Jeep Reveals 6 Concepts But No Pickup

Jeep 1  Concept

In advance of the 51st annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah (a place known as a kind of mecca for off-roading enthusiasts), Jeep and Mopar have teamed up again and provided the 4x4 world with six unique four wheelers, but not a pickup truck is to be seen. To read about each Jeep vehicle in more detail, click here.

Jeep has played with quite a few pickup concepts in the past (see photos), but we're guessing that since we're relatively close to the actual debut of the real thing, they've decided not to give too much away. Still, there may be a few clues somewhere inside each of these unique concepts - the same engineers who put these newest examples of four-wheel-drive creativity together have also been working on the new Jeep pickup, set to debut next year sometime as a 2019 model.

We'll have more on the coming Jeep soon. For now, all we have is our latest report from our spy shooters. Jeep images by Mark Williams

Jeep Comanche concept

Jeep FC 150 concept II

Jeep Concept Red

Jeep FC concept

Jeep EJS 1 II

Jeep EJS 2 II

Jeep EJS 3 II

Jeep EJS 4 II



This is the umpteenth chapter of the same bleeping story.

It starts to ring kind of hollow after a while. RAM and Jeep should consolidate as one unique brand and get the hell out of the Fiat universe.

If it is not a Honda, I am not a fan. I need a Ridgeline to look good with my Honda Harmony lawnmower.


Quick sand is my fav,

@papajim, Stick to your G.M. brand and don't worry about FCA.

You can switch to run the gasses through the muffler, or the short pipes.

Personally like the Comanche concept. Since I already own a Renegade, the Comanche above would be an almost perfect complement.

Hasn't these concepts been out for years? I think we all know FCA doesn't actually release anything new. Even ram trucks. They spend the last little capital they have on never to be seen concepts. So sad.

Almost an Annual April Fools Joke. They FCA , has not brought out anything that remotely resembles these concepts

The real April fools joke is FCA has capital money. Hahaha they are a broke joke.

papajim, Stick to your G.M. brand and don't worry about FCA.

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Apr 1, 2017 11:41:39 AM

Why, when they need another bail out because they are a broke joke, we all have to worry about the joke company leaching off us tax payers.


Question: Do I need your permission to have an opinion?
Answer: (hint---you'll be disappointed)

RAM and Jeep benefited from Daimler in a huge way. The 2009 RAM was a Daimler design, basically. Ditto for the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Dodge SUV. Great German contributions to the RAM/Jeep product lines.

Now that FCA is running things, what exactly have THEY contributed? Squat, in terms of product development.

I wouldn't want anything built on a Fiat (500) platform. Fiat is not helping Chrysler and company one bit, quality is on the downslide!

@Robert Ryan - very true.

You said since we are so close to the pickup debut??? 2 freakin years before they unvail it, that is not anything too "close"

oh, I see, it was an April Fools joke...

Yah, interesting concepts, but umpteenth time hearing about it. I'm kinda liking the Comanche name though.
Production of the Comanche ended in 1972 when torrential rains from Hurricane Agnes caused the great Susquehanna River flood of 1972. The planes' tooling was ruined.
Note however, the Italians build the worlds fastest twin engine turboprop $7M, called the Piaggio Avanti Evo, and Ferrari is part owner. I saw one at San Jose airport this weekend.

If I was GM, I'd buy FCA, retain Jeep and part out the rest of the company to someone who wants to get into the U.S. truck market via the Ram Brand. Say, like, VW.

These are the ugliest Jeep concepts they've ever put out. And as expected we'll see Jeep concepts next year, and in 2019, 2020, 2021 and so on...

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