How to Use Tether Anchors for Child-Safety Seats in Pickups

2015-GMC-Canyon-ExtCab-Child-Seat-Extension-019 II

Pickup trucks create quite a few challenges for families, not the least of which is how to properly attach a child-safety seat. Did you know parents must use tether anchors, along with Latch anchors, for forward-facing convertible car seats? Doing so will reduce the movement of a child's head by as much as 6 to 8 inches in the event of an accident.

Fortunately, the certified child-safety seat technicians at sister site have figured out the tricks to getting car seats attached in pickup trucks. Here are directions for how to use rear-seat side tether anchors, behind-the-seat tether anchors and tether loops in pickups. photos by Angela Conners


CarSeat Tether 2 II

CarSeat Tether 1 II

CarSeat Tether 3 II



Great information

I knew how to use:
a) the seat belt on the baby carriage
b) the top tether

The other ones - I could not figure out.
Thanks for the photos - they are worth a thousand words.

Really need to know this if you own a Ford, the doors fly open on them cheap junker trucks and cars.

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