2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Is Now Shipping

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The long-anticipated, all-new 2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 pickup truck -- GM's answer to the off-road-dominating Ford F-150 Raptor, Ram 2500 Power Wagon and Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro -- is ready for dealership deliveries. In fact, the first trucks left the Wentzville, Mo., plant on Friday, shipping out to customers who got their orders in early. Those trucks should be getting into their hands no later than the middle of May.

As we've written before, the ZR2 is defined by its impressive use of the high-tech, self-adjusting Multimatic Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve shock absorbers that can be both exceptionally soft or stiff depending on the conditions. As we've also noted in the past, this technology has been created and punishingly tested with top-level results in the world of Formula One racing. These shocks are the key piece -- along with quite a few other technology improvements -- in providing the truck's off-road capabilities.

Other performance-enhancing changes to the ZR2 include a wider track, taller suspension, improved approach and departure angles, bigger wheels and tires, and front and rear locking differentials. Some have called the ZR2 GM's downsized version of the Raptor, but we'll get our first chance to drive the vehicle in just a few weeks to know for sure.

The new ZR2 will be the first vehicle of its type to be offered with either a gas or diesel engine, and is designed to be one of the best factory 4x4s around. As you might expect, pricing for the new package comes at a premium, starting at just more than $40,000, but that's still less expensive than Toyota's Tacoma TRD Pro competitor, which starts at $41,920 plus destination.

One of the first Colorado ZR2s will be delivered to Chad Hall of Rod Hall Racing -- among the winningest off-road racing families in the history of the sport -- so his crew can outfit the truck for the Best in the Desert racing series. Its first race will be the General Tire Vegas to Reno event Aug. 16-19, scheduled to be broadcast by Fox TV.

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I wouldn't call a 265/65R17 tire (30.6" diameter) a bigger off-road tire that what is already offered on the Colorado. The base level WT comes with a 265/70R16, which is essentially the same size... Nice try GM.

This ZR2 will fit nicely on the trails off road...unlike the raptor, to wide, sand and desert only.
Keep up the good work GM....

This will hardly boost the take rate for mid size trucks. Anybody who's dying to have an offroad midsizer has had suitable options from Toyota and Nissan for more than 10 years.

Nice package. No Raptor fighter. It will sell as its an affordable toy.


My basic 4x4 2016 Tacoma has 265/75 tires on it without any mods, which means I have more clearance, and more ability to air down with 16" rims, thus better off-roading abilities than this over priced thing! My 2016 was $26,000 ordered from the factory!

Consumers have not been able to order the ZR2 as of last week, only high volume dealers and specialty places like Hall Racing. That is probably what Mark means by the started shipping last Friday April, 28th but cannot buy them until Miid May, remark.. I guess, really does not make since though. The east bound train hauling the twins has not been able to run due to all the flooding, been pretty quiet at my house the last few days....

oxi, your slow crawling off-road is what the Taco does well, which is not what the ZR2 was built for. My last vehicle was a taco

Go fast or go slow GM has you covered with lockers all the way around and a diesel to boot. Watch Ford craptor sales fall as GM offers a real off road beast from the factor that'll actually fit on a trail or blaze your own. Will be trading my 2016 z71 Colorado in for one of these bad boys.

@ Dave,

I agree, carry weight slow off-road is what a Tacoma does well.

I would love to see this ZR2 and the TRD Pro in a test, but we all know the ZR2 will win because of media bias, focusing more on street ride and buttons than actual performance!

@ johnny doe,

You realize the Tacoma had a locker since 1995 and plenty of off-road models since the 1990's and the TRD Pro was out well before this ZR2?

@ Oxi Do you realize that GM has also been putting lockers in their trucks since the mid 90s? The old Zr2 had it and lots of 1/2 tons had the I believe g80 option to add the rear locker.

I like the truck in general, but I really think they dropped the ball styling the front end. I know you want better approach angle for the front tires, but it just looks...awkward. Maybe I'll like it better in person, if I ever get to see one...

By the time people get their truck, you'll be driving an outdated model which will already be 2018.

GM Failed.

This truck would be awesome with a V8 like Dodge had in their mid sizer. If i didn't need a truck i might consider this.


It has a Rough Country lift kit, the most saddest and cheapest lift kit on the market that rides like crap and rough, great name given.

Excellent Choice GM, way to keep to your roots.

Yawn,...a wanna-be Raptor; Ford will definitely come out with a Ranger mini-Raptor version...will roll over this lame attempt from shaky GOVT motors..

You realize the Tacoma had a locker since 1995
Posted by: oxi | May 2, 2017 10:28:49 AM

Sure but it don't come with front locker like the ZR2 does. Your Tacoma is nothing more then a street queen from the factory just like the Furd Craptor. Only the ZR2 and Ram Power Wagon come from the factory as true off road beast.


I am with you on this one, looks like his pacifier fell out again.

ZR2 is a special off-road/suspension package offered by General Motors on their mid-size pickup trucks and SUVs.
It debuted in 1994 on the Chevrolet S-10 and the GMC Sonoma pickup trucks. In 1996 it was expanded to the two-door Chevrolet S-10 Blazer and later offered on the Chevrolet Tracker. The ZR2 package was gradually phased out with the S-Series pickup and SUV lines. However, it has made a comeback as an option on the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado.-----------------From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oh Oxi... please remind us again about how superior you and your Tacoma are compared to everything else on the planet...

