Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: March 2017

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Things just aren't as bad for automotive sales as some prognosticators would like you to believe, at least not for pickup truck sales. The only dark spot — and it's pretty dark — is that all the GM pickups (Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado, GMC Sierra and Canyon) had a bad month. All of their sales were down compared to March 2016 by double digits.

Ford F-Series and Ram truck sales are doing well, with Ford revamping its entire lineup in the last two years and Ram plugging along despite both its light-duty and heavy-duty lineup being among the oldest of each segment; its dealers must be doing something right. And it must be highlighted that this is the first time this year that Ram has outsold the Chevy Silverado for a given month (though Ram did it once last year, as well). Maybe this is a trend?

The other standouts this month include the Nissan Titans, which seem to be building steady momentum. Nissan combines both the light-duty half-ton Titan (only on sale for about six months now) and its heavier-duty model, the Titan XD (on sale for well over a year). Additionally, this is the first time in a little while on our pickup-truck-focused sales chart that the Titan has moved ahead of the rekindled Honda Ridgeline.

It's also worth noting that the Toyota Tundra — making a quiet move ahead of the Chevy Colorado this month to become the sixth best-selling pickup so far this year — is plugging away, sitting in the shadow of the solidly selling Toyota Tacoma.

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My Chevy and GMC dealers have 2-4 Canyons/Colorados on their lots, all all of them are grey. This is less then 10 miles from their plant... not sure what is going on...

Full size Rams and Fords look like trucks, the GM line looks sort of like trucks when they are raised a couple inches, but other wise more like Surbubans.Tahoe's

I've said it before and I'll say it again because I speak from many years of personal experience. GM vehicle spike in sales when they introduce new models or do a major revamping. My thinking was that maybe finally GM is building a vehicle I can rely on for more than a few months to a year. Then, every single time, that year passes and we find out that, no, this GM vehicle is prone to breakdowns and, especially, to those little niggling problems, like a clunk in the steering system GM can't figure out. Or injectors going bad before they should. Or, and it seems this one is chronic, overheating problems in situations other brands are fine. Come on, GM, you should be able to figure this out. We are not stupid. We understand that when you just rebadge a vehicle that doesn't mean it's all new and will be better than it was before. We also are learning that you are more interested in the initial sale than you are longevity of your products. I guess if they break sooner then you get to sell another vehicle that much sooner, too. Right?

@uh huh
wrt midsize sales plateauing. It looks worse than that.
CY2016 midsize was 16.6%, with full size at 83.3% of total truck sales.
Q1'2017 midsize is at ~15.2% with full size holding steady.

Why wouldn't people want to jump to a full size for a few $ more and really not that bad of mileage for the V6 models when gas is so cheap. Of course for most on this site, the extra size isn't an issue because they don't care to park in garage, but I'm still dreaming that someday they'll make a full size 6.5' bed 40" crew area that will fit in a garage. Ie a full size the length of a mid size.

Why do you Government Motors guys post Ford selling fleets to companies as a bad thing? It only makes sense they buy the most reliable and cheapest to run vehicles. And they look sharp with company logos advertising their products!
The HVAC company my son in law works for bought 300 F150's in the last year North America wide

@ Rick; it's only the usual shaky GOVT motor fangirls that cry foul about Ford's fleet sales as GM's suck.

Besides the fact a sale is a sale - Ford's upper hand in fleet sales only proves one point; all serious companies had obviously done their research & homework to select the best truck product out their for their hard earned investment & Ford trucks obviously suited their purposes & long term operational costs...full stop.

Those fleet sales are keeping the Ford factory above 80% production capacity, that is a huge advantage in keeping the per unit costs down. I've read that factory's will often keep production up on sales that will lose $ or make little. Keeping the line moving is huge as once you shut it down it takes a high cost to get things flowing.

Why do you Government Motors guys post Ford selling fleets to companies as a bad thing?

Posted by: Rick | Apr 4, 2017 6:15:33 PM

Fleet sales are low margin. Remember, fleets companies buy from the lowest bidder or cheapest supplier, take your pick. It has always been that way. Economics 101.

"Fleet sales are low margin"

Depends on the fleet sale.

Pickup fleet sales have tighter margins BUT they tend to get worked hard. That means you get your money back on parts and service. It also means that the life span of the truck is much shorter than personal use therefore you make some profits back on volume.
Another aspect of work truck fleet sales is because fleet trucks get used hard, residual value is poor and therefore resale does not have much of an effect on used vehicle margins.

In case anyone is interested, add the Canadian numbers and Ford is actually ahead by about 2600 trucks! Maybe the GM boys can dig up the Mexican numbers to see if that helps. I can't find reliable sources.

As a follow up to my original post about not seeing any new Titans in Daytona, I also want to now say that as time as gone by on this post, there are almost no Titan comments. To me, no comments means extremely low interest in Titans, no current owners reading this and unless they knock 20k off the all the prices of the new Titans, they are going to continue sitting on lots. Personally, I have driven two at the local dealer some months ago. They seemed well made and big but gas mileage was about same as model from 2004, the price did not represent any deal or value of any kind and when I was leaving the "Manager" accosted me and started spouting off all the features, etc. The funny thing was it was actually sad. He was so desperate and worse, He had about half of his facts wrong including maker of the transmission. I thought that Nissan had hired this supposed truck brain trust type guy who made the RAM so popular to head up new Titan development. If true, something got lost in translation because it just isn't panning out. Remember the Apple guru who was "modernizing" JC Penneys? Well they are just about out of business after he destroyed the brand and I wonder if Titan and Nissan are doing the same. All these years of waiting for this state of the art truck and it is a dismal failure IMO. Truck buyers are mostly smart and well informed. They can recognize value and quality and fun and strength as good as or better than just about any other vehicle buyer type. Until Titan can beat Tundra, Titan is a dog.

Until Titan can beat Tundra, Titan is a dog.


What are you driving today? Depending on your current ride, the Titan could be a big improvement.

Nissan (contrary to popular belief here on this site) is not a fail. I live the in the NYC metro area and I can barely find one for sale XD or half-ton on a dealer lot. I believe they may have a production problem. I'd buy a titan over a turbo ford, a gm shaker and an overpriced tundra any day of the week

@DAVE Z-Check your math again-total GM sales-208,162 according to the figures-Ford did NOT outsell GM's models combined.

@bat, if you add the YTD U.S numbers from this site for GM's and Ford's models with the totals from the link below than Ford is ahead !

I do not know if they sell in any significant numbers elsewhere but by all means if you do then let us know.



This website is so bias anyway they probably juice the numbers

This website is bull anyway they always dogging GM EVEN WHEN THERE TEST SHOW THAT SILVERADO IS THE BEST COME ON

Chevy's and Sierra's shake and vibrate like hell. No wonder their sales are dropping. Google "Chevy Shake". You can blend your smoothie driving down the highway.

How does Chevrolet sell any truck with the "Chevy Shake" issue that they have? It is well known that a lot of their trucks have a shake in the front end that can't be fixed so why would anyone buy this truck?

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