Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: March 2017

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Things just aren't as bad for automotive sales as some prognosticators would like you to believe, at least not for pickup truck sales. The only dark spot — and it's pretty dark — is that all the GM pickups (Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado, GMC Sierra and Canyon) had a bad month. All of their sales were down compared to March 2016 by double digits.

Ford F-Series and Ram truck sales are doing well, with Ford revamping its entire lineup in the last two years and Ram plugging along despite both its light-duty and heavy-duty lineup being among the oldest of each segment; its dealers must be doing something right. And it must be highlighted that this is the first time this year that Ram has outsold the Chevy Silverado for a given month (though Ram did it once last year, as well). Maybe this is a trend?

The other standouts this month include the Nissan Titans, which seem to be building steady momentum. Nissan combines both the light-duty half-ton Titan (only on sale for about six months now) and its heavier-duty model, the Titan XD (on sale for well over a year). Additionally, this is the first time in a little while on our pickup-truck-focused sales chart that the Titan has moved ahead of the rekindled Honda Ridgeline.

It's also worth noting that the Toyota Tundra — making a quiet move ahead of the Chevy Colorado this month to become the sixth best-selling pickup so far this year — is plugging away, sitting in the shadow of the solidly selling Toyota Tacoma.

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The old ram is outselling the news chevy, not surprised

And the Titan is a major fail

A few facts for the people in Rio Linda......

F-Series outsold, not just Silverado and Sierra, but Silverado + Sierra + Colorado + Canyon COMBINED.

F-Series sales are the best March sales in over 10 years...

God bless Aluminum.

Whoa....RAM...gaining momentum.

The greatest line of trucks the world has ever known.


Congrats to the RAM. The best truck on the world.

Looks like ford will have lots of trucks to recall in a few months. LOL

I cross brand shop every time I in the market for a new truck. I know Chevy is working on the next gen but I assuming the 3 things that knock it out of my selection will still exist (p.s. no one truck is great and no one truck is junk, find the one that fits your needs). GM truck issues for me 1) I still don’t understand why they can’t align the steering wheel and the seat (everyone else can) 2) Sorry not ok with column shifter and haven’t had in a vehicle since the 70’s and 3) no extended fuel tank in crew cab short box. They might fix 3 but I actually think they think 1 and 2 are features. So sorry probably won’t be my next truck again.
Also owned a 2004 Titan when they were a class leader in some aspects, now just a class follower at best.

Colorado was never going to take over the Tacoma!

Nissan can sell a 13 year old midsize truck design at the rate of 3 to 1 against GMC dealers selling their midsize Canyon.
I'd say GM has just as big a problem as Nissan does in the truck market.
Even Honda is outselling GMC in midsize trucks and Honda's entry is as non-traditional as it gets.
Ford sales are impressive. Even more so considering Ford is not discounting at the level of GM or Ram.

@Ron Dieter: How do you figure? Nissan is steadily ramping up production. By the end of the year, it wouldn't be surprising to see the Titans overtake the Tundra's sales.

We live in a traditionally strong truck area in greater Daytona Beach. I can tell you firsthand that we are seeing almost no new Titans on the road. Maybe 1 a week if that and we have never ever seen one parked as we go about our errands and work. Our local Nissan dealer is a strong competitor too so not sure what is going on. Just offering my observation. Make that "our" observation...even my wife has mentioned several times that she is seeing almost no new Titans.

Look at Ford. Fleet dumping to keep a sales crown. It's like 2000 all over again.

Same story, different Month. Ford #1 for 45 years. LOL

Look at Ford. Fleet dumping to keep a sales crown. It's like 2000 all over again.

Posted by: P71_CrownVic | Apr 3, 2017 1:19:04 PM

If I were to buy a Fleet of Trucks, I know I'd want Ford for the reliability, there is nothing wrong with selling to Fleets.

Companies like Ford much better, a SALE IS A SALE.

Have a nice Day!!

