Spied: 2019 GMC Sierra 1500


From the looks of it, GM is close to wrapping up final testing on its fully refreshed half-ton pickup trucks, due out in late 2018. We've seen a few Chevrolets already and are likely to see some hot-weather tow testing of the same trucks in Death Valley this summer. It's possible we'll see a few new Ram 1500s out there as well.

What we have here are spy shots of what looks to be the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500. Here's what our photographers had to report:

"We just got our first definitive look at the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 full-size pickup, thanks to this prototype caught testing at GM Proving Grounds.

"The next-generation Sierra half ton — caught here as a crew cab — will share its platform with the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado, as always. The camouflage on this prototype looks similar to the camouflage on Silverado prototypes caught in February. GM has tried to get clever and disguise its next-gen full-size trucks to look like camouflaged Ford F-150s, but don't be fooled by the phony oval designed into the front — this is no Ford. We can also see that this truck has a different LED signature in its headlights when compared to our earlier shots of the Chevy half ton.

"Our automotive analyst sources at AutoPacific tell us that this new Silverado is accelerating GM's efforts to create an aluminum-intensive body to match and/or better compete with the Ford F-Series pickups. The next-gen truck — reportedly being developed with the internal code name T1XC — is expected to reach the market in late 2018 as a 2019 model. Our sources tell us that GM has made great efforts to refine its production processes with these lightweight materials, and promises a lighter, stronger and more efficient truck than its competitors.

"It will be interesting to see how the next Silverado stacks up against the F-150, and how GM will spin its current criticism of aluminum intensive trucks (as born out in the recent 'Bed Wars' commercials) when it has something similar of its own."

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Sure looks like a Ford. And rear dual exhausts trying to copy Ram. At least Rams exhaust looks better, fitted into the bumper to make it bettee styling. Not just hanging under the rear bumper which looks like a add on. Ford will be next to copy them by putting on dual exhaust tips as a option. They all just like copying each other in what the other one does when come out with a new style. It's ridculous.

This truck is the best. Hot stuff even under padding. Kinda like my first date.

GM as noted several times has a patent on welding aluminum to steel. They will not have long down times to change over to the new trucks. No hundreds of rivets or glue that add weight. The bed will not be military grade aluminum but steel welded to aluminum fenders. GM has all this planned out. Weight reduction is a goal but remember the GM twins are already lite and the HD is lighter than the new SD Ford (TFL). The power trains will be the key and please no rectangle exhaust carved out of the bumper. Look at the alignment already! Lol oh if you think 2 makes of trucks is easy to pull off ask Ford how the Lincoln truck went down. Enough said.

Ford idling more truck manufacturing facilities. Meanwhile GM is continually ramping up their manufacturing and still unable to meet demand.

I just heard from a buddy who works at a major parts supplier that GM has a "secret" home run that they'll introduce on this truck. It's so big it actually delayed the trucks introduction by 4 years. Like nothing you've every seen before. It's such a no-brainer that it will be heard around the world in the automotive circles. What is it you're wondering??????? A backwards thread fuel cap! No more "lefty loosey" from the General!!! BAM!

These aren't even pics of GM trucks, they have Ford rims.

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