks are pretty dang nice looking trucks.

I wonder if they test these trucks to see which one can turn the quickest?

Or are they just happy that some of them take half an acre to turn around in?

I'm all for the brown interior.

Not so sure I'm crazy about the saddle bag look.

My 2010 trx4 had about the same colors, a black exterior, with a tan and brown interior. And that was just an SLT based truck.

Can't say I'm too crazy about all-black Interiors but a lot of trucks are offering just black or grey Interiors.

Best looking interior in my opinon. Wish they offered it in the Power Wagon. Cummins is the best name in diesel. It's what Chevy and Ford owners choose after their engine fails. Rated to 300,000 miles over Chevy and Fords 200,000.

" They think its innovation but its not when youre not first its imitation."

Posted by: Clint | Apr 27, 2017 7:32:04 AM

Ya, like a solid box frame. Ram first. Like turbo diesel, Ram first. Like 4x4 Ram first. Like compression brakes. Ram first. List goes on. Your Ford and Chevy still have leaf springs from a wagon. Ram has air bag leveling. Ram was first J2807. Ram was first to offer a goose neck ball in the bed. Etc..

@clint, The only thing Ford leads is FIRE RECALLS!!


Ford’s Third Recall In A Week Affects 2017 Ford F-250s. Only 29 FIRES so far. lol


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