GM still the truck sales leader in 2017. 208,162 trucks sold to date. Ford is throwing everything on the hood including the bath water and the baby, still #2 truck manufacturer.

205,281 F-series sold to date. I sure hope Ford is making good profits on those fleet sales. Ford needs profits to fund their #1 in recalls status. Good luck!

@GMS, sorry you have to keep defending the twins, watch out for Ram clipping your silverado heels, geez, man, number 1 continues to be far out of reach for Chevy.....

On another note, the small truck market seems pretty dismal....

I told ya the gm mids have plateau'd from last month. And ford think's it's a good idea to bring the ranger back... back to fail. The gm mids was selling because it was the new flower in the garden... but that flower is a short term bloomer..

I guess GMs fire sale that has been ongoing for almost a year now isn't working out so good. Not to mention the millions of dollars GM spends in tv advertising.

GM sell 208,162 units with a 4 name brank truck lineup.

Ford sell 3000 less trucks YTD with a total of 205,281 with only 1 truck lineup. LOL

Ford dealer near me in Iowa has $15,000 off MSRP on new F150's or 0% for 72 months. Chevy not only one with discounts.

Why do you guys continue putting the Ridgeline's percentages? Those numbers look silly.

Wow, I think this is going to be the year Ram over takes Chevy.

Not to kick Nissan while it's down, however, until they can beat the Tundra in monthly sales with combined Titan/XD sales they are a serious fail. I don't believe they will, though they are trying, there are great deals out there, I've seen XD's with the diesel selling for less than a comparable Big 4 1/2 ton. GM fans will have great buys coming up as they will have to respond to these numbers ASAP. Where's the Ram 3.0 ED? Any news?

Interesting information from the Motley Fool:
"The F-Series' average transaction price rose over $2,500 from a year ago."

It will be interesting to see how Ram and Chevy are doing on holding their price.

Agreed, someone needs a refresher course on division by zero.

Agreed, Titan sales are a #FAIL. Titan's new slogan should be "The more things change, the more things stay the same."

Go Ford GO!

The GMC Canyon doesn't sell well due to it being a luxury truck in a non luxury market. You can buy the Colorado a lot cheaper and get the same drivetrain without the fancy leather stitching and soft touch materials.

The Ford is a darn nice looking truck and Ford Trucks have always sold well. The GMC and Chevy are also great looking but without a diesel 1/2 ton they are not keeping up. The Ram are cheap to buy and cheaply built, so i can see why they sell well.

Remember walt, fords all new trucks are also more expensive to build as well. so if average transaction price is up $2500 but the price to build is up $2500 it really isn't all that impressive.

however fords new SD is a very good truck.

interesting to see what Ram's counter will be. The rumors I'm hearing sounds like it is going to be head and shoulders better then the competition.

Here in my part of Texas(Abilene) RAM Lonestars are $13K off all the time. That has to help RAM sales.

It's not up that much at all but even if it's $2,500 it's still cheaper than $3,000 plus for a small diesel.

$500 for aluminum plus another $495 for a 2.7L Ecoboost is a LOT less than the under-powered $4000 3.0L Ecodiesel. Sure, it gets less fuel mileage when towing, but as BAFOON always stated "nobody tows with 1/2 ton trucks anymore" so FE when towing or loaded would be a moot point in his arguments since it is as rare as he claims.

I think some are just mad because Ford went with aluminum first and, Ford the truck leader for 40 years, has sales that are the biggest in over a decade.

Ford for the win. Honorable mention to Ram for beating Chevy. Why does GM even try anymore? Their trucks are junk. I guess their market is girly men driving in the city back and forth to the mall.

"Remember walt, fords all new trucks are also more expensive to build as well. so if average transaction price is up $2500 but the price to build is up $2500 it really isn't all that impressive."

That $2500 is just the increase from last year. I gave some links several months ago that reported Ford's average transaction price was about $4500 more than Chevy already. It is not a direct comparison but it looks like Ford has extended their pricing lead to $6000 or more. I will keep an eye out for more concrete information.

