Spied: More 2019 Jeep Pickup Photos

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We've been hearing more about the new Jeep pickup truck coming for model-year 2019. We've certainly been waiting long enough. Still, from what we gathered from Jeep's design chief Mark Allen and other sources, it looks like the new Jeep will be a credible pickup that will disrupt the midsize pickup class — maybe even as much as the redesigned 2017 Honda Ridgeline. However, based on the bulging fenders and aggressive tires, we're guessing the Jeep is likely to have a wider bandwidth of capabilies.

Here's what our spy shooter sent us after getting a few more shots of the mysterious Jeep pickup.

"The elusive Jeep Wrangler pickup hasn't been seen in nine months, but today we spied it again and it's looking more production ready than it did last summer.

"The previous Wrangler pickup prototype we saw had a pickup bed that was obviously a temporary part with a cobbled together fit, and wheels that weren't centered in the wheel wells. The bed on the more recent prototype looks much more like the real deal, with the wheels centered in the wells.

"The prototype pictured here is the four-door Unlimited model and, judging by the tires and wheels, it looks to be dressed in Rubicon trim.

"Jeep hasn't produced any sort of pickup since the Comanche in 1992. Since then, Jeep has floated the idea of a Wrangler pickup with the Gladiator concept in 2005, and the J-12 concept at the 2012 Easter Jeep Safari.

"Codenamed JL, the regular 2018 Wrangler will start production in the fourth quarter of 2017. The Wrangler pickup, codenamed JT, will debut as a 2019 model. Both will be built at the Toledo, Ohio, production plant.

"The entire Wrangler lineup will be riding on a new chassis and feature more weight-saving materials spread throughout the vehicle. And we've heard some say there will be limited use of aluminum in the body.

"The new Wrangler will be offered with a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four-cylinder gas engine, a 3.6-liter V-6 and a turbo-diesel. There are also rumors of a plug-in hybrid variant."

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Yuck! More crap from FCA that needs to be recalled in the future.

Does not look like much of a bed. Failure...

Looks very flimsy and ugly.

When I think "Jeep" I think off road, approach and departure angles, manuverability, ground clearance​... I see none of that in this truck.. honestly the H3T is a far better truck than what this looks like it will be.

Ford and Chevy Got Nothing,


It's got the right proportions

Sorry Fiat, I'll believe it when officially released...meanwhile teaser fake news...

Commanche's 7' bed was good. That? 4' bed? Yuk.

Four of the Dumbest comments ever... Looks Flimsy lol

Junk like ram

So this is the Unlimited version, which means there will be a Limited version too ? If so, that sounds good to me !

This is how Ford falls from #2 in the truck sales to #3. FCA and GM will be duking it out for #1 in trucks sales.

I am I the only one who feels like this truck isn't even "new". We've been teased with it for like 7 years. It honestly will seem dated when it arrives. I am a big Jeep fan, but holy crap, you screwed this up by dragging your feet so long FIAT.

Must have really been a slow weekend for News! First a story about child seats, now another run at the fabled Jeep Unicorn.

Yep FCA should have spent the money on a Micro-Ram. I had a Comanche for 13 years, great truck. I would buy another one but never liked the wrangler look/ride/noise. Looks like a 5 foot bed though. It should have been an extended cab though.

"Must have really been a slow weekend for News! First a story about child seats, now another run at the fabled Jeep Unicorn."

I agree. I found this article to be much more entertaining. I am not going to buy one but good entertainment and they are real.


Wonder if the thought of having a standard/regular cab with bench seat has crossed their mind? No one out there offers this and if someone did I would want one tomorrow.

Rigid axle Bronco, please!

A TD in a Jeep no more V6 high rev to try get power. The stright 6 was great but a TD is better.

can my wife push me when it runs out of gas or breaks down or is it too heavy for that ? I guess we will find out

I'm a Jeep lover after only having a classic Cherokee and a Wrangler. The Wrangler was the most fun vehicle I ever owned and I'm no spring chicken. I've owned a lot of vehicles. I want to buy another one but not until there's a pickup so hopefully I'll get my chance next year. As for the bed size. I don't want a large bed so the short box is great for what I need it for, i.e., to throw in the camping gear or pick up a jag of firewood when I'm up in the mountains. Also, maybe a little gravel or sand here and there for the back yard and whatever else dirty but small I might need to haul. I have another other vehicle & a trailer for more serious "contractor" work. That's not what I want a jeep for. Hopefully, there will be plenty of configuration options and engine options.

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