2017 Ram Rebel, Limited Get New Options

Rebel Delmonico 1a II

In the name of continually tweaking its current, aging lineup — and with any significant changes still a year or two away — Ram is announcing a few changes for the 2017 1500 Rebel (adding Delmonico Red paint) and the Limited (which will now be offered with body-colored "Ram" lettering on the tailgate and sidesteps).

The Delmonico Red Ram 1500 Rebel (offered in crew-cab half-ton configurations only) features a black and gray interior with anodized black bezels on the doors, center console, and surrounding the instrument panel and gauges. Of course, all seats on the truck will be black, highlighted with gray stitching and including the signature Rebel embroidery along the inner side bolster. Pricing will start for the Delmonico Red Ram Rebels at $46,490 (which includes the $1,395 destination charge).

The Ram Limited (offered in 1500, 2500 and 3500 crew-cab configurations only) will also be offered with a new feature option to allow buyers to have the big Ram lettering on the tailgate color-matched with the rest of the vehicle. The new design feature is a shift in styling, as the only other "colors" available with the large lettering were black and chrome. Additionally, Ram is also offering body-colored cab-length side steps. In fact, no matter what the model, you can order the body-colored lettering and sidesteps for $195 each if you don't want to get the full Rebel or Limited package.

Arriving in dealerships in May, Ram Limited models start at $54,660 (which includes the $1,395 destination, which is for the half-ton) and will be incrementally more for the 2500 and 3500 models.

Manufacturer images

Rebel leather 1a II

Limited R A M body color II



That grille ruins the entire truck. Reminds me of something from a Terminator movie.

I agree the grill is bad....fix that and you will over take Chevy for number 2

Yes, whole front end looks like Plastic. Surprised for that model, rear bumper has NO backup sensors on it.

I know Ram has come a long way in recent years, but man--this thing looks like a rummage sale on wheels. How did the designer in charge not get whacked for this thing?

Blackout pieces on the front, chrome trim on the back, snag-prone running boards, and cheese-hoggish JC Whitney headlamps? Sorry no sale here.

The Raptor with it's awful-sounding V6 is 100X better to look at and will lap this thing like it's not moving on the track.

I never like that grille . Maybe if they remove the middle area around the RAM ,and leave the RAM and the rest open. Looks like to much cheap plastic.

Junk junk and more junk, just like the two medium twin sisters from Garbage Motors aka GOVERNMENT MOTORS.

I like the tailgate. Like the color of the truck. Not liking the front at all. Interior is nice. The truck is too low for those steps. I am looking forward to a new design from Ram.

Rummage sale ? Cheap plastic ? Pretty lame and seriously ridiculous comments ! This is the best looking RAM to come out in decades and i guarantee no ford rupture or chevy boxfender is going to lap it. The only truck that can touch this in style and awesomeness is the Rebel X (TRX) which isnt even out in the wild yet !! Some of these guys sound like they cant pull theirselves out of the last century !(just like their Ford and Chevy designers). Just wait till these bunkins get a taste of the 575hp beast Rebel X thats on the way! we're gonna have a whole slew of new RAM fans !

The Raptor with it's awful-sounding V6 is 100X better to look at and will lap this thing like it's not moving on the track.

Posted by: redbloodedxy | Apr 5, 2017 10:26:28 AM

And whats the price for a Craptor compared to a Rebel smart guy?

Ram Runner VS Raptor, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ink77nR3ElU


Lipstick on a pig.

Production Ram Rebel TRX Said To Arrive For 2018

Read more: http://fcauthority.com/2017/03/production-ram-rebel-trx-said-to-arrive-for-2018/#ixzz4dOqYH0MT

Are they not listening to us when we say that the new grill on this thing is ugly?

Hello Ram!

Besides that, we're waiting on a 2018 Model, come on, now get busy!

Looks like a Pugs face.

"And whats the price for a Craptor compared to a Rebel smart guy?"

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Apr 5, 2017 12:44:52 PM

Hey. I said they've come a long way... Hell, they might even pass Chevy in sales this year once the GM's rear ends start clunking on queue.

And whats the price for a Craptor compared to a Rebel smart guy?

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Apr 5, 2017 12:44:52 PM

@ HEMI V8; a basic Raptor without all the options will be in the price range of full optioned Rebel. So your point is mute as the base Raptor will still run rings around the best effort from Fiat...

@Lionel, Wrong!


Stay thirsty,

Love my 2012 ram Laramie but that truck pictured above is horribly ugly

Yeah, I agree with the disparaging comments above.
I'm a Ram guy, but this thing is a styling disaster.

The black goofy front is just TOO MUCH.
If they added some chrome to brighten it up, it would be much better, especially with Delmonico Red.

What was Jim Morrison thinking?


Truck looks sick just needs a 3 in. lift

The big news in this article is that Fiat is still a year or 2 away from having a new 1/2 ton truck.

Very nice looking truck, good job FCA.
Way better looking than those Ugly fords, those things should all be sent to the shredders. Turn them back into beer cans so they can become useful to mankind.

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