Shouldn't Ridgelines be plus infinity percent? Lol

@ Walt,

RAM trucks pricing also went up over last year, but Ford has $15,000 off this year as well as last..

Thus the $2,500 is still included as they had $15,000 off last year as well.. and the year before its $2500 higher than last year but still with $15,000 off..Last year you bought the same truck with $15,000 off this year the same truck with $15,000 off is like $13,500 off because it went up by $ it ? Ford trucks are not selling for msrp,they are $15,000 off the msrp but the msrp went up by $2500 in 2017.

Furthermore,Why do you talk to yourself.. You are using different names but got caught on the last one lol ...Remember Walt lol..

RAM has more and more months beating Chevy lately..

Twice now in months...Pretty soon every other month, then all the time !

HEMI POWER RULES !! V6 gas mileage,V8 sound, reliability, power and no damn Turbo's ! Sorry Ford guys you twin Trubo 14 mpg truck doesn't cut it..I have a 2017 F 150 EcoBoost as a Company truck ,my employer is uneducated in buying trucks lol..Wifey drives a new Ram 1500 hemi I use my F150 for work,well shuffling clients around looking at property to built their log homes !

I finally drove an ecoboost in a rental couple weeks ago. Compared to all the 5.3's I have driven I was very impressed. I am not a brand loyal guy so trust me when I say Chevy NEEDS to update their trucks, especially the engine. I could not believe how much power the 3.5 had, what a blast to drive.
Also, does anyone have FACTs regarding fleet sales? Most rental full size SUV's I drive are Chevy but most commercial trucks seem to be Fords. Just curious.

If I want a dependable truck, I buy only TUNDRA. The MOST dependable on the road, bar NONE!!!

Titan has been for sale how long now? Still ramping up? Maybe but I drive by the local nissan dealer and they have the same 5 trucks never moving or selling, maybe it's my area idk, imalso don't see that many people paying what Nissan is asking when they could get a 3/4 ton big 3 truck for less, I really wanted to like the Titan but if they are going to steal sales they need to come in cheaper by thousands then the bug 4. And they don't.

Also in my area 10k off any of the big 3 high trim models and I know even more for Ram BUT ram is oldest design out there right?

Wow, did the Ram outsell Chevy last month? Ram has come a long way. I am really impresses with the quality of my 2014 Ram. STill tight as a drum with zero rattles.

This is Ramtastic news. The mighty RAM putting a smack down on shaking Chevy. RAM is on a momentum roll and Chevy is full of woe.

The problem with Chevy and gmc is the wheel wells and stupid commercials. And the steel is about as thin as you can get.

GM builds trucks, Ford builds trucks, GM sells more trucks.
Any questions?

@GMSRGREAT So it takes Silverado 1500-3500,Sierra 1500-3500,Colorado and Canyon to outsell F-150-F-550 and they are only ahead by 2,881

@GMSRGREAT So it takes Silverado 1500-3500,Sierra 1500-3500,Colorado and Canyon to outsell F-150-F-550 and they are only ahead by 2,881

Posted by: David | Apr 4, 2017 4:52:39 AM

I do believe you are grasping the concept of which manufacturer sells more trucks. Good for you!

@gms, sorry you have to go through all of this to try to justify the lack luster sales of the twins. with sales down double digits, you are out of excuses. Ford continues its dominance.

@gms, sorry you have to go through all of this to try to justify the lack luster sales of the twins. with sales down double digits, you are out of excuses. Ford continues its dominance.

Posted by: Nitro | Apr 4, 2017 8:38:10 AM

Sorry you have to defend Fords second place truck manufacturer status against Ram.

@gms, I'm defending anything, just stating that Ford is 1, distant from them in 2 is Chevy(your favorite ), and about to be overtaken by Ram....I know its hard for you to understand, but if you look at the screen at the top of page 1, you will see the order. Once you admit that you should be good to go

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