If this is starting at 40k in the states it means that it will start well north of 50k in Canada. That puts it close to Power Wagon pricing. Ram was offering 5k off of the PW in Canada.

Ram Man, the G80 locker option has been around since the 1970 for i have it in my 70 Chev 1/2 ton from factory,my 72 Chev 4x4 as well

@ kemo,

What is so wrong with the TOP SELLING Tacoma?

No matter what GM (government bailed out) does with the Colorado, the Tacoma will still outsell it, that is a FACT!

@ johnny doe,

Front lockers are of debate, because some off-roaders like myself would rather keep the front an open diff than risk binding the front in hard off-roading or pavement stretches during winter. That is a risk that may grenade these on pavement trucks from GM (government bailed out).

By the way the TRD Pro does pretty good off-road without one, just more add-ons for GM (government bailed out) so you pay more when they break down and basic maintenance.

But I am sure they will rig the test to make sure GM (government bailed out) wins the next off-road test!

Tacoma was FIRST with lockers in class, and FIRST in building a 4x4 in class, in fact Toyota had their own pickup years before GM (government bailed out) could build their own!


How many off-road RAM or Ford mid-size trucks did they sell last month? Just curious...


How many Half-Ton Turbo V6 Trucks has GM sold in the last year?

How many Half-Ton Off-Road Trucks has GM sold in the last year

How many Silverados and Sierra has GM sold in the last year?

How many Ford F-Series has Ford sold in the last year?


@Frank: Have someone explain this to you if at first you don't understand.
GM builds trucks. Ford builds trucks. GM sells more trucks.
Any questions.

Nice package. No Raptor fighter. It will sell as its an affordable toy.
Posted by: Clint | May 2, 2017 8:42:47 AM

As opposed to the overpriced toy that the Raptor is. Neither can compete with the real offroad champion, the Ram Power Wagon.

"Front lockers are of debate, because some off-roaders like myself would rather keep the front an open diff than risk binding the front in hard off-roading or pavement stretches during winter."

There's an obvious reason why it's a debate among Tacoma owners. Their differentials grenade quite easily. If you've ever seen a failed Tacoma differential, you'd think they're made of cheese, not steel.

"By the way the TRD Pro does pretty good off-road without one, just more add-ons for GM (government bailed out) so you pay more when they break down and basic maintenance."

1) The 2016 Tacoma was ranked LAST by Consumer Reports annual reliability survey. There are several long-time Tacoma fans that have owned multiple Tacomas and they have all complained of the same lack of quality with their 3rd gen. Some have even had such a bad experience with their 2016 Tacoma that they had to LEMON LAW their new truck.


2) Toyota is in the middle of a massive recall for the 3rd gen Tacoma because their differentials leak, whine, or straight up just lock up out of nowhere. The 3.5 V6 is still leaving thousands of Tacoma owners stranded by the side of the road because Toyota is using poor quality crank position sensors and won't recall them. Their 6sp Auto is still driving owners crazy with delayed shifts, early shifts, holding ears so long it lugs the engine. Oh my what quality.

3) Toyota OEM parts are regularly inflated by as much as 1000%, despite being sourced from the same suppliers GM/AC Delco get their parts from. Look up how much a secondary air pump for a 2nd gen Tundra is costs. Yeah they run anywhere from $1000 to $3000 for a "Genuine" Toyota part. Yet the EXACT same part is less than $100 from AC Delco or Dorman. And with the quality issues with the 3rd Gen Tacoma, you can look forward to plenty of repairs.

Tundra owner with bad AIP:
"I wouldn't even mind paying for some or all of the repair if it was a small or reasonable expense with a significant benefit, however these repairs cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 and the entire system has little practical value other than a minor emissions improvement for a very short period during cold starts."

OXI, but the Tacoma is an under powered computer controlled TuRD! My cousin has a brand new Tacoma, we pull the same weight travel trailers all over the east coat. I tow mine with a new Colorado, V6 Z71 6 spd 4x4, His Tacoma is also a few months old. When we are on the hyway towing up the long 5-6% grades, I am constantly waiting or slowing down at the top! As far as off road goes, I had to use a longer coil over leveling kit, and we both added rear airbags with upgraded shocks, so off road its a tossup, except in deep beach sand, where he has a hard time with the computer cutting power in the deep sand all too often! He has owned Toyota all his life, only to tell me recently, his next truck is a Colorado! He bought his latest Tacoma cause he was granted a big discount for his last one due to frame rot! Hopefully he does not have to worry about this one!

Didn't Ford used to offer a Ranger FX4 Level II with all sorts of top-end off-road equipment as part of the package? Torsen differentials, manual 4WD shifter, forged Alcoa rims, BFG All Terrain T/A KO tires, Bilstein off-road shocks, and fancy leather bucket seats.
This was about 15 years ago, though... those little Ranger off-road pickups were early, miniature versions of the Raptor.

been drivin my 13 tacoma trd in some rough desert places for a few years now, and it handles it great. downside is the crappie milage ,way under 15 mpg

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